Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga... Kudattekita

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Much Appreciated :megusta:
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    Episode 1

    I need someone to explain me how the fuck do you manage to get penetrated by falling on a dude's dick while wearing shorts :seriously:
    Btw, the OST during the sex scene was so unfitting I found it funny.

    I think I might like this one for all the wrong reasons
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    Episode 2


    This dude has less self-control than a a kid with money in a candy store...
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    I found episode 1 more believable than episode 2. I mean, episode two is approaching almost being hard to believe. Especially after episode 1 spent so much time building credulity for the story.'d think the manager would be less upset after her gave her such a bodacious orgasm--without her even asking for it, mind you.

    Then again, maybe she's just playing up her tsundere side...

    Yeah, it's probably setting up a storyline. There's a lot of subtle symbolism about holes that makes me think this is all heading somewhere.
    Bold prediction for Ep 3: an unforeseen problem with the landlady's apartment will force the girl from Ep 1 to stay in the MC's apartment, as well.
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    Episode 3

    I've seen porno movies with deeper plots than this

    Red head girl sure was in a desperate need to get her hole filled in, and I'm not precisely talking about the one on the floor of her flat :lenny:

    I swear I'll have a fit if this show doesn't end with a threesome
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    We're working our way up to it, undoubtedly. Like, basic logic dictates that this is inevitable.

    BUT...I wonder if we'll be getting a little girl-girl under a blanket (while the MC "sleeps," of course) before that. After he properly bangs the landlady, of course.

    Unless he keeps going at the girl from upstairs "in secret" and the landlady "sleeps through it."

    Man, this show is so unpredictable. Anything could happen!
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    I guess he won't resist the temptation to go deep into the hole :lenny:

    ...someone please get rid of my keyboard before I fill this thread with lame sex jokes
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    Was that one of those lame sex jokes?
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    This show is one of the most dick hardening experience you can have in just four minutes and i fuckin love it.
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    Of all the ridiculous ways to narratively position things for a threesome, I think this might take the cake.
    "I think this guy's rape-happy, so we should both stay with him in his busted apartment. No--both of us living in my entirely secure apartment on the other side of the building would be dangerous. We should both snuggle up next to him, preferably with out massive breasts engulfing him. It's the only way."


    And was the ultra-dramatic music there for everyone else? Or was it just my version? I only ask because it felt so unlike the previous episodes that I thought maybe the guy who translated this one threw in some music, too, 'cus why not.

    Also: did everyone else get the line "I can't hold back my inner rapist!" in their translations? Or was this a very loose-constructionist take on the (I'm sure top-notch) dialogue?

    AND...where was the f***ing, this week? Talk about weak sauce. Which is not the kind of sauce I tune in for.

    Solid cameltoe, though. Props where they're due.
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    That's probably the subbers having fun with the dialogue. He actually says "I can't hold it anymore".
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    Knew I could count on the experts. Thanks.
    Seriously, though, the easiest thing to do would be to just have Upstairs Girl stay where she is, right now, and have Landlady and Main Guy have to move in with her (that is, into the Landlady's apartment) because of the dust or whatever that keeps falling into his apartment from the hole in his ceiling.

    I also don't know how they missed an opportunity for a little will they/won't they between the girls during the shower talk.
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    Episode 5

    My reaction in a nutshell

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    I think I've stumbled onto some foreshadowing, but I'll need to watch it again to make sure.
    Also, I think the hot springs trip pushing back the ceiling repair is actually less contrived than literally everything else that's happened so far.

    Also also: Team Ceiling Girl.
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    Episode 6

    Well, it looks like they tried hard to comepnsate for the lack of naughty times on this episode.
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    Is it weird that I think the emotional stuff was, like, good?
    No, seriously. I thought Upstairs Girl's writing was pretty legit, this week.

    "Cum in me all you want" isn't the worst declaration of love.

    And, really, if this had a little more space to breathe, it might even make a decent (albeit x-rated) romance show.
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    I was too fixated on the err... "other stuff" to pay attention to the character's writing :lenny:

    Jokes aside, I had to suspend my desbelief when the landlady stopped being drunk right after they banged. That's not how alcohol works.
    But yeah, Ceiling Girl was fine and the dude should just go out with her and forget the landlady.
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    Yeah, that segment didn't make a lot of sense, once it ended. I almost questioned whether or not it happened, it was so awkward. (I also have some questions about Upstairs Girl's ability to spot the "evidence" of their misdeeds, but...that's something else entirely.) If this was a different show, I might wonder if she was even all that drunk to begin with. Or how long after the sexytime wrapped up the Upstairs Girl went out there. (The two were dressed, which means...some time had passed? Maybe?)

    And, technically, they didn't bang, right? Didn't she just...huh, I actually don't know if there's a name for this, but she just ran herself along the length of him until they both ikuuuuuu-ed? Gotta keep the (inevitable) canonical ending girl as pure as possible for as long as possible.

    Oh, and one more thing: did...did we know Ep 1 was the first time the MC had ever had sex? Was that a detail I forgot about in the chaos of realizing what kind of show it was?
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