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    I'm trying to find manga where mc gets betrayed by girl that demands child care mony for their daughter from him which in fact is not her daughter and also takes loan in his name and then when he is almost dead a mysterious man appears in front of mc and offers him reincarnation in another world. mc gets reincarnated in a parallel universe where humans have colonized planets and again using king and noble system. his parents are nobles which under influence of that same mysterious man leaves everything to mc and leaves for capital
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    I started reading this webtoon about a year ago and I liked it, but I can't find it, so I hope you can help me :)
    It has the similar artwork of the webtoon "Keep Holding On".
    The webtoon is a BL (I think), so there are 2 boys with pretty dark hair, and they are in university, one of them is older.
    So the boy is in a caffee and forgets his phone there, and the other boy who works there gives him the phone back.
    The boy who works there is quite popular and is in a school club (music I think), and "falls" in love with the other boy who is younger than him.

    That's all I can remember from it, do you have any idea?
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    Hello, posting here hoping someone could help me find a manga I've read not so long ago, but I just can't remember the title.

    So, it's prolly a smut (not even sure abt this either). The story as I remember : it's about a college girl who's moved to Tokyo with her musician boyfriend. Said boyfriend hasn't broke through and works part time jobs to pay rent with his girlfriend. They've grown appart in the last couple years. One day, the girl comes earlier from classes and sees her BF doing it with another girl. So, GF angry & sad leaves to hook up with some random dude in a bar. Which, she does. Turns out the dude she hooked up with is one of the members of the BF' favorite band.
    And that's about it ^^'
    oh and also, she still lives with her now ex-BF, coz, ya know, rent aint cheap ..
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    hope somebody notices this thread and can help me out. I've been trying to find these two titles for... must be a decade now. I don't have pictures, but I think I can describe well enough to maybe get a match.

    The first one should be fairly easy. There's this manga about an inept student who joins a school club that is nearly abandoned to learn how to fight, and he goes up against a variety of different fighters while getting trained à la Karate Kid. The student's name is Noritaka Sawamura (or Sawamura Noritaka), and the manga was called Noritaka: Le Roi De La Baston. French translation. I was wondering if there was an English version of it available? Every search I've tried comes up empty.

    The second one is probably more difficult. I don't remember the character's name nor the title, but the premise is that the main character is some kind of ex-military person who now finds work training people for self-defense. He's reluctant to teach most of the people who approach him, usually accepts because whatever student that volume has is desperate, and winds up fighting the student's battles for them. In one of the stories, a girl gets kidnapped, and after some talk about some legendary soldier who could fire an M79 grenade launcher with one hand, it turns out the hero, dangling from a rope with one hand, fires exactly the same kind of grenade launcher at the escaping vehicles to save the girl, and everyone is impressed. I hope that particular scene is enough to go on. I'd love to remember the name so I can find more.

    It might be more difficult to identify these given that I read these in French at a bookstore I used to live close to, but it's been bothering me for years and years now, and I -just- had the idea to ask on the internets. I'm terrible at this.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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    I have no idea about the second one, but by typing in "Noritaka" in the manga search bar here on Anime Planet, I found this, which sounds pretty much like how you described the first manga.
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    I've been searching for hours and can't find it. I'm trying to find this one manhwa (I believe it's manhwa) that's about a dark-blue haired god that was sent to earth and he sometimes get's to go to I would say a kind of "heaven" where he's the leader but forgot his memories for some reason. He also meets this red haired girl along the way and they are probably having a connection there I'm not sure.

    The most "key clue" that I have is that he can talk with his "twin" that is stuck in the river bc he apparently is evil.

    That heaven is all about cleansing souls and not letting them fall into the river I think.

    I know this is kinda hard to figure out because this manhwa/manga is not that popular.

    If it helps, the last time I've seen this manhwa/manga was in an app in my phone and I'm from Europe.
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    Hi all, I'm losing my mind trying to find this manga I read once. It's about this guy whos reincarnated as a noble boy villain. when he reincarnates he finds that everything he says is filtered to sound evil. The Protagonist saves a girl he was supposed to execute and smuggles her and her mom into the next town, he keeps this a secret so that his parents never find out so lots of people think the protagonist is a murderer.
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    Hello Everyone,

    It's literally nearly 4am here and I'm still trying to remember a manwha I read.
    Can someone pls help if they know?

    It's a villainess noble girl
    shes reincarnated on her 4th life
    Transmigrated in a book
    Was born as twin
    She has all memory whilst still a baby
    Gets kidnapped as a baby and father saves her
    He doesn't show any emotion to her
    She witnesses her mother passing away whilst she was alone in her room and went out as everyone forgot her
    She's very non emotional and her twin sister or maybe younger sister is loved by everyone
    Timeskips to her father doting on her sister and she gets shoes I belive and shows her only smile
    She goes out every night without her family knowing to train

    Pls does anyone remember this story?
  9. AvidReader123

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    Sorry I meant webnovel
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    Young girl is a traveling shaman/priest/witch type and purifies curses/uncleanliness from monsters/spirits corpses. I remember her purifying land in a forest upon request. She preformed funerary rites or some other ritual and cleansed the land of the curse.

    She might take the curse/uncleanliness into her body instead of purifying it.

    Sorry about the lack of information.
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    UPDATE: I give up, there is no finding this manga. maybe it never existed? a few more details I remember just incase by some act of god someone else has actually read this. The main heroin thinks the Protagonist is a murdering asshole so she slaps him. later she learns that he didn't kill anyone and that he bears the blame just to keep the people he saved thesafe. The heroin then sends her Spy/Attendant to go confirm that the girl and her mom are alive.
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    Looking for a manga where the main character (older, has curly hair or an afro) designs ecchi games. meets a younger girl (highschool/middleschool) and they slowly fall into a romance.
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    My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
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    Hi, im trying to find the manhwa/webtoon title of this plot that i read but forgotten the title to continue reading.

    Its a plot like memorize(manhwa/webtoon)
    The mc go to another continent world with other people where there are demons etc.

    mc find a person that ask him (the mc) to find his secret labs. mc find the secret labs dungeon near a mountain then teleport back to the town.

    i only remember 1 name, he the one who help all the newbie that just come over to this world, his name is alvin.

    i hope someone can help me find this manhwa title
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    Does anybody happen to know this title about a guy who’s son is actually his nephew. The guy is a businessman and his son tries to play matchmaker with I think one of his male teachers. The real mom, is actually the businessman’s sister and she basically is still part of the kid’s life but the kid doesn’t address her as mom but calls her by her first name. The mom would thought it would be funny to prank the potential love interest by saying stuff that would cause a misunderstanding. Like she told her brother’s love interest about always being their for her son. Which lead the love interest to believe she wants to get back together with her ex. The businessman then clarified that he always wanted a child for an heir and his own sister didn’t hesitate to let him adopt the kid she birthed. I vaguely recall that the teacher may be a PE teacher. ..

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