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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Fluffs

    Fluffs Database Moderator

    Posted by Fluffs on Mar 2, 2020
    Me: spends 2 years waiting for dark mode

    Also me: reads the thread in light mode

    But hype \o/
  2. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    Good job. :)

    On a sidenote, I don't understand why everyone prefers dark modes. It always makes my eyes hurt. I'm staying with the light. Only my heart will stay pitch black.
  3. Fluffs

    Fluffs Database Moderator

    Posted by Fluffs on Mar 2, 2020

    But seriously, I have pretty sensitive eyes so dark modes make it easier for me to read/watch stuff, it's just easier to focus. (i also tend to stay up late and sooo yea)
  4. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Love the change, now my namesake feels all the more fitting in this kind of environment.
  5. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    Posted by Schizm on Mar 2, 2020
    Finally A-P matches the mood of my playlist. Well done you guys, let's celebrate with more darkness:

  6. chronicallymel

    chronicallymel Active Member

    Bless my gods
  7. Civan3931

    Civan3931 Member

    That’s awesome just like my Twitter dark mode.
  8. Bennyvy

    Bennyvy Active Member

    Well thank you very much, my life wasn't already dark enough :')
  9. NovaWolfe54

    NovaWolfe54 Member

    finally my eyes can rest
  10. vaporcat

    vaporcat New Member

    I have waited for this day :flip:
  11. JustZeth

    JustZeth New Member

    A welcome update! Quoted forum replies are a bit harder to read, but my eyes appreciate the dark mode nonetheless.
  12. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Posted by sothis on Mar 2, 2020
    We've pushed an update for the primary link color in the forum, to match the blue on the site. Working on a bunch of other changes tonight.
  13. ThunderClap

    ThunderClap New Member

    Thank you!
  14. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for all the hard work! I really appreciate the dark mode. Now, my eyes won't be dying at 4 AM.:duck:
  15. JordanJas

    JordanJas Database Moderator Bronze Supporter

    Really looking forward to this! Thanks guys!
  16. tigian

    tigian Member

    Posted by tigian on Mar 2, 2020
  17. UniversalParanoia1

    UniversalParanoia1 Well-Known Member

    My eyes thank you
  18. hunnybeee

    hunnybeee Well-Known Member

    That's awesome, thank you. Your work is appreciated.
  19. phantomia

    phantomia New Member

  20. s0wick3d

    s0wick3d New Member


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