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  1. TurtleJay

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    Ive been looking for hours and cant remember what the name is but the manga starts with a dude who is a shut in living at home his mom pesters him about finding a job where he then receives a package and its a game where he speeks to the characters through a book held by an oracle and narroly helps the carrige escape a goblin attack. I would appreciate if sombody can help me in searching for the name.
  2. SWRyanAce

    SWRyanAce New Member

    Anyone knows a manga that has upmost five main, the pic was a girl sitting while others leaning towards her, the tags were more than romance and shoujo


    A girl who bought from her foster father because her current father abandoned her, (her mother was somehow having an amnesia), she decided to work to pay off the debt but the foster parents insist not to as the foster family have a child, who in middle school (junior HS) the girl was once a leader of a gangster group, and before she joined the student council, she heard that there's a person she wishes to meet was there (if I not mistaken for this part...), the main have two siblings, one is in middle school who's a Lil' sis for her (A little tsundere cause she doesn't know how to express her love to her big sis, main girl), another a boy who's in grade school (at first he doesn't even know that she has one more big sister other than the 2nd, as the lil sis finally says to him that the main was their older sister when she ask "Do you like her if she was your sister?" to the boy. )

    her life was a mess up from the start till the end

    If anyone knows the book pls send me a message, I have been wanting to read this manga again for the last five years T_T
  3. QiolaViolet

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    I'm looking for an old manhua I read a few years back I forgot the title, please if anyone can help me it'll be great. The mc is really op and he summons dark and light attribute pet lizard-like dragon and his lover is an assassin. If anyone knows please tell me the title.
  4. snow96white

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    hi everyone. I made this account because I am looking for the name of a manga and it is driving me absolutely insane that I can't find it. I remember one specific scene from the manager. The main girl made an embroidery of a dragon for a hunt so her dad or romantic interest ( can't remember which one) went to go and try to find one for her, cause the most beautiful women gets the most kills from the hunt or something like that. That's the only scene I remember. I remember the girl has like knights and one of the knights is female
  5. kuroryuu345

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    everybody has had a time when they read a book/manga/story that they liked, finished it or set it down and forgot about it only to remeber it some time later without the slightest clue what the name of it was, well i'm back here again.

    Things I remember:

    1. Main charecter was human and is reincarnated. not as a monster, more like an entity that can posses monsters.
    2. they end up helping andventures and gaining fame through such acts
    3. the only way to tell them apart from regular monsters is the red(?) gem/stone/jewel on their head.

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