I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. chii

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    Posted by chii on Oct 8, 2017
  2. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 19, 2017
    Just reading the synopsis brought tears to my eyes.
  3. LtKippsie

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    i'd just like to point out

    Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
    Alt title: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

    Copied from the page, i feel this and the synopsis dont quite match
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  4. Sakusan

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    Omg... this won't be an easy movie to watch, I can already feel myself tearing up from reading the synopsis!
  5. Kosenki

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    It's going be to sad.
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  6. Kosenki

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    Guys, Omg. This is one of the saddest Anime I've ever seen. It literally made me cry .
    The visuals are stunning and story is pretty good.
    If you're thinking about watching, you should if you're a strong emotion holder.
    I've watched sad Anime long a go like: Plastic memories, The Anthem of the Heart, 5 centimeters per second and many more.
    But so far this is way, way! More sad than the others. It you don't know the Anime I recommend you check the synopsis because some people question the title.

    I'm not going to ruin anything but it is sad and Please watch it because it's out you will not regret.
  7. Actually, I am afraid of watching this. Train of feels is going to hit hard.
  8. gingerkitten

    gingerkitten New Member

    Agreed, I’m going to need a great comedy to lift my spirits after this movie rips my heart out
  9. Zangetsu92

    Zangetsu92 Member

    Really could've been a season, it felt really rushed to me. Wasn't as sad as I thought but that's subjectively good or bad. Liked the story overall really enjoyed, especially the twist and the last snip at the end after credits was brilliant, It pushed this one to a 4.5 with that.
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  10. Kosenki

    Kosenki Member

    Yes, not the best romance anime. But the when she *cough*cough* blood.

    Was shocking and the clip at the end was also a good cliffhanger twist

    I didn't want to watch this movie for a long time but in reality it's really good. Do watch it.

    It's as sad as most romance anime like plastic memories or 5 centimeters per second but it is good top anime list. You should watch it
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  11. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    This movie surprised me a lot I think. Its like the Japanese version of A Walk To Remember, but way better. This movie really resonated with me emotionally, just as much as Spirited Away did when I was a kid. I don't know if others will agree with me, but to me, this movie is 5/5!
  12. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    F*** you, sad movie.

    F*** you and your sincere, believable, wonderful, beautiful, heartwrenching, sob-inducing, world-shifting magnificence.

    Goddammit--I'm literally still bleary-eyed from the crying, as I write this. Ugh. UGH.

    For something so emotionally manipulative, this was incredibly non-manipultive. It's upfront about what you're going to watch, and, rather than using the thing that is sad about it to make you feel things, it tells a gut-punching story within that sad thing--that is, simply using the sad thing as the starting point that allows the situation of this story to be told.
    My only "complaint"--and it is NOT a complaint--is that I am both happy and disappointed that Haruki and Kyoko aren't dating.

    Happy because I'd rather Haruki still be a little too devastated by Sakura's death to date her best friend (and vice versa for Kyoko), truth be told...and disappointed because it was really, really, really important to Sakura that they get along, like she knew they'd be perfect for each other once she was gone. Obviously, them becoming best pals fits Sakura's criteria (and, likely, hope) to a T, but...what can I say, I'm a romantic.

    (Also, as a side note: madly in love with Kyoko.)

    Oh, and special props to LYNN for her turn as Sakura. I may be a bit biased, since I'm apparently already a huge fan of hers, but if she doesn't knock it out of the park, here, the movie loses something. And she f***ing brought it.
  13. Simon

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    Posted by Simon on Feb 2, 2019
    A few people I knew had mentioned this movie, so I read the synopsis and felt compelled to watch it right away.

    Without digging too deeply - this is a great story. I'm not going to say great film - I felt it was a bit rushed, and I'm not sure I loved the directing. I wouldn't have minded this as a season, it would be great to see it fully flesh out. I'm not familiar with the source material, so I'm basing this all off the film alone.

    But the story. Please, please watch it for the story. It's a fantastic one. The character development is wonderful for the "unnamed" main character (things are revealed later on for that bit). Is it original? No, we've seen stuff like this before. Is it a bit shallow? Sure, it knows where to poke you and does so with intention, not trying to hide what it is. But it's a wonderful combination of a few things we've seen before. Your time will not be wasted watching this.

    The OST is rock solid, and the animation/art is fairly decent. Nothing to brag home about, but, the story makes up for a lot of things.
  14. femcore

    femcore Well-Known Member

    Just got out of the theater, and I got emotions to spill.

    So, I saw the live action adaption sometime at the beginning of last year (maybe end of the year before? not sure), and it hit me in such a soft spot. It was perfectly acted, perfectly told, with an excellent soundtrack. Like, I'm talking one of those few 5/5s I'd give live action movies. I bawled. Bawled so fucking much.

    So naturally I threw my money in the air to see an anime adaption. It was great. I don't think it was anywhere near the live action movie in terms of QUALITY, but it was pretty great. The animation leaves a bit to be desired, but the voice acting, the soundtrack, and the story still all packed a punch (and it's not like the animation was that bad). It still made me bawl. Not quite as hard as the live action, but it still hit me hard.

    To the point: If you liked this, seriously look into the live action movie. And, I'm finally buying the novel like I should have a billion years ago.
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  15. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Immediately bought the manga and the novel. And all the tissues.

    Don't think I knew there was a live-action movie, but...added to my list. Thanks for mentioning it.
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  16. Xanderman

    Xanderman New Member

    Great story, music, art and characters but I couldn't get passed the disease part. 4/5

    If the pancreas is just not working or damaged it can be transplanted. Unless your religion goes against that sort of thing. Granted there is a long waiting list but for a young person it normally wouldn't be a long wait. However, if it was pancreas cancer then I would understand. Sadly, though it didn't matter since she died to a random act of violence.
  17. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    No pancreases were eaten in the duration of this movie. I want my money back 0/10 this was a terrible cannibal thriller.

    It was an okay if mostly predictable romance that dragged on for a bit too long. If the ending had been more concise I might have scored it a little higher, but I was so ready for the movie to be over once the Little Prince shit started and just spat the movie's themes and development out verbatim like I'm some dumb, dumb that can't understood the story I just watched. I didn't mind her getting randomly stabbed so much because Chekov's gun was planted early in the movie and it fits with idea that anyone can die at any time.

    Overall, 6 out of 10
  18. Pokeswap

    Pokeswap Member

    I loved this. Before I watched the first time, I read the manga. Then I watched it, but my tears didn’t ever lessen. I then saw how perfect watching and reading at the same time is. Truly amazing 100/10
  19. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    Well, they certainly set the mood quick. She's gonna die by the time this is over.

    She's kinda annoying...

    This guy.. I'm not even as boring as this dude... sheesh...

    Dude, it's a trap! She's setting you up for a cliche walk-in "accident"!!!

    Uh oh, the text of doom!
    Wow, talk about subverting expectations.
    3.5/5 (good)
    Looks like I got a romance anime in this St. Valentine's Day after all.

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