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Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by Ketsuron, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I'm pretty sure images are displayed as long as the thread from which you post the image hasn't been pruned... Once that happens you get the above result... So unless she's already downloaded the image...well...
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    Awhile back there was this manga that I read the first few chapters of but then I forgot the name and I haven't been able to find it. The manga was about this guy who met this ghost girl who made a deal that if she fell in love she could live again. About all I remember about the characters is the girl had white hair. Does anyone have any idea what manga this could possibly be? This has been bugging me for months.
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    Can someone tell me from which manga Nonbiri Scans took their credit page? It's Yumekui Merry?

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    Posted by Djifi on Jan 7, 2012
    e: Yureka!

    Hey everyone, just registered a little selfishly for you guys to help me (but seems like a nice site so might check it out)!

    Anyhow, so the manga I forgot about is about a guy called Lotto, who plays some MMO with a few friends. He uses fire mostly, and has two friends, one of which later I recall to mostly just get dumped out of the story, and the other is just a lazy fat guy. Anyhow, the game they play at first ends and if you do some things, you can keep some of your items for the next part of the game.

    I lost this manga when I renewed my AMR-addon, along with a few others, but found most of the others in my browser history. Thanks for trying to help me c:

    edit: did I just necro? I googled my way to another thread, which told me to go here... Sorry if I necrod :c
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    ^ don't know you're manga, but don't worry about the necro. can't necro a sticky.
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    Oh, there's this manga that's been on my mind lately.
    It's about an extremely violent girl (she's a highschool student) and her friends. I remember one of her friends being a sickly girl who died in every chapter. Um, I think it was a parody on slice of life genre and it had short chapters, almost like a webcomic, full color too. Also I think it begun with a V.
    I read it a long time ago and would like to read it again, but I just can't remember the title.
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    Oh god, why did I think it begun with V. Yes, that's it! Thank you! :smile:
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    No, it's not Father Complex. It is the cover of the magazine in which Father Complex was published. ^^ But I would like to know who drew it.
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    yeah, it looks yaoi and i don't really read in that genre...
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    PLEASE HELP!! I'm all out of ideas where to look and i just can't figure out which manga this is!!

    Anyway I know it is a Shoujo manga but i'm not sure what the story was
    It's not echhi even though it may seem like it

    If anyone can tell me the name of the manga ot mangaka at least i'll be eternally gratefull~

    Here's the pic: (in spoiler; originally not colored)
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    Please help: Need the name of a manga where the MC's are forced into dating each other to keep the peace between the Yakuza/gang families..He has a locket that he gave a key to some girl he's trying to find.
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    Nisekoi? there's a short version and an ongoing longer version
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    That's the one. Thanks.
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    The following image has been making rounds on many meme sites (it isn't really that remarkable, IMO... but I digress...), and it doesn't seem like anyone on there has a clue where it came from:

    Facebook Picture - Reality - Meme Center

    Anyone here might possibly know which manga this came from :D? I'm taking the first/top FB comment with a grain of salt.
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    Posted by Vaare on Jul 4, 2012
    I'm looking for a manga I once read.

    It's a dark seinen manga about a place where revenge killings have been institutionalized. You can hire someone to take revenge for you or you can yourself, but if either die it's on you. The other party can hire someone to defend them as well.

    The main character has multiple personalities I believe as well, and there is a lot of kinky sex.
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    ^ this sounds familiar. can you give anymore details that might jog my memory? cyber-punk? samurai? alt reality?
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