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  1. tootalls

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    There are a ton of unaired gaps in between events, and we're expected to fill the gaps.

    Like the pace of going from awkward around each other to fully comfortable seems jarring to the viewer, and it doesn't magically happen overnight because they threw a label on their relationship, but we have to fill in the gap from one end of the line ton the end we were presented with.
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    holy batman. up until this point i've forgiven this show for rushing super hard but this is just unacceptable. they're not skipping chapters... they are skipping volumes. in the manga it all seems natural but if someone watches this without reading the manga they are gonna think of this as that show with fast progression but no depth
  3. cosmia

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    oshit this makes a lot of sense now
    i havent read the manga so everything IS super fast, i dont mind it too much tho
    but then again i thought the anime was going to follow one couple until they got together, then switch to another couple, then another and so on
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  4. cosmia

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    i really like both yuki and sakura, and tooru is actually a good guy so i'll be happy for whichever girl ends up with him!
    that said, im going to root for yuki-- i still love both girls tho
    it must sting for yuki, who has known tooru longer (i think?) than sakura has, to watch sakura make movements towards tooru
    but gurl if you don't start taking initiative like how sakura is, then you'll lose out

    i'm so proud of sakura for deciding to act on her feelings to make! herself! known!
    i'm so proud of yuki for getting into gear to start making moves!
    goodluck to both of them

    also props to yuki for not throwing away the cookies even though she felt bitter at the time

    I THOUGHT THIS TOO, thought it would be like “did they or did they nooooooot? :^)“
    but they totally did lmao
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  5. Dankvart

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    I can only speak for myself, but I realized quite well from the beginning that they are skipping many parts.
    And it feels kinda new and refreshing that instead of dragging the developing romance for the whole season, filling it with endless episodes about them being painfully shy and indecisive about each other, the show gets to the point much earlier, in order to leave space for some other plot line, beyond just 'getting together'.
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  6. rachellx19

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    I agree to some extent. I haven’t read the manga and to me the fact that stuff was skipped was barely noticeable. In fact, I didn’t notice it at all. As someone who doesn’t have experience with the manga, I can say that the pace is pretty good. It does make me want to read the manga so I can see more of the characters. Not because I feel like stuff is missing.
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  7. rachellx19

    rachellx19 New Member

    On a side note, I think this is my first anime ever where I’ve liked every single character. I have no idea how the managed to do that.
    And I love that the focus isn’t solely on the main couple but on other characters as well.
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  8. randomredneck

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    Episode 7.
    That's teenagers for ya.
    Act like 5 days apart is an eternity, and then let those raging reunion hormones drive them to bone down.
    Can't say I was expecting that second bit...
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  9. NingenJanai

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    you do you but i don't think you've read the manga. in the manga the character development is amazing. they don't drag around anything (when it comes to hori and miyamura at least) and they get together very early on. there are some side stories but i wasn't asking for those. also in the anime they had time to make room for sawada and others so i think they are not too concerned about wasting time. however if i was watching this anime without reading the manga i'd probably give it a 3.5 star maybe even a 4 depending on how they wrap things up and move on but after reading the manga i can't help but think they are missing a lot of development between hori and miyamura (they probably crammed 2 volumes per episode on average). this anime should've been 24 episodes if they were to properly flesh out the main characters and still not feel boring because the source material isn't boring. it seems like clover works was given the task of getting this anime done in 12 episodes or less as a result it's super rushed but if you haven't read the manga then it's probably okay for you. they are doing the same thing in the promised neverland s2. i haven't read that manga but it still feels rushed but i'm enjoying that show because i haven't read the manga.
    however we are only 6 episodes in. it'd be interesting to see how they go from here.
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  10. Dankvart

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    Thank you, that's interesting to know.

    I am not a big fan of manga in general, since I like animation, colors and voice acting a lot. So yeah, I haven't read it.
    Probably the anime should have been 24 episodes long then, in order to include all the side stories you are mentioning, and spend more time on fleshing out characters.

    But personally, I still enjoy the show a lot! Even if it's not absolutely unique or innovative, it leaves me with a very warm, pleasant feeling. Of course, there's still much to see, but I don't think I will rate it lower than 4.5 tbh. And most likely gonna re-watch it in some relatively distant future.
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  11. shinigamiMIO

    shinigamiMIO New Member

    I know I am a bit late this time, but I have now watched the latest episode and it was...interesting I guess. We learnt more about Hori's friend and we have also found out how much Hori really likes Miyamura. I mean, it was like 5 days....anyway, I found Sota so adorable at the end. Didn't you?
    I can't wait for the next episode
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  12. NingenJanai

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    i suggest you read at least the first 25 chapters of horimiya to see for yourself how good it is. it's not the average cliche romance manga with overblown reactions and acting like 12 year olds where it takes 10 volumes to get to the confession and another 5 for the kiss
    click the spoiler for more info but beware of spoilers
    confession in chapter 18 and officially going out in chapter 23 if i remember correctly
  13. Fionka

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    ep. 8
    Another great episode! I liked how they're showing even side characters' stories because we get to know about them more and I must say that every single character has its own charm.
    At first I wasn't sure how I feel about Sengoku but after his and Remi's story I am sure I like them both as well.

    Also.. Do I sense a new couple? Yuki and Yanagi?! That'd be cute :3
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  14. Melissa93

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    I just LOVE/ADORE every episode! And I like all characters *.* this is just getting better and better every week! Loved your comment❤️
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  15. oninosweeney

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    Episode 8... still not a fan of the president and pigtail's relationship dynamic, but I understand it better now.
    Hori wants a little spice... I enjoy how she's the one mostly taking physical initiative, and in a healthy way. I also found it interesting all of their hanging out was in her bedroom now and not in the livingroom.

    We went from glasses girl to needs glasses guy! Hilarious! He probably has those really ugly industrial strength military BCD glasses with the anime swirls in them, which is why he never wears them. It was a great swerve as I thought he was like a bully who had another nickname which is why the boys didn't recognize his name; once again, they subvert my tropes. Good on them!
    More Yuki, but no Sakura.
  16. Melissa93

    Melissa93 Member

    What a powerful encouraging dream he had! Loved this episode from beginning to end *.*!

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