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Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by Ketsuron, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Maybe this?
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    hello everyone
    I read a manga a while back but i can't remember the name
    It was about summoning to another world and the MC had sth like cooking skills. The king just dimmed him to bee useless and threw him to a haunting forest or sth. He barely survived by using a skill he had that involved cutting but he had to touch the target. After that he survived and and went on.
    Does it ring a bell to anyone?
    i'm dying to re-read it. If i remember correctly it had like 5 or 6 chapters

    Thank you <3
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    I heard that this is the place to go if I need help finding a manga i forgot the title too.
    So the story part that i remember goes:
    A guy defeats the demon lord but after doing so he is told to revoke his hero title because he was deemed too ugly to be the hero. He then leaves and somehow winds up at a beastmen village(I think it started off as an orc village). Then he decides to stay there. The villagers are hesitant because they were considered demons and he just slayed the demon lord but then they get over it and he helps them make the village better.
    If you know this manga or think it sounds familiar the PLZ tell me!! (>///<)/
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    hi there! I read the beginning of a manga that I'd like to continue but can't find it anymore. There's a class reunion (or at least they all get invited by a former classmate). Everyone talks about how great their class was, but the guy that invited them doesn't seem to be there in the beginning. When he does show up it turns out that he trapped them all in school. If they try to leave, they get killed. I don't remember why he did this, but he made them go through some sort of trust exercises. It's starts with making them drink poison. The first person refuses to do it so more people have to drink poison for each other so they can get the antidore.
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    I believe that it is this one

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