In a Different World with My Smartphone

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. chii

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    Posted by chii on Apr 29, 2017
  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Nah, it's cool, just completely ripoff Konosuba. It's not a good sign when the extent of your creativity is to copy the premise of another anime exactly, but this time the MC has a cell phone.
  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Apr 30, 2017
    Guy: This Smartphone App gets you all the fine honeys you could ever want with the wealth to buy more!

    I was interested but then saw it wasn't about one of the ones about the guy being a cook in a strange world. But the guy had better be using his phone for justice: Justice of getting mo' bitches up in there.
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    How do you watch
  5. Nicknames

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    This anime hasn't aired yet. It'll probably air on early july
  6. LinkSword


    So, I'm stuck with this one for the summer as per the Anime Lottery Game.

    It honestly looks absolutely dull going by the PVs. And yeah, my impression after seeing both those and the show's synopsis was a KonoSuba in which everything is shit instead of good. I don't hate the isekai genre at all, but at least put some effort into your rip-offs, people.
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  7. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 2, 2017
    I was going to say something to cheer @LinkSword but after seeing the PV like he did... no. Did get some Irish vibes out of it though.
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  8. LinkSword


    Be a dear and watch it with me, Thrawn. That way I'll have someone to bitch about it with. :love:
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  9. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 2, 2017
    I shall do my best to keep up with it, not on levels of Rapist Priest season but on levels of Hand Shakers.
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  10. Vega

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    Posted by Vega on Jul 11, 2017
    Episode 1

    Had to watch this out of sheer curiosity. Basically just take Konosuba, make it generic and bland as fuck, add a smartphone, and you get this. Bland... generic... bleh. Do yourself a favor and watch (or rewatch) Konosuba instead.
    The start of this was also very bizarre to me. God basically struck some random dude with lightning because he didn't see him there? That makes no sense to me.
  11. LinkSword



    Watching this felt akin to playing some RPG Maker game created by whoever. It does the bare minimum to convince you that yes, it is indeed an anime about a fantasy world - but other than that, it's unremarkable and non-unique in every possible manner. They went out of their way to make every character and interaction feel as cookie-cutter as possible, the animation is Insipid with a capital I and, besides the magical smartphone gimmick, nothing about the world or its explanations on magic and the like are stuff you haven't seen a million times before.

    That being said, as immensely dull as this felt, it is also positively harmless. The characters are absolutely generic, yet not obnoxious in any way so far, and the fanservice rate for this episode was a honestly surprising zero percent. Yes, if nothing else, the absence of awkward boob jiggling and lazy pantyshots was the one big surprise of the pilot.

    In conclusion, if the rest of the series follows the tone of this episode, I'm expecting something entirely forgetable that won't entertain me much but also won't make me hate my own guts every week. And that alone is already a big upgrade from Eromanga-sensei.
  12. Thrawn


    Sometimes I worry about what series' I'm suppose to be watching. Not with this one.

    Episode 1 App: Honeys In Your Area

    Hah! MC died thanks to a drunken God.
    MC is also real chill after lightning getting dropped on him on a sunny day.
    MC is also reasonable.

    Really, nothing is happening.


    Be like *Rings up God*
    MC: Sup God, want to go clubbing?
    God: Word G, let's pick up some fine honeys.
    MC: Nice, see you in 5.

    OP: I swear, his harem had better not just be flat-chested girls. As a man, he has to get at least one THICC girl with the butt Principal would be proud... OF.

    "Hey baby, I can call god straight up on my magical communication device. Want to see?"

    Two minutes into the world and he is already making bank on some guy wanting his threads.

    Those new clothes are too modern.

    I really wished MC was an adult who was a cook in the previous life.

    MC has pimp ass combat skills.

    There really isn't much to comment about. The shy sister is obviously the bustier one and the talky one is flatter than Mesh Guy's character.

    Who the fuck accepts a mission from shady ass dudes?

    I swear, every one of these chibi interludes is a commercial.

    You know who else played at Budokan? Cheap Trick. That album kicked ass.

    18 coppers? Fucking peasant change.

    No shit it was magic.

    Nothing is happening for the next few minutes.

    Infinite canteen.

    No, seriously, there is nothing snarky to comment about.

    I wish it was like... the one with the rings. You know, the one with all the buxom women who look so amazingly soft, and Ganat, I think, she was this awesome dark skin cat girl who was all that and a jumbo bag of chips, if that bag of chips was a fine scrumptious booty. I mean, I don't mean to be a perv but holy crap she was fine. Not the series I was looking for but this getting an adaptation would be the bees knees.

    In the meantime, MC is already persuading Magic Girl to fall for him. Dude is a pimp.

    I am genuinely excited!

    Wait, capitalize on that shit man! Make mad moneys off of it!

    No-frills, peaceful, harmless, doesn't make you feel like a creep or someone on a watchlist, no overall/arching plot or evil to kill, just a wasteful bastard who isn't capitalizing on introducing new foods or goods into a fantasy market and making mad stacks of coinage. It was also... uneventful. BUT, as @LinkSword said, it was better than Eromanga Sensei. And Hand Shakers by default.

    Really, you can do better by randomly picking a "Person in a Different World" anime and watching that.
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  13. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    Episode 1:

    What to do with a parody that doesn't really parody? This show is trying to parody person in a strange world anime, but instead it's just doing the thing its trying to parody. There aren't many parody jokes this episode and none of it is particularly funny.

    Most of the scenes in this episode feel more like disconnected sketches showing different scenes you'd commonly see in this type of anime. There's little attempt to make the episode feel like its telling a cohesive story. It'd be fine if these sketches were funny or making some new observation about how ridiculous this type of otaku fantasy bait is, but any observations all stale.

    This episode really does play up the power fantasy angle. The guy was just a normal dude in life, but now he's in a fantasy world with all the knowledge of he internet at his fingers, combat skillz and the ability to use every kind of magic. Getting hit by lightning was like hitting the lottery for him. Now he's living a life with all the cheat codes turned on. Not that he'll actually capitalize on this and make himself the king of everything. No he'll just teach some chicks how to make ice cream.

    This episode is stale and boring, but as @LinkSword points out none of it is grating or offensive. It's not the worst thing I've watched, nor is it the worst thing airing this season.
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  14. LinkSword


    I don't think this one's even meant to be a parody. The opening scene with the dumbass god killing MC with some rogue lightning seems to aim for just that, but everything afterwards, the show plays it straight through and through. Just your boring old run-of-the-mill fantasy world with the all too familiar concepts and situations.

    In fact, something tells me our protagonist here isn't even much of an otaku - when the two girls were talking about registering into the ''guild'', he didn't even seem to recognize the term right away, instead deducing what kind of place it was by what they were saying about it. And really, anyone and their grandma who've ever played a regular RPG could tell you what a guild is.

    Judging by that, I'm going to guess we won't get otaku rantings or even meta-commentary in passing, which is both kind of weird for the genre nowadays and also a relief, because I don't see this show distilling anything good out of that kind of humor.
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  15. Thrawn


    Basically, @LinkSword is saying that this show will be more mundane than any other fantasy and the MC is a non-otaku loser.
  16. LinkSword


  17. renorxukuth

    renorxukuth Bronze Supporter

    I was slightly reminded of Kirito for a moment, except instead of a sword, it's a phone in the intro. Other then that, I dunno, this show is alright, but nothing special. Maybe it'll improve? We'll see.
  18. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of it was making fun of how easy things work out for the main characters in these types of show. They completely ignore the struggles someone would have if they were suddenly dropped into a new world and end up ignoring the potentially interest fish out of water concept.

    I don't think we're mean to take it seriously when the guy gets to the other world and is like "man, I don't know where I am." Then he gets a call from god telling him that he's updated his smartphone with maps of the area.

    Then just when he starts thinking he doesn't have any money, a weird little rich man suddenly rides up demanding to buy the MC's clothes for a generous sum of money.

    Then just when there'd be nothing else for him to do he overhears a struggle in an alley that gives him a couple of guides to teach him about this world.

    I'm not saying any of this is good or even smart parody, but I can't imagine any of this was meant to be taken as being played straight, unless the person that wrote it is completely delusional.

    Didn't mean to imply that the MC was supposed to be an otaku. He's such a dull slice of white bread that he doesn't even have that small bit of characterization. When I said otaku fantasy I meant the intended audience for this type of story. These types of stories are selling the fantasy that a sudden change in setting is all it would take to be extraordinary. No need to change attitude on life or how to interact with the world. No just get whisked away to a new world and cute girls will be assaulted in alleys just waiting for someone to save them so they can adopt that person like some kind of puppy.
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  19. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Jul 12, 2017
    Honestly, anime like this inspire writers. Since it's like a plain generic basis upon which to write a story. You get examples of generic characters and an example story introduction with inspiringly unimpressive dialogue. Just writing on a notebook all the ways you think you could make this opening episode better would already give you a head start and the clearly identifiable failures of it lead you away from pitfalls that would otherwise not be as obvious. Certainly.

    I have no bad words for the voice actors, though. The flatchested prideful-tsundere-like older sister sounds exactly how every non-loli tsundere should sound. Moe-dere busty younger sister has that whole imouto thing going. Truly this makes them walking tropes or archtypes that you could build characters on.

    If only this anime was called "Isekai-harem-anime-maker" it would be perfect.
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  20. LinkSword


    Any bad or mediocre show is a good source of ''inspiration'' because of how easy it is to spot flaws or lacking parts and think about what'd make them better. That's honestly nothing particular for this show or other similarly shallow ones.
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