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  1. gmoubarak

    gmoubarak New Member


    I remember that I have watched an anime since more than 15 years about an old man who is homeless. I remember that he draw a circle on the ground and he called it his home and there was like a pillar in the middle of the circle where he stayed. They wanted to evict him from where he is staying and his kids neighbors where helping him.

    I would greatly appreciate if you can tell me what was that anime name.
  2. FoodLife

    FoodLife Database Moderator

    does anyone know the title?
  3. harrisonosirrah

    harrisonosirrah New Member

    im glad i found this site so i dont have to start a reddit.

    Ive been trying to remember an anime i saw probably around 2016. i dont even wanna see it again i just want to know what it was.

    the show was about a boy who lived with 3 girls, i think they were sisters. the girls turned out to be robots im pretty sure. the series was very short, only about 6 episodes long. i remember not liking it that much but it had nice looking animation. very sharp and bright.

    sorry i dont have more to go on. if anyone can help that'd be much appreciated. its been bugging me that i cant remember it.
  4. AardvarkRex

    AardvarkRex Well-Known Member

    It was this.

    A short series with exceptionally crisp animation about female androids.

    The second OVA in this has an epic fight against an OP cyborg inside/on top of a huge tower that lasts 15+ minutes.
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  5. Nickiesanx

    Nickiesanx New Member

    Hi im trying to find an anime i watched sometime ago.
    The anime is not that old. Maybe from 2010+ or even 2015+
    I vaguely remember just one character who is at the start another enemy but in the end he fights alongside the good guys.

    He is the leader of this fighting tribe where they are all fighters. They fight only with their legs if i remember correctly. Maybe their use their fists too but im not sure.

    I believe they live in a mountain style zone or at least the fight takes place in one. The terrain is all dark-red rocks. When the fight is almost over a few episodes on there is a canyon where they have to cross through ropes i presume to reach the enemy army.

    The leader is wearing red slacks like the ones in DBZ and on top a jacket without sleeves.
    At the end of the fight he is bleeding as hell, with broken bones and still could go on fighting haha lol.

    Maybe short hair cant remember the color.
    Maybe his first attack is a flying kick like Ryu in Street Fighters.
    Sorry cant remember anything else.
  6. makabite

    makabite New Member

    hi i need some help finding this anime, i just saw it in an edit but the person didn’t put the name in the tags so i tried looking for some characters but i cant seem to find it. it's this edit, i’d appreciate the help so if someone knows where they are from, please tell me :>
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  7. AardvarkRex

    AardvarkRex Well-Known Member

    Those are individual scenes taken out of Studio Khara's animation for a music video by Teddyloid and daoko . You can find the whole thing on Youtube (WARNING: fairly explicit content)
  8. Cupcakle

    Cupcakle New Member

    Hello, I'm looking for an anime where a boy gets stabbed with a knife, and his friends which have powers/non-human come after the person who stabbed him. They throw a truck, use powers while breaking glass buildings. That's all I remember, I would like it if someone tells me what show this is from.
  9. DrDude

    DrDude New Member

  10. ran88

    ran88 Well-Known Member

    After searching a bit I found this. Not sure if that's it, though.
  11. Mauk

    Mauk New Member

    Only Yesterday
    Gauche the Cellist
  12. Mauk

    Mauk New Member

    Project Ako?
  13. kalitbartman

    kalitbartman New Member

    I am looking for an anime where I think they go into a dungeon or something and they find a cube and there is a girl inside it and one of the people that finds the cube is the main male protagonist.
    (it's not C3 Cube x Cursed x Curious)
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  14. ran88

    ran88 Well-Known Member

    perhaps this link could help:
  15. kalitbartman

    kalitbartman New Member

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  16. ran88

    ran88 Well-Known Member

  17. kalitbartman

    kalitbartman New Member

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  18. Rohjake

    Rohjake Active Member

    Is it Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest?
    There is a girl in a cube in the second episode
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  19. kalitbartman

    kalitbartman New Member

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  20. kalitbartman

    kalitbartman New Member

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