Improved character and staff pages: birthdays, eye color, and more!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. Bloodlord739

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    I.... have no riposte. You have me dumbfounded. Well done sir well done.
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  2. Bloodlord739

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    This is really cool info that I didn't know about Japanese culture, thank you for sharing it. :D

    That would be cool. Alotta work though I imagine. ^^

    Perhaps... ;)
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    Used to theme my profile around character birthdays so this is sick. Like, the good kind of sick, of course. Like, sick but cool. Sick is still a cool word right? Yeah, sick.
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  4. kiraio

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    Nice Dev's, we need more database.
  5. Kukufu1aka1Abby

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  6. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Apr 8, 2021
    It's really an amazing update. Some ideas could be adding zodiac signs as tags or its own separate section. Maybe height as well. Just some ideas. :3
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  8. SHOTO777

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    This is great! And now I feel stupid for not knowing that the voice actor for my anime crush also played Finnian... Shoto just sounds so different...
  9. jmaeshawn

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    Others have already answered this question, but I'll also chip in what I know from living in Japan and being married to a Japanese woman: blood types are extremely important in Japan because they are thought to be a way to easily categorize a person's personality. It's so important in Japanese culture that there are many who choose to not date someone simply because that person has a blood type that's "incompatible" with their own.

    Some older Japanese people will go even beyond that and not allow their children or grandchildren to marry someone whom they see as "unsuitable for the family" simply because of their blood type. It's rather silly, in my opinion, but this method of determining compatibility is engrained in the Japanese culture to the point that they even include that information in the profiles of fictional characters. xD
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  10. mikeyscumbucket

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    Thats nice
  11. Bloodlord739

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    Thanks for the extra info!
    That is quite interesting that they take it that seriously huh...
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    Aye nice:frustrat:
  13. RimuruTempest1

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    I think I’m in the correct, I’m not sure though,
    So I heard that the series “50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess” has ended
    And it says on the site that it’s still ongoing with 128+
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    I use crunchyroll but this is amazing and how do you search anime/manga?!
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    There should be a search box in the top right corner (desktop view) with a drop-down menu that says anime/manga/characters/people/users, or a magnifying glass icon that you can click to bring up that search box and drop-down menu on the top left corner (mobile view).

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