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    Posted by prrp on Apr 13, 2021
    hi, does anyone knows the name of an isekai where the mc gets reincarnated and god gives him a lot of power but the mc just want a quiet life, but when he gets to the other world he uses magic to help a get a cat of a tree and the people start calling him a saint so he tries to escape and go to the house that god made for him, but then god tells where it is out loud an all the villagers start to follow the mc
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    if anyone's curious it's this
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    I’m trying to find a Manga, I only know a certain scene of it.

    “The was a student reunion and everyone was invited there was a poor boy, a rich argonaut boy, and a rich lady. The rich boy tries to insult to poor boy to impress the rich lady but he got drunk and embarrassed himself. Later on into the party the girl got a call from her father tell her that her group work in biomedical or whatever it’s bio something has been suspended and she tries to convince her father to buy her more time so he did. But at the same time to poor boy overheard her conversation with her father. Later she came out of the bathroom and returned to the party and the rich boy approach her all drunk so the poor boy dragged the rich girl away and walked her out to the garage. When he confronted her about how his small group of team has perfected bio something saying that he wants to work with her she got angry and say how much it cost and the amount of time it would take and the money goes into it to create it. But she refused and left without leaving any contact info. This is like in a apocalyptic world story.”
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    I read a oneshot or a series last year and it was about a boy wanting to kill his female classmate because he wants her arms. he also said that she has very pretty arms
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    There is this manga where there is awakened people and it takes place in the modern day. The main character works for the government and maps dungeons, and he awakens. I think he had a past life and he is training someone although I can't quite remember. I can't remember what it is called. Does it sound familiar to anyone?
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    Is it this one?
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    Hello, I am looking for a manhua where the female is pretending to be a guy. This fl gets transported into a popular ancient drama and she has the power to pause and watch the events around her like she is watching a show. I think that the male lead has white hair and she has short brown hair. I appreciate all help, thanks!
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    Posted by J1st on May 31, 2021
    Can't seem to recall the title of this manga that I was really into over the fall, but I'd like to follow it up again.

    It was a romance series about two college students, one an extremely cute girl and the other a guy who's self conscience about his scary/creepy appearance and who helps run a flower shop.

    Can someone please tell me the title if this description does help ring any bells?
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    Is it this ?
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    Posted by J1st on May 31, 2021
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    i read this one manga and i cant remember its name
    from what i can remember the first few pages of the 1st chapter is a girl's face having a nosebleed, the girl is a glasses wearer, the art style was very pretty to look at
    the boy is a part of the health comittee so he helped her get to the nurse's office. there is one page of the chapter of the girl getting beat up but all of it is the fantasy of the boy
    in his home he starts drawing her bcos he is a doujin maker and he takes inspiration from her.
    he was too busy making the doujin that he forgot to sleep and he didnt finish the doujin
    so he brought it to school, he finished it at school at the end of the day, but at the end one of the pages of his work got left behind at school

    i am so sorry that this is a mess to read. i updated the manga a few months ago but i forgot the title

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    So I'm looking this manga about a corrupt detective teaming up with a normal detective and they both hunt down corrupt people using corrupt techniques, but the maybe defining factor is that the corrupt detective has this huge cheek to cheek smile and I think the plot was kind of a corruption of the day.

    Please help i remember loving this manga
  14. delirious1997

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    So i'm trying to remember this manga I was reading about a year ago, the main character basically gets pulled into fighting ghosts/spirits and his mentor/grandfather i can't remember had to be killed him for some reason and then fast forward and theres a fighting tournament going on with all sorts of powers and he's seeing where he matches up but he loses to some really op guy, it was about 50/60 chapters by last year

    hopefully someone can help thanks!
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    I'm looking for a manga i read and just can't find/remember the title.
    Its about a girl disguised as a boy who's the daughter of this great swordsman. She ends up traveling for something I can't remember but ends up with this guy who's a mega perv but helps her. I'm pretty sure mana was a main part of a lot of action in it. I can remember one guy very well. He's got long blond hair and uses mana balls that explode when he throws them. He's supposed to be this crazy guy. I'm sorry if none of this helps narrow it down but I've been searching for months. I think it was originally Chinese.
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    Posted by gmn on Jul 12, 2021
  17. MangaLover2000

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    I have a manga that I can't remember the name. The story follows an over powered necromancer kid who gets kicked out of his party, so he goes to work for the demon lord of lust while hiding the fact that he is human. If you know the answer please reply in my profile so I won't have to search for your reply.
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    hello guys

    Does anyone know manga where mc performs a ritual and get transported to another world in body of a boy that did sucide and gets a little sister and big brother and join a police with superpowers and he choose to get powers too. and also when he performs ritual by placing food in all 4 corners of his room he gets into a separate space and summons others and pretends to be an greater existence
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    I'm trying to find a manga where girls and the name of bugs and have characteristics of those bugs I think and are fighting monsters, zombies or something

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