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Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by Ketsuron, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Franzi

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    I get you, they've been getting a lot more obscure lately. Glad I could help! x
  2. chickietenders

    chickietenders New Member

    I need help finding a manga that I started but i cant remember the name
    it's something something dad?? maybe like "the devil became my dad"? but i can't find it anywhere
    basically the premise is some girl accidentally summoned a demon I think and he was like "rawr gimme your soul and ill grant you your wish blahh" and she was all "I need a dad. Here sign the contract"
  3. SaekanoGhoul

    SaekanoGhoul New Member

    hello I recently read a manga on mangadex but i forgot the name its about a slave boy who is in a bandit group they attack a forest house and the person living there is a witch and he ends up living with her for like 2 years then moves on to exploring, also the character also kind of looked like gutz from bezerk
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    This is the one you are looking for
  5. numberfourtythree

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    I'm trying to find something I kinda remember where it was one of those ones where monsters had started appearing in real life and some people got abilities to fight them. MC was working a dangerous job of support for people with those abilities when in a moment of peril he suddenly awakens to those abilities, but instead of how people normally get 3 special abilities, he gets a special ability that lets him learn new special abilities, which is managed by some not quite human looking girl that talks to him and no one else can see. He had some side jobs, like working a factory that dismantled monsters (and after awakening he could do much better there due to a dismantling skill earned), but he is at first keeping his awakening a secret until he gets stronger.
  6. numberfourtythree

    numberfourtythree New Member

    Nevermind, I just found it by checking a bunch of "manga/manhwa similar to so and so" lists, and eventually found it, called "Level Up Alone". Kind of confusing as there's another totally different one with some elements of the premise being very similar to it called "Solo Leveling", but I had to look at over a dozen lists of "manhwa similar to Solo Leveling" before I found one that listed it, despite its premise being closer than all the other ones on the lists.
  7. FoodLife

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    probably this
  8. EyeballWazowski

    EyeballWazowski New Member

    Hi I was looking for a Manhwa that I read ages ago. It was about a girl that dresses up like a guy so she can work in her father’s company. It is a romance and she knew the love interest when he was younger but made fun of him for being fat. Does anyone know what it’s called?
  9. godzylla

    godzylla New Member

    need help remembering a manga. i know i started reading it back in middle or highschool, but dont remember finishing it. what i can recall of it was: it had a female protagonist, she was connected to the moon in some capacity ither a descendent or a princess (i know its not sailor moon) and she would slayer, i want to say ither demons or vampires, with a Samaria i could be totally wrong though. i distinctly remember used the phrase "prepare to face the moons divine retribution", or something like that. she also gets run through with a sword at some point, i think its early on in the series.

    does this sound familiar to anyone else?
  10. OkamiHime95

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    Is it possibly this?

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  11. pixograme

    pixograme New Member

    Can You please Help Found the name ?
    So the manga is romance/school life

    It's about an mc who got bullied each time in school by a guy in his class , ( the bully has a yellow hair ) One day the mc meet the school most popular girl ( i think he meet her in the roof and shared food with her )

    The bully get jealous and forced the mc to setup a date for him with her , so one day he invited the girl to a restaurent and he waited until the bully enter so he can leave with a fake call of his mom to leave them both alone .
  12. pixograme

    pixograme New Member

    Can You please Help Found the name ?

    So The manga is in black and white drawing

    it's about a guy who know a girl when they where child and this girl became popular ( idol or maybe an actress if i remember ) , and one day he meet the mom of this girl and she request him to be her home teacher ,

    in one of the chapter she meet some old friend of her and they tried to rape her but the mc saw that and called security and saved her
  13. J1st

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    Posted by J1st on Mar 25, 2021
    I remember reading a chapter of this one isekai manga where the main protagonist finds this huge gorilla that can transform into this red-haired girl. I can't remember the title, but does this description ring any bells to anyone?
  14. OniBlade

    OniBlade New Member

    Looking for Manhwa/manhua/manga where mc creates drones to help him clear portals/dungeons, other guilds are trying to recruit him, he sells some of the stuff he makes. It's not much to go on but it kinda reminds me of I am sorcerer but I can't think of the name.
  15. FoodLife

    FoodLife Active Member

    A manga about shaving, I have crappy memory so bear with me.
    It was after a swimming class and a boy went into a locker room, where he saw a girl trying to shave her armpits. The girl got embarrassed and the boy offered to shave it for her. as the story progresses the boy continues to shave her body.
    I think it was only a few chapters or maybe a oneshot
  16. FoodLife

    FoodLife Active Member

    looking for a manga where a boy was sacrificed into a black hole. but he survived so he was there chilling for years until he was let out
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  18. FoodLife

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    Not at all :sweat: . What about the tags or the characters or the chapters or the release date?
  20. FoodLife

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    what I do know is that it has less than 30 chapters and still ongoing
    as I said he was sacrificed by his village. I think it was old men.
    there is a giant gate and he was tossed there, into a dark space where he's all floating around.
    i remembered that it was extremely painful and he kept screaming and screaming until he got used to it. so there he was in the empty black place burning and chilling there. until one day a door opens up and he left the empty black space.

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