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Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by Ketsuron, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. KillaryaZoldyck

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    Capitulo 61 de Wotakoi, Quién más no grito MALDICIOOOOOOOON!!!(comoGoku) en ésta parte?
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  2. Millertime0440

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    Hey anyone know a manga where the mc saves a girl falling from the sky and becomes a player with a tail instead of wings
  3. Millertime0440

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    looking for a manga that the mc goes back in time to a pubg like game and gets a weapon that changes forms
  4. Ebonyslayer

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    The protagonist of Mar has a weapon that can change forms, but I'm not sure this series is the one you're looking for.
  5. Rastamepas

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  6. Neriamos

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    Im looking for a manga/manhwa about a woman who died and reincarnated into a chinese girl and woke up in a cage in the town square. She had to prove her chastity by walking into a cage with a purity beast who was a reincarnated english boy.
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    Posted by bulk on Oct 1, 2020
    Player reborn it was first like pubg but now in new arc its like pokemon
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    #410 has reincarnation part and he protects his family or either mc was a star figure and was reincarnated and the first arc was some beast wave that he needed some stuff to protect i think
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    Posted by bulk on Oct 1, 2020
    has to be if not same plot mc reincarnated after being the "king in first life" uses knowledge to gain magic at age 3 mc family then proceeds to travel to the capital and gets attacked by bandits while he survived due to a dragon after the dragon died from an illness he meets and elf and goes to her village and the elf girls grandfather who is the father of the king of elfs makes mc meet the witch i guess that has the ball
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    might be he was from salve family and went to school and got expelled for a bit but now hes back on school
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    Found a reaction image and wanted to know the source. Wasn’t in the comment. Looks vaguely familiar. having problems uploading so I’ll describe it.

    guy with tan skin gold eyes and short brown hair, blushing, head tilted slightly up
    Ba - dum behind him on pink and white background
    Full color (probably Manhwa)
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    Posted by bulk on Oct 2, 2020
    #414 gets points so i think this is it
  15. Yaoihands

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  16. londonraven101

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    I'm trying to find the name of the manga where a high school girl is short and appears to be in middle school but is actually a lot older then she appears. I recall that she is also the main character as well if that helps.
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    In looking for an classic dystopian manga about "pillbugs that humans eat as their main source of food" essentially one gets out and takes over the world consuming all the natural resources. Its a three part manga about the release of the bugs, the fight against the bugs, then finally the reperarions of killing the rest of the bugs and the process. It is a japanese manga classis riffin on sci-fi novels such as more! More! MORE! And soylent green. If anyone could give me the title of the series much apreciated.
  18. Ebonyslayer

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    It wouldn't happen to be this one would it?

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