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Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by Ketsuron, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I'm pretty sure this is an edited picture, but I was wondering if anyone knew where it originally came from

    Warning: Actully not to bad as long as you're not afraid of the word that starts with letter "M" and ends with "bate"
  3. Dement

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    Posted by Dement on Feb 10, 2008
    Re: Identify the anime / manga thread

    All I know about this is it's a manga. Anyone know which one?

  4. Justice4243

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    Thank you.

    I can't believe that's actual line from the manga.
  5. abunai

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    Posted by abunai on Feb 11, 2008
    Re: Identify the anime / manga thread

    Dogs by Miwa Shirow. The character's name is Naoto. That's not original art, though, it's doujin work by an American.

    - abunai
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    Posted by Dement on Feb 11, 2008
    Re: Identify the anime / manga thread

    Ok thank you much ^^
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  8. Xennon

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    Posted by Xennon on Feb 11, 2008
    Re: Identify the anime / manga thread

    Hmm, think I found it, although it's not an anime, it's from a game I play called RF-Online. I noticed the pictures look a lot like female Bellato, and a quick google search of bellato got me this image Online/RFOnlineBellato2.jpg

    Although there are differences, they look a lot alike, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it were just different creations from artist, and it is just a coincidence they look alike.
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  9. Justice4243

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    Re: HELP! What anime is this from!?!

    I believe they're both from one of the Robot art books, not sure which volume (probably not the one I linked).

    Also there's an anime identifying thread as a sticky at the top of this forum. Please use that for any future posts regarding identifying animes.
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    Hmmm... Thanks. ^-^
    That's too bad. -_- lol

    Thanks, yeah
    I noticed that after I posted here. Sorry
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  11. Justice4243

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    Re: HELP! What anime is this from!?!

    You're welcome, and no worries respectively.

    Edit:Also let me clarify, I'm actually about 80% certain that the pictures are from one of the art books. Sadly, this means that neither is from an anime.
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  12. purplemo

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    Re: HELP! What anime is this from!?!

    Not necessarily Robot compilations (which are a whole bunch of managaka doing very short one-shots). But the art is definitely Range Murata. He does a bunch of artbooks of characters that aren't used anywhere. The spacepunk picture though looks like Alice (?) or Tatiana (don't remember which) from Last Exile.
  13. HopliteGFX

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    Re: HELP! What anime is this from!?!

    I found the answers. ^_^
    The first is from Blue Sub no.6
    The second is from Last Exile.

    Thanks guys. ^_^
  14. ern3sto

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    some1 asked me which manga this img was from and as dont know the answer i thought might asking it here wouldnt hurt

    - thx in advance
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  15. Caraniel

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    I'm fairly sure that that is a shopped image from Shion no Ou.
  16. ern3sto

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    k thx, going by the images u seem to be right and yeah of course this one must be a edited pic :D

    PS: nice pic u got for ur sig xD FT ftw
  17. Drahken

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    This is going to be a toughy, since I only have a vague memory of it, but here goes...

    This one was in the "manly" style like vagabond, but the whole thing was in color (looked like watercolor or something). I seem to remember some grand battle at a castle, where there was an army waiting to fight the lead character who had some almost mystical level fighting skills.

    I know that's very little to go on, but that's all I can remember. The most distinctive thing about it was the fact that the whole thing was in color (but it seemed to have a limited number of colors). I've never seen any other manga that had more than a couple color pages.
  18. Raskol

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    Posted by Raskol on Sep 8, 2008

    What manga is this from? I doubt any of you would know but it's worth a shot. Everyone I've asked is clueless. Could someone at least give me the artist's name or point me in the right direction?
  19. Holychrono

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    Anyone know the source of this image?
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    Ah yeah, thanks and sorry about that. :@_@::@_@::@_@:

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