How did you get into anime ?

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by walimd, Sep 21, 2015.

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    Posted by Guest on Nov 24, 2015
    So honorable of you.
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    Posted by Etue on Nov 24, 2015
    I am a honourable soul full of honourableness.
  3. SkyEmpress

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    I watched it when we still had anime, unsure what exact my first was, Pokemon, dbz, sailormoon, card captor sakura, cyborh 009, transformers Armada, those all I watched.
    round 2003, I got finally internet , when I went to Middle school, so I started watching Shaman King, after first disliking on tv, but later loving it.
    than I made an whole list with I wanted to watch, and making an account on a site ti keep track on stuff, later I found AP, but didn't do anything with it, untill last year again
  4. SilentBookworm

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    Same as most kids in the late 90's/Early 2000's, mainly Pokemon and Dragonball Z and later Naruto and Bleach. I mostly got my anime fix from Toonami and the Fox Box (later morphing into 4Kids) which, besides the above mentioned, also showed Zatch Bell, Shaman King, Ravemaster, Ultimate Muscle, Fighting Foodons, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and One Piece. However, I didn't start watching anime regularly until my first year in high school where a friend of mine and I would meet up and watch some anime together. We watched Black Cat, The Familiar of Zero, and Rosario + Vampire although we stopped after our tastes diverged a bit and I decided to watch anime by myself. I haven't been watching to much now due to work and college but I've still been able to catch whatever interests me on Toonami (even if I do run into issues where Toonami decides to push a show I want to watch to a later timeslot).
  5. SkyEmpress

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    It would be fun again to watch anime on regular tv and not on dvd or my laptop.
    I really miss it
  6. Vuh

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    Posted by Vuh on Dec 26, 2015
    I mean, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z were always airing on Cartoon Network as a kid, but I never knew they were anime; I just thought they were regular American cartoons. My first introduction to anime as anime was 2002, when I woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't go back to sleep, and turned on the TV and Inuyasha was playing on Adult Swim. That was the first anime that I really sunk my teeth into and started raving about. Since it aired so late at night, I'd record the episodes on VHS and watch them after I got home from school. Good times.
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    1999, this happened on german freetv:

    2 weeks later this:

    ... and I was sold to anime...
  8. Raven420

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    When I was around six or seven years old I was home sick from school and I watched Ninja Resurrection and a couple of other old anime movies and that is pretty much where it started, of course I also watched, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade etc. Didn't realise they were anime until I was older though.
  9. SentientCrab

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    Was taking an animation class and EVERYONE there was really into anime, so decided to watch some.
    Watched Cowboy Bebop, Totoro, and some of .hack//roots. Then I was hooked.
  10. AzureMikari

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    I watched a few other shows when I was really little and didn't know they were anime, but I really got into it with Sailor Moon.
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    Posted by kirant on Jan 9, 2016

    Well, when I was about 6, I was on a trip to British Columbia. Since it was 1 hour behind, the kid's TV channel (YTV) was playing Pokemon as I walked into the hotel room. That got me hooked on Pokemon.

    The next few years had some on and off series (Zoids, Duel Masters)...but the next big one I actually watched heavily was Gundam SEED about 6-7 years later. That and Inuyasha really got me interested in anime.

    As for serious series...I'm embarrassed to say this but I got to Haruhi Suzumiya via searching up Epic Space Battles...and watching the whole Day of Sagittarius III sequence.
  12. phantomKID25

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    I started with pokemon not knowing it was anime eventually when i was 11 i first saw an edit on sword art online and really liked the art so i did my research and it turned out to be an anime series and i watched it and then got hooked on anime
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    In my early teen years I have watched Yu-Gi-Oh (and of course we had card collection/trading in school), and one of my favorites (The mysterious cities of gold) I watched as a child. I never knew it was anime and I never watched any other anime since then, until...

    What hook me? Well, I watched:

    And Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes.

    And Robert Downy Junior's Sherlock Holmes.

    You might guess, I like good detective mysteries and then I found... Detective Conan. Was is as good as Sherlock Holmes - no, definitely not as good as the original, but way way better than I anticipated (and arguably on the level of the other two Sherlock Holmes movies). At least until episode 13X something, where the funimation translation ends. Then I had to get used to subtitles and I only went downhill from there, giving chance to more and more series in various genres.
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    My acquaintance with anime began when I watched Aachi and Ssipak here gogoanime . I really liked it and started to get more interested in it. I used to not understand people who liked watching anime because I didn't understand what was so special about it and why everyone liked it so much. But now I see that the topic of anime is getting more and more popular and I understand that it's quite interesting. Also, the community of anime fans is kind and funny enough, which is also cool.
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