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Discussion in 'Character Submissions' started by sothis, Mar 26, 2017.

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  1. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    Posted by sothis on Mar 26, 2017

    Note: we have made the decision to move character submissions into our Discord server. We have similar submission threads for all database types in the server, and typically moderators maintain requests in both locations. However, due to current staffing, the character team is unable to keep up with requests in both locations. As all moderators currently use the server daily, we've made the difficult decision to halt forum submissions for the character database at this time.

    Thanks for your patience with us, and see you in the Discord server!


    How to submit updates:

    Join our Discord:

    Please include the following information in our Discord channel #character-updates (all required):

    • A link to the anime or manga on Anime-Planet

    • A link to the character on another site (if helpful/you have it handy)

    • Information about the character if you have it, such as the hair color, tags that you think apply (and why), etc.

    • If submitting tag changes, you MUST include details/proof for why they should receive the tag.

    • When submitting name/spelling changes, you MUST provide a link to an official source of the spelling. Fan wikis, fan translations, other databases, etc are not considered an official source. It can be from the series' official social media, website, legal translations (Crunchyroll, officially translated manga), etc.

    • Please break up posts with more than five characters into multiple posts. This makes posts easier to tackle for our volunteer mods.

    For IMAGES

    • A link to a FULL-SIZED screenshot of the character.
      • Do not crop the character image, include the full screenshot where the character occurred.
      • Images for anime characters must be from the show itself (no official artwork, fanart, etc)
      • If possible, remove subtitles from the image (as that can interfere with an ideal crop)
      • You can use a site like imgur to host the image.
      • Original images is highly preferred (aka, not Google)
      • Images that do not match the below guidelines will be denied

    • The episode/time where the screenshot occurred, if you have it. (or if manga, the volume/chapter)

    Ideal image characteristics:
    • From the first few episodes or chapters, to avoid spoilers
    • Closed mouth (not open/talking)
    • Facing at/looking at the camera
    • Whitespace around the left, right and top sides of the character (no chopped off head, for example)
    • Bright lighting (not night scene)
    • Moderators crop images so that roughly 40% of the image height is the character's head, and 60% is their body (essentially, a bust shot), with a small gap around the character.


    See the full list of character tags HERE.

    Keep in mind personality/clothing tags should be consistent throughout most of the series. For example, if a character is called clumsy once when they trip, but are never shown being clumsy again, they would not get the Clumsy tag. If they only have gloves during a magical girl transformation, they wouldn't get the Gloves tag, etc.

    Extra info on some tags:

    Age tags:
    To add Age tags (Child, Teenager, etc) we need an official source (not fan wikis) that can confirm their actual age and the character must not age out of that category during the series. Some other types of examples will be allowed.
    -Minato is in the same class as Tanaka, who is confirmed to be 16, therefore, he deserves the tag.

    What is not considered evidence:
    -He looks like an adult / is probably an adult

    Abnormally Tall / Small Stature / Tiny Person Tags:

    Please break up posts with more than five characters into multiple posts.
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  2. DarkZoroark

    DarkZoroark Database Moderator

    Hey, sorry for the long wait! Characters added, thank you!
    A couple of things, though:
    - We need proof in order to add age tags (Children, Teenager, Adult, Elderly). In this case it could be some shot from the anime/manga showcasing their age or some official information that showcases how old they are.
    - I noticed in the image you sent for Ishii that he's smoking. Is that a regular habit of his? If so, we do have a Smoker tag that would fit him.
    - I added Tarou under the Scientist tag rather than Doctor, as medical researcher fits that Tag better under our current guidelines.
  3. Kari5

    Kari5 Database Moderator Silver Supporter

    Posted by Kari5 on May 25, 2022
    I'll make a post with a few more details later, but for now, I'm announcing our official move to Discord!

    Most of our character moderation team has moved towards Discord, and its notification system is much better, so we'll soon be locking our forum submission threads. This will hopefully lead to us adding requests more efficently!
    Since we're not looking for replies in this thread, any request without proper information will be deleted, but feel free to repost it on the Discord with the missing info!

    Any submissions after this one will be deleted as we work towards clearing out the last few submissions.
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