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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Feinraf

    Feinraf Forum Moderator Developer Gold Supporter

    I'd imagine you are the only one who thinks a near black background is lighter than a pure white one yes.

    Very strange comment
  2. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    I just noticed that the forum's formatting for the lines delineating text boxes were also updated and are now aligned properly.
  3. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    literally like 3 posts above this
  4. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Alright, fuck me and everything my eyes experienced then. Sorry for my garbage feedback, I'll go back in my corner.
  5. Nitroglycerin

    Nitroglycerin Well-Known Member

    Forum is looking considerably better in dark mode now, well done and thanks :)
  6. Bestanimeserie

    Bestanimeserie Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thanks for your hard work as always
  7. Feinraf

    Feinraf Forum Moderator Developer Gold Supporter

    You don't need to be sorry for your opinion but rather than going back to your corner, I'd recommend you go back to the opticians if the white text is causing your eyes that much bother because they may be able to help.
  8. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    My computer monitor's brightness will bother the eyes if I turn off the lights in my room, but won't if turned back on. Focusing in on a glaring white text on a completely dark background has the same effect to me, and I have to turn on the blue light filter for it to stop being frustating, which makes it redundant.

    So please refrain from making insulting statements about my actual physical health. I'll refrain from future forum feedback since apparently this kind of snark is what you get if your feedback wasn't the desired one. So you get your wish at least.
    Peace out.
  9. iTzMetah

    iTzMetah New Member

    thank you!
  10. StarsMine

    StarsMine Database Moderator

    Perhaps turn down the brightness? A monitor doesn't have to, nor generally should it run at peak brightness all the time. I would think its a better solution then making all the colors inaccurate with a blue filter.

    That or contrast is wonky if its white text on a black screen, old school console style. I dont know. But either way aught to be a better solution.
  11. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    Florida Man Fails To Read Thread Before Posting
  12. KawaiiSB01

    KawaiiSB01 Well-Known Member

    i didn't came here for long a lot has changed .. seem like

    Im loving it tho T^T
  13. MILKYwQy

    MILKYwQy New Member

    thank you now im not blinded by the light
  14. jk804

    jk804 New Member

    Posted by jk804 on Mar 6, 2020
    Thank you for implementing this!
  15. JenKenos

    JenKenos New Member

    Absolutely love it, thank you sothis :drink:
  16. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    You're not alone. My eyes always hurt when I have to read white text on a black background. Already said it here a few pages back. Which is why I'm sticking to the light mode.
  17. RascaI

    RascaI Silver Supporter

    Hahaha, what the fuck is wrong with you dude :laugh: that's like the rudest possible way you could've put that!

    I feel bad for @BrainBlow right now. I see where he's coming from too, the text should probably be a shade darker.

    Someone on the staff should probably clarify that feedback is actually appreciated here so that people don't get scared to comment and get ridiculed
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2020
  18. memojuez

    memojuez New Member

    This is fantastically beautiful. So easy on these old eyes!!
  19. Feinraf

    Feinraf Forum Moderator Developer Gold Supporter

    Apologies for offending/insulting you. It absolutely wasn't my intention to do so but as has been pointed out to me a couple of times my second message comes across rude.

    Nobody should feel like they can't give feedback to the site and I'm sorry if I've made you feel that way. All feedback is welcomed by the staff and all feedback is taken into account for future site decisions too, the whole dark mode came about because of the user demand for it.

    Again, please accept my apologies and feel free to DM me if you'd like to talk further, I'm also around on the AP discord, feel free to ping me if you use that!
  20. Funkgun

    Funkgun Forum Moderator

    Y'all are crazy, I am waiting for Plaid mode

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