Hotarubi no Mori e

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    Hotarubi no Mori e
    Alt title: To the Forest of Firefly Lights

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    I'm baffled this didn't have a SAD thread yet...
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  2. Melonpup

    Melonpup New Member

    I feel like this movie didn’t really have a climax, it just sort of... ended. It was a simple yet good story.
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  3. MintyAmbitions

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    I'm still not okay with this.
    It did not end in bliss and joy, it built us up and tore us down... and him.... He wasn't, forever.. yet he was eternal. She was nothing to be forever and yet, it couldn't...
    My heart is hurting all over again. ​
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  4. generalc

    generalc New Member

    I have not cried due to a anime in quite a while, this broke my heart. I cried.
  5. ApexPredator1

    ApexPredator1 New Member

    Ending broke me in so many ways ,_,
  6. UmieOtaku

    UmieOtaku New Member

    Even though it makes me sad, I will still watch this, always, so touching and super great, I Love It in my whole Otaku Life ≥3≤, and I will let my future children watch it ( ̄3 ̄)(♥ω♥)
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