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Discussion in 'Anime Recommendations' started by Klancefan, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Klancefan

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    Soo, hi. Can someone recommends me some anime that aren`t so popular? For example: K-project

  2. EternalYumeLove

    EternalYumeLove Well-Known Member

    Watch "Erased"... it's an anime everyone loves.
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  3. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

  4. KathyKatz

    KathyKatz Well-Known Member

    The Ancient Magust Bride - It wasn't as popular as I wished considering it's my top favorite anime
    Also if you're into slice-of-life, I would recommend you check out my Roommate is a Cat, it's a nice and cute slice-of life that includes the POV from a cat.
  5. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Database Moderator

    You want obscure stuff? Have some supernatural/sci-fi/action stuff I liked that under 5,000 people marked as watched:
    • Mardock Scramble - a cyberpunk action trilogy involving a vengeful woman being reborn as a kick-ass cyborg.
    • Hozuki's Coolheadedness - an over-the-top comedy set in Hell, that follows the sadistic aide to the King of Hell as he tries to make sure all 200+ divisions of Hell run smoothly.
    • Warau Salesman NEW - a collection of supernaturalish fables where sometimes awful people are hoisted by their own petards by an odd looking salesman with a massive grin.
    • The Rolling Girls - a colourful action comedy set in a Japan that's seemingly ruled by young people. A quartet of girls go on a road trip under order of their leader to see the now-divided country.
    • Space Patrol Luluco - another colourful action comedy, this time revolving around a normal girl who becomes a normal space policewoman. Unfortunately, everything that happens to her is far from normal.
  6. GTOwlnizuka

    GTOwlnizuka Well-Known Member

    Good anime that people don't talk about too much?

    I havent checked any of these out to know how watched they were, but I never really hear people talk about them.

    Beautiful Bones: Although it has its flaws (some fillers and an unsatisfying ending), I found this anime beautiful, slow burning, and memorable. Sort of a Sherlock parody, sort of a SoL. A collection of mini-arcs held together by an overarching one. The unique claim to fame is that the Sherlockian character often utilizes bones in their discoveries.

    Restaurant to Another World: This sweet little episodic series shouldn't be good, but damn it all if it isn't enjoyable. A really fun show filled with memorable characters, all bonding over the common language we all share: food.

    New Game!: This series is criminally underappreciated. A SoL surrounding a budding game designer and her growth from out-of-school kid into a workplace professional. I know that so doesn't sound anything, but the main character's passion, and the collection of characters makes it one of the better SoL out there, for me.

    Nanana's Buried Treasure: This is such a strange series that could've been great, but was content to just be good. It's a strange combination of weird pieces, funny, action-packed, mysterious, scifi, supernatural, it has it all.

    Dead Leaves: Nonstop, crazy pants, ballstothewalls insanity. The action, style, and comedy of this movie are top notch, and it's not spoken of enough.
  7. knoxyal

    knoxyal Database Moderator

    I listed about 30 shows which are rated high on a-p but have fewer than 10k watches:
    ...which I think sort of answers your request by anime that aren’t popular (at least on this site).

    Among the list, there are a few that I’ve watched and personally recommend:

    - Rainbow
    - Shouwa Genroku (2seasons)
    - March Comes in Like a Lion (2 seasons)
    - A Place Further Than The Universe

    Depends on what sort of genre you’re into, but maybe check out shows listed above :)
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  8. MythTheOtaku

    MythTheOtaku Member

    I quite enjoyed these

    Happy Sugar Life
    Devils' Line
    Recovery of an MMO Junkie

    Don't hear people talk about these much

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