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  1. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    flaming unicorn! and those poor bunnies how could they! overall it's not entirely bad. I wouldn't binge watch this in a complete stage or anything, but it's good to watch when I can't find anything else at that particular moment. it's lighter than some of the other overly powerful main characters, but I've learned things can get dark before too long. it did take them long enough to introduce and so little to train. bad time skips in the first, but thank goodness they did, we know they train...
  2. 2hands

    2hands Member

    Posted by 2hands on Aug 7, 2019
    Things are finally getting interesting
  3. prico211

    prico211 Member

    So red orc thing beats railgun. I'll have to remember that the next time I play Red orc thing, Railgun, Taichi.
  4. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    I may have some interest in watching this show, but the poor rating is a red flag: folks who are watching the show, why is it bad and why is it good? how does it compares to other franchises in the same genre?
  5. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    It's a generic person in a new world show with terrible directing AND terrible contrived and lazy AF writing.
  6. cyansoul

    cyansoul New Member

    This whole show is just another cliche harem surrounding a male lead from another world. The only difference is his childhood friend got transferred to the world with him and it’s no surprise she is attracted to him like every other female he comes across. This storyline in the anime greatly differs from the manga and cuts off key points of information and skips over chapters that are important to the story as a whole. Not only is this anime very bland but the theme song is unpleasant to listen to so it dosnt even have that going for them.
  7. OmegaYami

    OmegaYami Active Member

    you had me at "generic" :D
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  8. MuLaFlaga

    MuLaFlaga Well-Known Member

    Ep 6:
    The level of writing and directing in this one are immature at best. It is a hodgepodge of everything out there that sounds good in an Isekai or fantasy world. Oh goblins were great in goblin slayer, let's put shitloads of those in and have two lolis create them and happily want them to rape women and kill men and children ... but don't worry we have plus ultra heroes ready for them ... gives you an idea of the crap shake they are trying to pull here.
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  9. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    I'm personally enjoying the show a good deal. I like that the female characters actually get to do something, and while the fanservice can be ridiculous I've seen much worse. I like the main characters and the story, although the villain plot is boring it doesn't bring the show down much for me.

    Its not a brilliant show, but I enjoy it pretty well.
  10. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    This shit is so bad...………..

    Dragon enters the battle field, kills monsters from the other side and just stands there, it didn't attack any human before Taichi attacked it. So why the fuck did he attack it?

    Then it intentionally missed the girl with a warning shot to "stay out of the fight", then blast the other girl who wasn't being hostile without any warning. All for the shoe horned moment of protag artificially leveling up because of a loss. and of course the assassin was used because of the 2 girls on the field she was the disposable one.

    This really does feel like a very amateurish pieced together show using a number of cliché themes from other shows in the genre, and it's painful to watch most of the time.
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  11. MitsukiBIGWAVE

    MitsukiBIGWAVE New Member

    Its so bad and really boring
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  12. Sugao

    Sugao New Member

    Posted by Sugao on Aug 22, 2019
    This show got really bad real quick. Started off as a good mediocre isekai and feels like perma cringe now.
  13. Demonskid

    Demonskid Well-Known Member

    First off, choose a color for the goblin blood and stick with it. First it was purple now its red. =A=

    The animation itself obviously shows a low budget, but that isn't something anyone has much control over. But even if the animators had more of a budget and the time to animated it more fluidly, I doubt that anime would really be any better story wise. It's fast pace makes it feel as so much stuff was skipped. Much of the character growth was over with in seconds if it was shown at all. A character we barely know dies(badly hurt?) and they act as if it's their best friend and get all pissed off at her being hurt/killed.

    I'd have to find the light novel and read that to see if the original material was like this or not. If the LN was like this, then to me, it was doomed before it got animated. If it wasn't like this, then this is just to try and promote the light novel series and the promotion was very poorly done.

    I'm already at episode 7, so may as well finish it.
  14. slizka

    slizka New Member

    This is so bad.... Characters are dumb, conversations are dumb, animation is below average, story telling is nonexistent, just jumping from one "waypoint" to another just for the sake of moving forward without any sense... Yeah, no, better to watch Pokemon than this....
  15. slizka

    slizka New Member

    This is complete failure... Beware viewers this is trash anime you should NOT watch. The light novel might be good, but the anime certainly not. Started with like 3 stars, now at Ep10 it doesn't even reach 0.5 star. My brain does really hurt watching this anime, but will watch till the end just because I went so far with it. To anyone else, don't even bother, it's not worth your time.
  16. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    This anime isn't terrible, but its pretty bland to the point of being boring at times. I don't regret watching it, and I'm going to finish it (obviously, I mean there is only one episode left) but even as someone who likes the Isekai genre, I don't think I'd watch a second season of this.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Sep 23, 2019
    Just finished episode 11. This was just... not great. It wasn't that Lord Ragnarok or whatever it was called levels of bad writing, but it was incredibly dull and just full of lazy tropes. Really wish the magic system was either deeper or showier, something. It's low budget Isekai though, so I imagine you get what you should expect.
  18. Jakounezumi

    Jakounezumi Active Member

    I didn't hate it, but I'll probably have forgotten all about this show next week.

    Edit: okay so it has been like a month and a half I think... and I am drawing a total blank here.. I guess I did indeed forget all about this show :)
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  19. Crua9

    Crua9 Active Member

    Posted by Crua9 on Sep 26, 2019
    So did Ep 12 turn into a medieval DBZ?

    IMO the show wasn't bad, but it wasn't good for the overall. It could've been better
  20. neocow

    neocow New Member

    Bland as others have said, with the main theme "power is okay, it's okay to become an inhumane killing machine, as long as you do it for Friends, Family, Culture, and the common good. You're technically still human if you can feel pain! Just, Stay True"

    It's bullshit propoganda telling primarily men, that it's their job to be murderers, but without any of the fluff of most pieces of media.

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