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  1. xKINGYx

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    Posted by xKINGYx on Jun 7, 2017
    Hi there,

    I see there is currently no iOS or Android app available for Anime Planet, nor is there any kind of API for such an app to interface with.

    I am a Senior Mobile Developer with several years experience developing apps for a range of clients, I'm looking for a new project to complete in my free time and would love to enhance the Anime Planet service I love with these new features.

    If you could expose some kind of database interface to me, I would be more than happy to create an API as well as the respective mobile apps at no cost. Programming is a hobby of mine and believe it or not, I do it for fun. The only potential catch here is that the work would be completed in my free time, so we could potentially be looking at several months.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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  2. bobbi

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    Posted by bobbi on Jun 8, 2017
    I second this. I'm studying software development, and could very well be interested in throwing in a couple of hours here and there, if this idea becomes a reality.
    If you could use a second hand for this, I would find it very interesting to work on such a project too - I was actually thinking about asking the same question after, as I'll have plenty of time on my hands the coming months.

    My experience is another story though, as I only have experience from university projects. I do however have experience with implementing RESTful APIs in C# (using ASP.NET), and ORMs in C# (Entity Framework) - also know Javas JDBC though. Also, a very limited experience developing Android applications, but no experience with iOS.
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  3. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Jun 26, 2017
    We currently do not have plans to expose a public API. Our goal with the site mobile-wise was to make it as responsive/useful as possible without the need for an app. We might change our minds on that in the future, but that's where we're at at this point
  4. da3dsoul

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    I am one of the major developers of Shoko ( If you've not heard of it, tl;dr it's a library manager for anime that uses several sources to pull info and sync anime lists, ratings, and watched states. We've received several requests over the past several years for integration with AP, but none of the devs cared enough to bother reaching out to you guys. Rather than an app or full browsing, we could benefit from endpoints to sync anime, watched states, and ratings. An endpoint for random recommendations would be greatly appreciated, but just automatic syncing is plenty to make people happy. In terms of overhead, we interact with AniDB, TvDB, and MAL already, so a json with some IDs is more than enough. We also have the ability to generate AniDB or MAL style anime lists, so there would be little effort on AP's part to support it. We already have a rate limiter for AniDB and TvDB, so we're willing to do whatever is necessary to make it as easy on your servers as possible.
    Thanks for your time,
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  5. AbelR1975

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    I sure would love to have an iOS app or some way to sync my AP library

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