Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Episode 1:

    I like this. I like this a lot.

    We're only at episode one and it totally won me over. Probably because I also suffer from social anxiety so I can relate a little.

    Kai-chan is a dick though. I know she wants Bocchi to be more sociable but her solution is pretty stupid and kinda mean. Bocchi should just ditch her and stick with the delinquent girl. She's tons better.

    This and Senko-san are gonna be the fluffiest and comfiest this season.
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  3. hell0emi

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    Can relate to this on so many levels, so much cutesy stuff this season. I like it!
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  4. ShinShini

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    This is cute, sweet, funny and wholesome. Someone protect these girls. On the other hand, the secondhand embarrassment was slowly killing me.
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  5. interregnum

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    Well, that was goofy enough to bring me back for Episode 2. Though, as much as I enjoyed the absurd stuff (strategy notebook, poster on the classroom door, conversation crib notes (and where to find them!)--hilarious), the strength of this show would seem to lie in the core group's dynamic--or an unexpected yuri turn.
    ...c'moooon, unexpected yuri turn.


    But we haven't gotten to that, yet. Which is fine, if we can get to it quickly--and if their chemistry is solid. Or, given the parts I most enjoyed, this week, ridiculous.

    That said, the OP would seem to indicate that the energetic girl with the sleep mask o her head is not one of our core group. Which is disappointing.
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  6. Leahchu

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    Posted by Leahchu on Apr 6, 2019
    Hopefully she is, since the manga gave her some love

    Pleasantly surprised with anime's beginning. I like this portrayal of social anxiety a lot more than Watamote's version. So wholesome how happy she gets throughout.
  7. Azkaellon

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    I really love the manga of this show but the anime is a little bit disappointment for me. Maybe I was expecting too much. Anyway both animation and vocalization doesn't fit the image I had. This kind of complaint isn't something new I know but still I think this show deserved better.
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  8. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Apr 6, 2019
    It's quite an enjoyable slice of life things so far. Seems quite genuine which honestly is something shows like this struggle with and can be really negatively affected by.
  9. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Apr 6, 2019
    We must protect that smile.
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  10. randomredneck

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    Episode 1.
    I will throw hands with anyone who badmouths this girl.
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  11. Shidira

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    Episode 1: That was unexpectedly cute, funny, and very relatable. I didn't pay much attention to this one coming into the season, but this could very well be a hidden gem among the bunch! Definitely looking forward to watching more.
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  12. 8MangaMan

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    It's been a while since I've watched something so simple and cute. Having Bocchi's awkward interactions not push away Nako but instead do the opposite has me looking forward to their future interactions and how she gets more friends.
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  13. 1Lucky1

    1Lucky1 Active Member

    I got so much second hand embarassment even though I'm exactly like Bocchi.
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  14. PandaBeard

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    This is going to be the surprise hit of the Spring!
    If this show, even one bit, assists in identifying ones own anxieties and allows themselves to share and or get help, then I am on board!
    Nice, crisp animation too.
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  15. Annalices

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    Episode 1

    This seems like a good, wholesome anime ^^
    I love the inner monologues, the dialogue between Bocchi and Nako ( or lack thereof lol), and the warm, bubbly feeling of the series overall. It's a good anime for spring <3

    Seconded! I feel like a real friend would push Bocchi gently towards the latter's goal of making friends, but still stay in the background supporting Bocchi.
    But maybe Kai-chan has an ace up her sleeve - who knows? :/
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  16. ShinShini

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    I'd like to add something new after watching the second episode, but it's still the same. It continues to be wholesome, the girls are awesome and just precious. But there was less second hand embarrassment, so that's better for me.
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  17. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    Episode 2:

    I thought the whole thing with Bocchi and her recorder was hilarious and adorable. She never answered why she had it and she would just start randomly playing it. It had no purpose but I loved it.

    I was kind of curious how people would react when they found out why she was wanting friends but I wasn't expecting it to happen with how the first episode played out.

    Now we have miss unfortunate part of the friend circle. She seems neat, I'm sure I'll get some good laughs from her, her clothing fiasco was already entertaining enough. Wasn't expecting it after how responsible she seemed helping Bocchi and Nako make up.
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  18. Shidira

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    Episode 2:
    Okay, this anime is just too damn ridiculously cute and wholesome! I love the characters, the humor, and how relatable they are! What a gem of a show!
  19. Kibo

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    Posted by Kibo on Apr 12, 2019
    I love this shoooow! It is too cute!!
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  20. interregnum

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    [ 2 ]
    Okay, I retract what I said last week: the strength of this show will not be in the dynamic of the core group but of exactly how long they can keep Bocchi this adorably stupid. She is a goddamn dynamo of ridiculousness, and the more they can expand the scope and effective range of her absurdity--and, perhaps more pointedly, force her friends to find new and better (that is, gradually more ridiculous) ways not to entirely lose themselves in her absurdity--I think we might have ourselves one heck of a charming comedy on our hands.
    Given the VP's, um, unanticipated backstory, perhaps it will be less about the girls trying not to lose themselves in Bocchi's wake but, rather, their own collective pool of ridiculousness. Because, as much as Bocchi is weird, her two new friends are, themselves, in the same boat: alone and hoping for connection.

    • bringing the recorder
    • the long-term gag about wearing modest clothes
    • the length of the flashback
    • the VP's running reactions to the flashback
    • Bocchi not knowing the VP was even there, but doing the flashback anyway
    • literally everything about the VP good heavens yes more of her please

    Here's hoping things stay steady.


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