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  1. andreichekov

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    How did you get that from this anime? I mean, it is garbage, but not for that reason. The protagonist spends most fights trying to either protect people or not to kill humans. And there are several times where he just doesn't kill someone that he could have.

    To me the point of the show was, let's imagine having unlimited power with a morale code, and no responsibilities besides personal relationships.
  2. neocow

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    Posted by neocow on Oct 2, 2019
    Didn't say that that is why it is trash, just that, other media also try to give that message and actually, kinda work? It fails at that even, on top of being bland trash.

    But really, at the end, he was like "yeah I'm beyond human, I've accepted that and i don't care if i kill. So what?, I will protect what i want!" While falling into what the Antagonist lady wants.

    It's bad, but like at least most media fluffs it into making some sense. But if you think "I have power beyond being a human, i am a god now and i don't care if i kill if i protect what i hold important" isn't the theme of this anime, you're either blind or not.

    And the final message at the end is that he accepted his inhumanity/godhood and that he is beyond his previous morals already, much to the (happily*) surprise of the demonized dude.

    Again, it's not trash because of this. it's just the most interesting takeaway FROM this anime. Everything about it doesn't really land properly.
  3. LuckyM

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    well, it is in the category op mc for a reason. I actually think that it is good considering that most shows similar to this one only focus on the romance really. You can watch the big ones, but there are only three that actually balance it out enough that it doesn't feel like it becomes a drama (i am including sao, but we dont pretend that arc exists... *shivers*)
  4. LuckyM

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    If you are looking for something that is at the basic level, a fantasy magic world, its really good! It isn't the greatest but I would definitely consider it one of the better ones in the genre. My personal favorite part are two things. One, I think its awesome how the main female is like 'what? its not that impressive, I just payed attention during chemistry class'. Second, and what does it for me, is the fact that the small part that romance plays, is portrayed in a way that doesn't interfere with the story. I personally am here for the action stuff, so when an adventure show starts to focus on the romance it makes me lose interest. Other shows that do this great are my hero acidemia, fairy tail (R.I.P), knights and magic, and lastly sword art online. SAO focuses more on romance, but it keeps it kind of to the side, basicly, the great action and adventure of the show makes up for it, and the genres dont clash to much..............(i will never speak of the alfine arc..... never..)
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  5. LuckyM

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    give the show some credit, their are far worse shows in this genre (sao season one second arc)
  6. MrLolo

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    Watched the whole season in one go... I seriously need to rethink my life choices
  7. iiSpiritWolf

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    This is the first time I have been genuinely bored by an anime. Its corny as hell and just overall boring. The animation was pretty bad too and the fight scenes were dissapointing.
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    I love this anime; I don't care whether you like it or not, or whether you think it's a time killer. The anime and others like it all teach something valuable. I don't mind if there is a little criticism, but this is getting out of hand. Ask yourself, can you make this or something better? If you genuinely love anime, you would give a little criticism hoping the company/producer could take it to heart and improve it. Remind yourself that a lot of people watch this not just you so don't go on being selfish saying they should have this or that. They're are trying their best and producing this anime. I have a challenge for you all make an anime, do it and try to make it popular/ have good ratings, and comments let's see how you handle the criticism.
    Thank you to everybody, who isn't as mean as at least most of the comments here and are defending the comments. Hope you live a life of happiness.

    From the anime lover: Mei.
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    Posted by Sugao on Jun 1, 2020
    You've probably never read a good novel before if you think anyone put any effort in writing the story of this anime. (for real though, maybe he/she put in effort but is just a super bad writer) I've read better stories from classmates back in high school. The animation is mediocre at best as well.
    Also, what kind of argument is "You need to do something better before having the right to criticize/badmouth it?" You surely dislike some people's clothing right? Have you ever sewn your own clothes? Do you dislike the amount of emissions your car has? Have your ever designed an engine before though? Do you think a public toilet encased in clear glass has been designed by someone who knows what he's doing? Properly not and I guess you're not an architect as well, are you? People can see if things are done badly even without being able to do it better themselves. Your argument has absolutely no point. Also: Sure, there have been people working on this anime. It doesn't change the fact that the end result is bad. You're not buying and enjoying an overcooked steak (even though you love steak sooo much!) from some restaurant either only because there has been a chef and a waiter working for your sake. And even though you're not a chef you still get that your steak has been cooked improperly.
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  10. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Jun 1, 2020
    No one will take you up on that, but given how stupidly defensive you got over someone else's work, I'm sure we could handle criticism much better than you.
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  11. tootalls

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    the idea that criticisms should be reserved for experts in the field would make the world boring,

    If only athletes could have an opinion on sports, animators on anime.............etc........why bother even letting non politician citizens vote?

    But when it comes to media, the audience decides if the work is gonna make money or not, not the ones making the shows, they make the form of entertainment and we decide if it's entertaining or not. I don't know how much ppl would even watch shows if they felt like they could make them. I know myself personally used to subscribe to multiple anime critic youtubers, and the more anime I watched, the more I felt like I could make those videos myself, so I stopped watching them, and made 1 of my own just to test it. I think it came out decent, ever since I have unsubbed from all those channels because all those vids ever give me is "I can do that" feelings...

    long story short, I think for the most part the seats critics sit in is one that isn't interested in creating or doing what they're criticizing, but more so they just enjoy absorbing the content, and the content will be competing with other content, and you can't help but compare the content to other content you've seen and 1 will be better than the other.

    The more anime you watch, the more things you have to compare the new thing to, so it gets harder and harder to like or be impressed by new things competing against old things you have in your brain. When I was just branching off of Naruto to less mainstream stuff, I was loving damn near everything I watched, because there wasn't much media to compare them to in my brian at the time.. Now after completing around 500 series give or take, I can confidently say some of the old shit I liked sucked ass.

    As far as this show goes, I've seen many shows similar to this, so there was nothing to "learn from it". it was predictable, and done better by a lot of other similar my opinion. I respect the opinion of anyone that likes this show, many things can contribute to an opinion, for instance like I mentioned, perhaps you haven't seen enough shows like this one to compare it to.............or maybe you just enjoy thiis genre so much that you'd probably like most isekai. I like rom-coms so much that I tend to still get entertained even by flawed ones..
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  12. TumorsAreGood

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    This is the lowest rates anime I have ever seen. I mean...even the terrible animes still have a 4 star right?
  13. Ryuga10

    Ryuga10 Member

    one if not the worst isekai anime
  14. GlennMagusHarvey

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    I wonder if I'm in the minority in having a positive opinion of this show.

    As a sidenote, I also think people do a disservice to shows by primarily evaluating them based on what themes/devices they use in their premise. Isekai gets a bunch of hate for this, and I'm saying this as a person who has actually watched very few of these shows anyway.

    (Though it might help that I have watched very few isekai shows because I haven't gotten sick of the premise yet?)

    IIRC Myura a.k.a. Muller is actually closer to Rin than to Taichi.

    I agree that I find that the OP meh. But some people like Myth & Roid. YMMV I guess.

    I noticed that this show seemed to have relatively little (sexual) fanservice compared to the amount I'd expect for a show of this sort (i.e. fantasy story with a bunch of female characters, targeted toward a teen/young-adult male audience). I actualy liked this.

    One of the villains is boring, though to be fair I think the show doesn't even seem to get far enough into the "meat" of the main conflict of the story.
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