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  1. Corsair

    Corsair Well-Known Member

    does anyone know where this is from? it seems familiar but i cant tell.

  2. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    So I can't remember if it was exactly an anime movie, or if it was just a Western movie with anime inspired animation, but I haven't watched it since I was little, and forget the title of it. It's been bugging me all these years, so I hope someone can help me.

    - It's aimed at kids, and is animated.

    - I watched it in the 90's or early 2000's. (Though it could've been an 80's movie, judging by the animation style.)

    - I remember NOTHING about the plot, except for there was a boy and a girl (siblings), their grandpa, and a seal that the boy (and eventually his sister) becomes friends with and takes care of. I think the seal had magical powers and/or was extremely rare, and they had to hide him & protect him from bad guys? The bad guys were either wizards, rogue marine biologists(?), or simply poachers.

    - I watched it in English, and don't know if it was released in any other countries besides the USA.

    - I don't think it was ever on TV, but I remember my mom renting the VHS for me one time.

    - The seal was a (shiny?) white color, though I don't think it was a baby snow seal.

    - The girl made friends with a little brown mouse, in the cave that the family discovered the seal in.

    - The boy was older than the girl, though I can't remember exactly by how much.
  3. kasasagi

    kasasagi Active Member

    It's from "The Kawai Complex" I believe

    Not sure but maybe it is this movie (トトイ / The Secret of the Seal)

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  4. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    YES! That is the one!!! :duck:
    Thank you so much!! :'D
  5. Corsair

    Corsair Well-Known Member

  6. Gill999

    Gill999 New Member

    This is my second time here
    Thanks for helping me the first time
    I know you'll do it now too

    So like last time I don't have much to go on
    This is gonna be really vague

    So there's a girl and there's a boy
    And they're in a train
    It's not set in modern time
    1900 somethin if i had to guess
    And they're on these seats
    So the girl tries to land her head on the lap of the boy but he gets up and starts leaving
    When they get home there's like this really old telephone i think it's a candlestick telephone
    Afterwards another girl comes and she's outside the house but the mc says to come with him and i think they go on a date
    So when he gets back the first girl is kind of frozen cuz she was hurt by him so he apologized and maybe she's a robot just maybe idk tho
    I gotta say tho
    What an a-hole mc

    And that's it
    Again, thanks for your efforts
  7. torinikucchi

    torinikucchi Member

    hey so im trying to find an anime but i dont remember much.

    - it most likely came out around 2010

    - it involved 3-4 high school girls that were friends

    - the friends had just bought matching friendship bracelets (or maybe necklaces)

    - im pretty sure they end up fighting and one of them ends up losing her bracelet on a road, she goes back to get it but gets hit by a car and dies
  8. SaoriShun

    SaoriShun New Member

    Hi everyone! I've got a couple of questions.

    First, who are these girls cosplaying?


    Second, can someone please find the full photo and the source of this Hatsune Miku cosplayer?


    And finally, what's the name of this character?


    I'd be so, so grateful if someone can help me!
  9. Ymam

    Ymam New Member

    Made a new account (couldn’t remember my old log in from like...2010..)

    Trying to remember a late 80’s/early 90’s space anime (OVA), it had a group of kids sent off to a planet light years away. There was a mother and father in it that may or may not have left behind or ignored their biological child in favour of their life’s work (the spaceship full of kids).

    There’s mega spoilers that I can remember and don’t want to post but it has a lot to do with relativity.

    (the OVA is very much like the ‘plan b’ from the movie Interstellar)

    Cheers in advance
  10. Ymam

    Ymam New Member

    I actually figured it out a few hours later, it was ‘Space Fantasia 2001 Nights’.

    Definitely worth a random watch.

    Cheers for the reply though <3
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  11. abctoo

    abctoo New Member


    does anybody know where this is from?
  12. kasasagi

    kasasagi Active Member

    I believe it is from a cartoon named 'Pocket Dragon Adventures'. No idea what episode though.

  13. Remytaro

    Remytaro New Member

    The 1st cosplayer is Yui Yuigahama, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, from OVA 1 where they do a wedding dress contest.

    The 2nd cosplayer is Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia.

    As for the maid character my best guess is Ui Nakatsugawa from A Bridge to the Starry Skies. I've seen it but can't remember if there's a maid episode so it's probably fan art. Reason being, doing a quick google search of her and you'll see her in that hand pose. Although that can be an artist thing. Also if you look close enough near her shoulder, her hair seems to have the same hair accessory but obviously hard to see since her hair is on her back. Lastly, her eyes and eye-brows are very similar.
  14. abctoo

    abctoo New Member


    I just can't identify the anime of this pencil sketch. I've had it since Nov. 2003. Can anybody help? Thanks very much. Mike
  15. abctoo

    abctoo New Member

    I think you're correct. Posted on 1/24/2003 in the Nearachd Nathair Sgiathach thread at: and the next page appear two similar dragons but on a different background. Thanks for your help. Mike
  16. sevenofnine

    sevenofnine New Member


    Hoping someone can lend a hand in identifying this, though unfortunately I don't have much to go on.

    I am unsure if it was an actual series or if it was a movie/OVA. If it was a series, then I don't think it had more than one season. It was 2000's style, and wouldn't have aired any later than 2012 since that's about when I watched it. I recall very little of the plot, but I do remember that I understood very little of it. I've always kind of wondered it was just side stories/extras from a larger franchise.

    I remember that there were at least three male "protagonists" that interacted with each other in some kind of mental thought-space, but each protagonist had their own lifestyles and sets of acquaintances. At the time I got the impression that all three characters took turns controlling the same body, but it could just be that they all had some kind of telepathic connection. Despite those sci-fi/fantasy elements, I remember it being mostly slice-of-life/comedy genre.

    The first "protagonist" was a high school student. I vaguely remember him being a pretty anime-stereotypical student with anime-stereotypical friends.

    The second "protagonist" was a flashy and/or clubber and/or playboy type with flashy clubber friends. One of the friends (really the character I have the most vivid memory of) was a tall, quiet girl dressed goth-loli style. There was a scene where Protag-2 and most of his friends got into a standard anime-shenanigans argument/fight at some kind of picnic or party, but Tall-Goth-Loli-Girl was blissfully oblivious while eating some cake.

    I feel like the third "protagonist" was some kind of fantasy world hero, but I also don't remember if he actually appeared outside of the dialogue scenes between the protags. The feeling of "wait, so who was that guy?" is part of the reason I thought this might be part of a larger series/franchise.

    It is also entirely possible that the whole thing was made up in a college-stress-induced fever dream, but barring that possibility, any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  17. AardvarkRex

    AardvarkRex Well-Known Member

    It was likely this one (about one guy with three personalities).
  18. sevenofnine

    sevenofnine New Member

    Bingo! Thank you! Skimming through the Wikipedia entry, it sounds even weirder and more confusing than I remember.

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