Introducing the new Anime-Planet brand, and updated design

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. dumbdogdevin

    dumbdogdevin New Member

    It would be nice if I didn't get a notification for this every couple days.
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  2. Byteme

    Byteme Member

    It's been a long time and so much has changed.
  3. SMores

    SMores Well-Known Member

    He's just been struck speechless by how good the site looks.

    Top right above where the posts are, click unwatch thread.
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  4. Lysa23

    Lysa23 New Member

    Love the work keep it up
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  5. KawaiiSB01

    KawaiiSB01 Well-Known Member

    L♡VE It !! >.<
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  6. SkyEmpress

    SkyEmpress Member

    Logging in again, seeing this. its amazing
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  7. Simplyyhappyxx

    Simplyyhappyxx New Member

    nice awesome logo XD i cant wait to see the changes XD
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  8. Adashinobenio

    Adashinobenio New Member

    Like it
    keep up the good works..
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  9. FatimaMaria

    FatimaMaria New Member

    Looks great!
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  10. Manibusan

    Manibusan New Member

    Make a phone app!
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  11. CVNT5

    CVNT5 New Member

    looks exciting
  12. Detcelfer

    Detcelfer New Member

    yeey, now we just need a ps vita app xD
  13. Odynia

    Odynia New Member

    Gratz guys, looking good. the logos are so cute ^^ this place definitely caters to my need to show EVERYONE how many different types of anime there is and how many hours of my life I have enjoyed their company. Thanks again for the awesome site guys.
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  14. Umrtia

    Umrtia New Member

    Aaaaaa everything is so beautiful!! ^>^
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  15. paulime

    paulime New Member

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  16. MrKimchi

    MrKimchi New Member

    yeet cant wait for more updates to come
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  17. hugonun

    hugonun New Member

    It's already unwatched, I also get that notification.
  18. Kalina5082

    Kalina5082 New Member

    :love: anime planet keep more interesting
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  19. commentspaepanion

    commentspaepanion New Member

    i can really sense the time input into that drafting
  20. Kizza

    Kizza New Member

    How about an app (mainly android needed here)

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