I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying Thread 2

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Naga, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 12:

    I thought this episode was fairly good once again.
    It tackles some surprisingly complex issues for a three minute episode and does so in way that doesn't feel trite. This has been true of the last couple of episodes actually. There's not much comedy going on, but the episodes make good food for thought about relationships.

    Obviously parenthood is going to be a big change for both of them so it's only natural they'd both be questioning themselves and their relationship. They've always gotten along when it was just the two of them but now they have to think about how they are going to parent and support their child. However, in any relationship if you've come to the conclusion that you want your partner to change drastically then most likely it's a bad relationship.

    I like that these two can have their doubts and worries without getting melodramatic about them. At the end of the day they always end up coming back together and talking through their issues which is what being a healthy relationship is all about. There are things about him that might annoy her at times, but as he reminds her at the end when he did try to be more assertive it just got on her nerves which was an amusing point to end on.
  2. FireWalker

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    ep11 and 12 - Both pretty good, I thought, but less humor and more reflection.
    Ep 12 would have seemed a little bleak, with Kaori seeming headed for the logical conclusion that she needed a better partner for parenthood, except for him bringing her up short at the end by reminding her what it would be like if he was conventionally attentive.

    Also LOLd at the "manly" reading material.
  3. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 13:

    One day they are going to have to tell that kid that they drew her name out of a hat. I was expecting them to draw something funny from the box and then throw their friends out, but Sayako is a pretty nice sounding name.

    It wasn't the strongest episode to wrap up the season, but since so much of it was spent on flashbacks and other characters I guess they had to bring them all back together for the last episode. There's not as much reflection this episode and there aren't a ton of jokes either it kinda just half does both. It does end on him thinking about his life changing now that he will be a father, but I wish they'd gotten to that sooner this season because that would have been more interesting than a lot of the aimless episodes we got this season.

    Overall it was an okay close to a pretty mediocre and uneven season. 5 out of 10
  4. randomredneck

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    Episode 13.
    I feel for this kid. According to my mom, I was almost named Seamus. Bullet dodged there.

    Anyway, season 1 was better.

    3 out of 5.
  5. commonxreaction

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    That felt more like an end of the series, than the end of a season.
    At the beginning of the ending theme, was that a picture of what would be their kid?
    Definitely a good episode.
    Looks like the manga is ongoing, I wonder if we'll get a Season 3?
  6. randomredneck

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    No, that was Kaoru as a kid. Remember, she's a dyed blonde.
  7. MintyAmbitions

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    For not being married. I sure do love married life anime. Hm. Maybe it's just more SoL living.
    There is something to be said about when 'compatibility' by tests or whatever is taken too seriously. And, her sudden *check check check* made me laugh, but also - gave me a touch of calm. I am one of those people who can and will worry about many things, so when everything wants to say ' lol no good' ---- They're silly.
    Him speaking quickly on how HE also looked, but realized, it didn't matter - he has her. ♥
    ---below is ramblings---
    And it's easy to say people will not remember what was wrong they'll suddenly be like 'omg' when it is right.
    tell someone "Soon you'll meet a leo who will spark a flame!"
    And if for 9 years you meet no one, when one day you meet that spark BAM suddenly "Woah that was amazing."
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  8. MintyAmbitions

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    Soooo.. they met in college. He thought she was a child. We get a bit of a ..... adult content joke. [ She's older after all if I remember?]
    Normally I don't like when episodes will sort of randomly skedaddle to a different character but here I didn't mind it

    I do not care for fate either; Kaoru, if she is his fate or not. Whatever. Make your own fate. Take things as they are,
    Be happy. And be glad it doesn't have to be in return for bad or the calm before a storm.
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  9. MintyAmbitions

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    I liked this.

    The very very end credit touch of still having the winner stick was too much for me.

    Big brother /sob
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