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    Posted by chii on Nov 19, 2017
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    Posted by Thrawn on Dec 14, 2017
    I watched this one series about dogs and humans living together and the dogs were dudes but it was some real good slice of life shit. If this is like that, then I am actually pumped up for it.
  3. CaptainSlow

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    Episode 1
    The visual style is cute, and I like how bubbly Tapio is.
    I really like the closing theme, but I think the opening will take a bit to grow on me. Then again, I'm easily swayed by Japanese hip-hop. :laugh:
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    Episode 2
    I will have one of each, please!

    KUEPON. That's adorable!

    I realised the joke too early. (Either that, or he's got IBS...)

    Get outta here, you freaky philosophical koala!
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    Episode 3
    I was about to make a joke about jumpsuits being in, but since the owner is a goat I'll hold off.

    Ah, the two ends of the clothes shop employee spectrum - the overenthusiastic one that scares customers, and the "ghostly" one that also scares customers. :frustrat:
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    Episode 4
    Aw, the boss is so passionate.

    Perhaps a bit too passionate...

    Actually, he should probably go see a shrink, this ain't just a bout of military geeking-out here. :pokerface:

    What is with the philosophical koala?! Why is it here?!
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  7. ZetsubouKaiji

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    I like to think Sugita just wandered into the studio one day and they hastily wrote the part for him just to have him as part of the cast. I'd be totally okay with that. More Sugita is always a good thing.
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    Episode 5
    And now it's Kuppi! Tapio's got to stop being so adorable with the nicknames.

    Kuropon showing the reason why I wouldn't take on a job like this. :drink:

    Aw yeah, those folklore jokes! :frustrat:

    Also, TIL that it is called "That Animal that Must Not be Named". The more you know, the less you understand, I guess. :cereal:
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  9. CaptainSlow

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    Episode 6
    Counting traffic? That's a new one.

    ...and so is counting sha- I mean, crocodiles and rabbits.
  10. CaptainSlow

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    Episode 7
    I love how they even went to the effort of animating Tapio's tail wagging. Even though it's more a dog thing the way they've animated it, I think.

    Kuropon's world is disintergrating around him. Either that, or that's some great fourth wall breaking.

    Aww, and he has a little sister that managed to sneak in and stay behind after closing. What a little shit. :frustrat:
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    Episode 7:

    Random Octodad reference is random.

    I wish someone would give me a present with Sugita kola inside.
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  12. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 8:

    I relate to this episode too hard. I've got a coworker just like the chicken. He's full of energy, but he can't remember anything and is always making a mess and getting shit half done. He really does remind me of a chicken with his head cut off.
  13. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Well-Known Member

    mfw my internet connection's so bollocksed that it can barely stream shorts:

    Episode 8

    That sounds like an infuriating boss to have. Tapio's enthusiasm in the face of that astounds me.

    Okay, doing the Animal That Must Not be Named's bit as a comic book was clever, I'll give them that.

    Episode 9
    Aww, Kuepon is me so much. I hate running into people I know, even if we've essentially become friends.

    The bat workers were cute.

    Kuepon works because he knows that within a capitalist society you either work or you don't get access to the resources necessary to not die. Simples. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  14. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 10:

    Wooo! Horror movie parodies. Now this is something I can really get behind.

    As soon as I saw the cover for The Mortar I thought it looked a lot like the cover for Ringu, which is why it made me laugh out loud when Sugita Kola ended up playing Sadako when the played the DVD. Luckily, he doesn't want to kill anyone just return some DVDs.

    Also, those Grudge movies are really out of control.

    This episode is kind of a nostalgia trip for me, because I loved going to the video store as a kid. There was something special about strolling through the aisles of Blockbuster and seeing what was available. I usually avoided the new release wall and went straight for the strange more obscure shit, especially all the B horror movies.

    Video stores like the one in this episode were even more fun, because that is where you could find the weirdest stuff and you also really did find people like the crab there that loved movies and seemed to know every movie they had in the store. I didn't get to go to these kinds of places much, though, because by the time I was old enough the big chains like Blockbuster had taken over.
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  15. CaptainSlow

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    Episode 10
    This boss is something else, and the bit with the difficult customer was brilliant. I think he's my favourite of all of them so far.

    Should've expected the cursed DVD to have The Animal Who Must Not Be Named on it, though didn't expect a lack of monologing.
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    Episode 11:

    Uhh, so were they implying the old manager was slaughtered and fed to the customers at the restaurant? Because that's pretty damn dark. The dark irony of cows running a yakiniku shop is already messed up enough for a show that's been pretty innocent so far.

    The Wagyu beef being proud of his grade was funny as was his display of where all the cuts are meat are on his body.

    Suguita Kola shows up to drop some more fortune cookie style wisdom, but at least he gets some tasty brisket for his time.
  17. CaptainSlow

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    Episode 11
    I like this boss too. Even though he's a braggart, he's at least a helpful, passionate one. Though, I'm trying not to think too much into the fact there's a bull who's very proud of his food grade running a Yakiniku restaurant...

    Though, if the old managers were fed to the customers, would that consititute a food safety violation or murder? Or both? Or maybe it's an honourable death to be a Yakiniku restaurant manager who's fed to the customers and therefore laws don't exist against it? What if halal or kosher certifications exist in the HO world, what then? Would it be counted as assisted suicide?

    Ah, I've been missing my weekly dose of Sugi-ala musings.
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  18. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 12:

    The more I watch this show the more question it brings up. Apparently there are different tiers of cats. They've got the humanoid cats like our characters, but then they still have domesticated cats that they keep as pets. Are these like their less fortunate cousins or something?

    Speaking of weird dynamics there's a reindeer making others dress up as reindeer while making everyone call him Santa. Sounds like he's got some issues to work out with the jolly fatman.

    This sure felt like a final episode, but there's still one more to go.
  19. CaptainSlow

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    Episode 12
    Working in a bakery in Japan during the Christmas rush would be hell. No wonder Kuepon just wants to head straight home after work.

    So Kuepon lives with his mum and sister, while Tappy lives alone. Interesting. (and aww, Kuepon's mum is so nice...)

    Yeah, they did set this up like a final episode. Even down to shots of the protagonists talking about what they were going to do with their money (and Tappy being all like "Kueppi's mai friend!"). How weird.

    Guess 13's going to be a epilogue episode. Unless it's going to be used as an introduction to the guys from the spin-off?

    EDIT: According to the website, Episode 13 is a special with interviews from the cast and some "breaking news".

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    Things I learned from this episode.

    1. The main voice cast for this anime is made up of enough cute boys to make a pop idol group.
    2. This anime is popular enough to get a second season.
    3. This anime is not popular enough to get Sugita to show up for a four minute behind the scenes episode.
    4. The kitties were cute.

    Overall, it's was an okay series. I'll watch the sequel this summer. Until then 5 out of 10

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