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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sothis, Mar 29, 2017.

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    hi i am newbie here but not newbie otaku.

    How did you get into anime?
    My first anime which I fully watched was DBZ series.

    What's your favorite genres/styles?
    For now Isekai, action, fantasy with superpower

    What are your recent favorites (anime or manga)?
    Demon slayer, Tensura slime, Moonlit fantasy, Attack on Titan etc

    What are your hobbies? (besides anime!)
    Being Lazy

    What's your favorite non-anime movie?
    all marvel Movies. Inception, shutter island etc

    How did you hear about Anime-Planet?
    From my friend from fb.
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    [QUOTE = "sothis, post: 1883320, membro: 3"] Bem-vindo ao Anime-Planet!

    Apresente-se à comunidade usando a caixa de resposta na parte inferior da página. Conte-nos sobre você! Aqui estão algumas perguntas divertidas para você começar.

    Como você entrou no anime?ENTRANDO

    Quais são seus gêneros / estilos favoritos?ACÃO E AVENTURA

    Quais são seus favoritos recentes (anime ou mangá)?ONE PIECE

    Quais são seus hobbies? (além de anime!)TENHO MUITO

    Qual é o seu filme não anime favorito?

    Como você soube do Anime-Planet?

    ou uma plataforma do google
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    How did you get into anime?
    at first was catching a few show on tv. watching anime with one of my brother is what got me into watching a lot of anime

    What's your favorite genres/styles?
    all dont realy have a favorite

    What are your recent favorites (anime or manga)?
    by the grace of teh gods

    What are your hobbies? (besides anime!)

    What's your favorite non-anime movie?

    How did you hear about Anime-Planet?
    dont realy rember how was sarch online for aniem and tha saw post about planet
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  6. Rosevecheya

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    I don't use the forum much, however I'd like to befriend and interact with some beings so hello : )

    How did you get into anime?
    I was brought up on Studio Ghibli films and it just escalated from there when I realised that there was more of a similar style!

    What's your favorite genres/styles?
    I like episodic supernatural series, and also short series. Some of my favourite anime are the really old 90's ones, because I tend to like old things best over all (old music, anime, video games)

    What are your recent favorites (anime or manga)?
    Recently I've loved the manga series Fort Of Apocalypse, and Murciélago. As for anime, the last anime I watched was Dorohedoro!

    What are your hobbies? (besides anime!)
    I like to play video games a lot (my favourite game being either Omikron The Nomad Soul or LOZ BOTW), I love playing card games (mainly solitaire or this one card game that I play with my father and used to play with my grandfather which we don't really have a name for), and my dad is currently teaching me chess. However my favourite hobby over all, even beyond anime and manga, is music and listening to music. Specifically David Bowie's music. I have a severe obsession with him and I tend to hoard information about him. If you ask me about him, I will give you a massive rant (unfortunately one poor sould has had to experience that today!). I also tend to hoard information about Norse Mythology (not much yet, working on that) and the origin of the names of the months and Weekdays (PLEASE ask me about them!!)

    What's your favorite non-anime movie?
    I absolutely ADORE Labyrinth (I mean, duh, 70% of my brain is focused on David Bowie), and The Man Who Fell To Earth. However if we don't include movies starring David Bowie, then I'd likely have to say my favourite movie would be something like Fight Club, The Matrix, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    How did you hear about Anime-Planet?
    Good question- I'm really not sure since it's been a couple of years, but it's probably because I was sick of having to remember where I was up to in manga when i just started getting into it.
  7. mrsciencecat

    mrsciencecat New Member

    How did you get into anime?
    I found it as a kid

    What's your favorite genres/styles?
    All kinds

    What are your recent favorites (anime or manga)?
    Right now Tokyo Ghoul

    What are your hobbies? (besides anime!)

    woodworking, video games, painting

    What's your favorite non-anime movie?
    Right now really into the old spiderman movies and Voyagers

    How did you hear about Anime-Planet?

    Found it back in '09 because I wanted to keep track of what I watch. I'm just here to get my old account back lol
  8. Jilmilsarania

    Jilmilsarania New Member

    Through magna andlight novels and without knowing when i just got adicted to it .it is very fun and enjoying also a very good stress reliever
  9. Bulbutrein

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    I'll take a note.
  10. Elwyn21

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    Hello, my name is Elwyn and I am a huge fan of Japanese novels and anime series. And my favorite anime series is dragon ball z. And I live in America and I am in love with anime. And my hobby is to collect things similar to dragon ball z for example the characters drawing of Goku.
  11. MrMold68

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  12. Sourish29

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    I got interested by seeing u tube
  13. Sammy00

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  14. astraph

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    I've been on here for a while but I don't think I've ever posted here, so I might as well!

    How did you get into anime?
    Sailor Moon. It's still one of my favorite animes of all time, probably because I have so much positive nostalgia from watching it! I'm not sure when I heard of anime for the first time, but I'm guessing it has to do with Vocaloid.

    What's your favorite genres/styles?
    Mahou shoujo anime has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time, but I'm not very picky and don't particularly have a favorite. It depends on my mood, I guess. Sometimes I'm up for psychological horror but other times I may prefer something more wholesome!

    What are your recent favorites (anime or manga)?
    I finally started Owari no Seraph the other day, although I also watched Revolutionary Girl Utena a while ago alongside Tokyo Revengers. My favorite manga of all time is probably "I want to eat your pancreas," the story had me crying for a while.

    What are your hobbies? (besides anime!)
    Video gaming, listening to music, playing instruments, talking to friends, designing things, researching true crime and astronomy... just basic stuff like that.

    What's your favorite non-anime movie?
    Good question.

    How did you hear about Anime-Planet?
    I was on MAL but kept getting annoyed by how limited everything is. They rarely included things such as donghua and manhua, too. So far I've preferred this website, though!

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