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    I definitely didn’t expect to like it this much but it’s so funny, I love Utako-san :frustrat:
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    First time I watched this English Dubbed so this time I’m sitting through the English Sub.

    EP 1: I would totally use my psychic powers for house work and yard work and regular work and play. Yeah I really just want psychic abilities.

    The tube/sleeping bag-esque thing Hina arrives in is just as creepy as I remember

    EP 2:
    ‘Cause a child could totally become a bartender [​IMG]

    Ep 3:
    Every child needs a bank book their parents don’t know about.

    Should probably be inspired to do some cleaning and yet I’m good to keep sitting her watching Hina try and feel useful.

    If you’ve never spent the day cleaning only to have someone not appreciate all your effort I may have to chainsaw you through a wormhole. It is like spending the day making a meal only to have someone come home with takeout. It’s never pleasant. NEVER!
    Sure Hina was stressing herself out but her heart was in the right place.
    I’m with you girl!​

    Ep 4:
    He shouldn’t be drinking at all. A new hobby is what he needs.
    Though I am on his side for the mess Hina made. Not a pretty site.
    And I’m on his side for the whole co-alcohol consumers tearing him down for “disowning” a child that just showed up and made herself at home, he owes her nothing.​

    Some games of tag should last all day. Being able to avoid another person for that long deserves major props.
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    Ep 5:
    The bathroom trip to get her game face back on puts a smile on my face for the second time ^^

    Misinterpreting a teacher-student relationship could have been spent on something worth screen time.
    I would have voted for another game of tag or Aizawa continuing to question Hitomi about where she goes after school.​

    Idiocy does have levels
    Ep 6:
    Good homework turned into potential family issue.
    Nitta is a bit too high strung around his mom and sister but I get the stress. Really don’t want people you care about thinking you’ve got a kid you’ve hidden for more than a decade or any amount of time really.​

    Struggling to find purpose goes straight to the heart.

    Episode 7:
    Just because you can you warm water doesn’t mean you have to.
    Yep being the kid that always gets roped into someone else responsibilities. I feel for you and yet I don't care too much for you as a character Hitomi.

    Wanting to be in charge just to get your own way. Hina needs a slap to the head. If only the psychic powers were in full force.
    The broken leg is sort of a punishment but more could have been done.
    I’d prefer if she was more inconvenienced. Since all she really likes are video games anyway. Should’ve gone for the arm.​

    Ep 8:
    Everyone feel for the time(s) you thought you had telekinesis [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ep 9:
    There’s something real HIlarious about attending ones own funeral. [​IMG]

    Ep 10:
    There is right and wrong when it comes to money.

    Ep 11:
    The lengths journalists and TV personnel will go to for a story. [​IMG]
    I may have recently rewatched The Company You Keep and I may be a bit high strung about chasing a story no one needs to see even if it’s the one you want to show.
    Sometimes the truth is better hidden and sometimes it's better out in the open. Though in the case of this ep sometimes the truth is fine the way it is and it does not always need embellishment.​

    “It’s important to help each other out.” - though some people don’t deserve help.

    Ep 12
    Ski time. ‘Cause you know after you injured your leg you’ve gotta make sure it healed really well.
    Even though there wasn’t really any skiing. Igloo time really.

    Sleeping till noon can be healthy. Lots of sleep energizes the body and mind for a whole lot of psychic showdown fun.

    Superhuman Martial Arts . . . there’s more than one person not right in their head.

    Overall Thoughts
    I would have liked a lot more psychic power screen time.

    I would have liked more band scenes.
    The singing/vocal performance was pretty entertaining.​

    The excessive mouth dropping and tongue flailing became repetitive and redundant quickly.

    I support Anzo and her constant devotion to finding ways to earn money and in saving it everywhere she can. I’m the same.

    I don’t care for her relationship with Hina. Having to be the “friend” constantly worried about money disappearing when that person is around, the food that vanishes, the side of the room/apartment that isn’t picked up...drop the smoocher much sooner!. Seriously.

    Bartending as a profession.
    Oooh so much I could say but I’ll keep it short. I don’t have a particular problem with getting thrown into a situation that one adopts to but I do not support the consumption of alcohol and thus Hitomi’s devotion to keep her secret and continue bartending doesn’t sit well with me.

    I like the opening song
    “Those days I spent with you I cherish them ”

    This is basically a show for when you’ve got some time to kill, want to laugh a bit, need some inspiration to earn money in a pinch and/or as a way to introduce some people to an ideal example of sprinkling a supernatural element with ordinary/unordinary life.

    Overall messages I attest to this anime:
    • No one is ever too young to learn about the value of money.

    • No one is ever too young to earn money.

    • Earning money and making money are not the same thing.

    I probably will watch the continuation but it’s not going to be added to my want to watch list or a priority by any means.
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    I would’ve liked to see a bit more physic powers too, but what we did get to see was fun at least :)
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    It was a fun-ish anime and I personally started it because telekinetic powers were highlighted in the trailer [every episode of every anime I was watching on A-P for the "required Crunchy Roll ad" featured the trailer when it was airing}.

    Waiting every episode for more to make an appearance irked me though {first time through}.

    I'm guessing the studio's plan was to sprinkle it in and then feature it more predominantly in the next season.
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    I mostly picked it for the yakuza aspect, I’m hoping season 2 isn’t that long to wait for! I’m definitely investing in the manga though in the mean time :)
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    Posted by Gens on Jul 12, 2019
    Yeah one decision I was sad about it, was the anime's decision to cut a lot of the yakuza stuff because those were some of the funniest bits of manga.
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    I love me some yakuza so I’m pretty excited to pick up the manga if it’s even funnier than the series because this is one of the only series to have me laughing pretty much the whole way through :frustrat:
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    When Nitta spins Hina around and breaks her leg LMAO

    Yeah, I wouldve enjoyed more usage of psychic powers and yakuza too!
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