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  1. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Posted by sothis on Mar 1, 2008
    Arrrgh... since the other one was years old and was merged into this one, it ended up being tons of pages of junk posts. Starting over now.

    Post here with anime you don't remember and want to identify.
  2. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Well I guess I'll start off.

    I'm not even sure this was an anime but the mental image sure seems like it.

    Character (probably girl) floating backwards spinning a weapon (probably a sword or two-sided knife) using it to deflect a barrage of something (either solid or "energy-shots"). At least a couple graze her (like leg and arm in typical anime-style). I wanna say it's something like a Fate/Stay Night setting (kind of grainy dark atmosphere), but I can't recall at all.
  3. BTime

    BTime Guest

    Posted by BTime on Mar 2, 2008
    That's pretty super-vague. Is it an older animation style? Would you think it was something aired in the 80's, 90's, or 00's? Fate/Stay Night was set in a modern period with fantasy themes, is it similar to this or closer to something like Claymore which is set in a medieval/fantasy setting? Any further thoughts would help tons..
  4. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Like I said, I'm not even sure it's an anime (might be from a game). However, the image in my mind would definitely put it in the '00s, not '80s-'90s. I can't really recall much else (thus why the description is still the same after a couple of months).
  5. snowboardinDx

    snowboardinDx New Member

    If anyone could guese this anime it would help a lot these are a few of the details
    all i know is two girls fight 1's like super human
    and the other is super rich they fight everyday at school
    the rich girl with new equipment and the superhuman super
    they are fighting over a guy
    I thought it would be project A-ko but its a guy there fighting over not a girl
  6. Escaflowne

    Escaflowne Member

    ^powerpuff girls?i remember a similar episode..
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  7. snowboardinDx

    snowboardinDx New Member

    no i highly doubt it was the powerpuff girls it kinda a old anime.
  8. sarwor248

    sarwor248 New Member

    I found this pic and I want to know what anime it is from.


    I appreciate the help.
  9. OtakuDan

    OtakuDan New Member

    gundam wing
  10. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Mar 3, 2008
    That sounds a lot like Busou Renkin. I recall a couple scenes where Tokiko used her blades on her legs to reflect projectiles. Don't know what other anime it could be, Busou Renkin really stood out in my mind when you described it.
  11. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Posted by Jamie on Mar 3, 2008
    OK, other two possibilities I can think of, and really not too sure on them since I haven't seen them myself in quite a long while, are All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku & Trouble Chocloate.
  12. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Hmm, could be. It's been a LONG time since I've seen Busou Renkin, but I can see Tokiko in that scene in the reddish demolished building background at the beginning. I'll have to look into that.

    The only other things that come to mind are Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, Touhou, and VPM. And I couldn't put it down in any of them. In fact I think I mentioned to Roxas that I wasn't even sure when I first thought of the scene if it was a made up scene in my head of Sakuya or Rider.
  13. kainbloodheart

    kainbloodheart Active Member

    Ive posted this one before but ive now got a few extra details and there have been some new mebers so they might know

    Story: Interplanet war, invading army attacks planet. Boy discovers big mecha and somehow ends up fighting for his planet, later on his friends join him and the also become mecha pilots. Later on the serries he find or is given a knife thing that allows him to call forth this legendary uber powerfull mecha which seems like he is the only one who can drive it and of course badguys wan't it.

    The mecha design are along the same lines of Gundam and ZOE or a mix of the two.

    It was aired in Malaysia during 1997-2000 so im guessing that would be quite simmilar to the time it was aired in japan. Was aired on cartoonnetwork i think or one like nickalodeon as i didn't watch the malaysian channels.
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  14. sarwor248

    sarwor248 New Member

    Does anyone recognize this? - Thanks
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  15. Fireaxe

    Fireaxe Member

    I'm pretty sure this is taken from Blood, not sure if it's from the original movie or Blood + though.
  16. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing Guest

    Mines really vauge.

    I was watching it about 5 months ago and only caught a little bit of it.

    What I got from it was...

    They weree students and somethinwas going on between this guy and girl.
    The guy went to the school at night time and in one of the classrooms was a giant creature about as tall as the room, it was brown and looked very demonic...

    after that my memory fades out, but i would really like to know what its called if anyone can figure it out becuase it was very interesting from what i saw.

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  17. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    That is Blood+, that is part of the 3rd op.

    @Skeleton King.

    Hmm, was the creature trying to attack them, or was it just chilling in the room?
    If it was trying to attack them, girl at first, then boy soon after, then it might be one of the first episode of Blood +. If it is not that, then I have no clue.

    *edit* This was the best image I could find of the Chiroptera(monster).
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  18. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing Guest

    I think the creature was attacking the boy.
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  19. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Boy, girl, man, it was attacking everything. Check out the first episode of Blood+ because I really think that is the anime you are describing.
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  20. SkeletonKing

    SkeletonKing Guest

    THANKS THATS IT!!!!!:smile::duck::banana:

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