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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    Obviously none of these ladies have ever heard of a sports bra.

    The PV for this looked nice and I'm always on the looking out for a series about a sport I don't know anything about.
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  3. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on May 24, 2018
    I'm really excited about this, and praying this is good, so I can sport's nerd out, as hard as possible over this.

    The PV looked awesome to me, and it's clear as day, that the animators were really attentive in detail in that, with how dead accurate the footwork, and racket movements were to me.

    Badminton is a really dynamic, and great sport.
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  4. Shikiya

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    I almost got hit by a car when I went to retrieve the birdy on the streets. Don't play badminton outside on windy days

    I'm going to enjoy making fun of people who call the birdy 'shuttlecock.'

    I wasn't originally going to watch this show, but from the positive responses, looks like I will.
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  5. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on May 24, 2018
    Playing badminton outside is LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

    You gotta go pro, and play on a nice indoor court.

    Also, postin the PV in here for other people:

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  6. Shikiya

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    I don't have the money to pay to go to an indoor court, because 'Murica is expending its resources on useless projects right now. Also, was too lazy enough to join the badminton team at school.
    Also the badminton pro scouts did not come to scout the diamond in the rough I am. So I thought, whatever, will just go back to watching animes and shitposting.

    There's not much to translate:
    Into this birdy, my feelings.
    [list of staff]
    Girls fly, jump up, and sprint.
    [Release dates, etc.]

    No I am not saying shuttlecock ever.
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  7. Starletka

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    Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck...
  8. randomredneck

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    ...So anime has run out of real sports to do shows on I see...
  9. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jun 3, 2018
    I'm sold.
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  10. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jun 4, 2018
    They'll do a hockey one when Japan gets to the quarter finals. Otherwise "hockey" would be a reverse harem with guys who are on the same sports team and the girl being their manager with them playing 10 pages of hockey per volume.
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  11. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jun 13, 2018
    2nd PV:

    This animation still looks really nice, and crisp to me. I just want to see some hot, badminton action so bad. All the Yonex advertising makes me laugh though.
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  12. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    The good thing is there's plenty of badminton in the trailer. It looks like the focus will be on the sport with the drama on the side. The way a sports anime should be. Of course the trailer could be liar liar pants on fire, but I'll hold out hope, because I could always use another nice sports series.
  13. Thrawn


    This is definitely school life > drama > drama about Badminton > Badminton
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  14. Nicknames

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    This looks like a serious candidate for AOTS. My only gripe is the pink-haired girl's voice, it's way too high-pitched for my taste
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  15. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jun 14, 2018
    She really has that annoying ojou-sama thing going on, with her voice. There's good examples, and then, there's really bad ones, like this.
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  16. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    Episode 1
    Pretty decent episode consisting of setting up the characters and basic conflicts. I'm not sold on Nagisa and her moping so far, and the coach is meh. The others are mostly non-entities so far, but no doubt they'll be expanded upon in upcoming episodes.

    It's a bit too modern in the boring comedy, and I wish we could get some fab Dezaki shots, but the racquet stuff does look amazing. As does the thighs. Now I feel like a filthy otaku.
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  17. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 1, 2018
    Episode 1

    Oh yeah, this is good.


    So good

    But that Bird just immediately stopped when it crossed the line.

    She didn't get a single point? That is some depressing shit. And the other girl is just "Pathetic. Not even going to say good game to this loser."

    Now that is a worthy crown, amirite? A king needs a fine queen at her side.

    It's a bold move to have the protag lose horribly at the start of the anime Cotton, let's see how it plays out.

    This is a long as fuck OP.

    This is just character building and shit, but some of them be thirsty.

    Captain is Big and Busty who lost completely?

    Wait, why is she cutting the tendons of her racket?

    The girls be aight.

    I feel kinda bad for those badminton players, the freshmen don't want to deal with that savage captain.

    The fuck is this tennis shit?

    Bitches be thirsty yo

    I mean, if you aren't getting chicks as a tennis player, why play?

    Yooooooo changing!
    What? That's it? I feel cheated.



    Not nuthin'
    "Sorry for being such a ball breaker" "Sorry for taking out my colossal failures on you" "Sorry for grand-slamming birds into your had"
    Totally inconsiderate. She just wants the world to burn for her goals.

    You know... this isn't nearly as... fun as I thought it would be. Or funny. It's incredibly booty with them fine shorts.

    Oh shiiiiiiiiit it just got real.

    Right, it surprisingly has a lot of drama and seriousness while being completely about badminton with occasional interludes to people talking about badminton in a conversation that steers towards it or sports like badminton.

    I love this girl, she is gangsta.

    The fuck is this fucker saying? Show some class you fucking dipshit. Eat a fucking dick.

    All it takes is one spark to set a flame. 90% of the team quits. They got tired of her ball busting attitude.

    And even the Captain turns on her most loyal; despite looking sad at them sweeeet thighs.
    Who is that creep pee-


    This is such a gorgeous sight indeed.
    Such perfection this show is.

    Nam flashbacks.

    Man, that fuckweed is a dick too. Idol fuckboy is all "You suck, let's end this"

    Badminton gal is "This rally is weak yo"

    It's interesting that nobody is content with anything.

    Look at this idol tool getting all arrogant and shit.



    "In" that was the most perfect delivery. Impromptu Referee is best minor character.


    But those hands baby, oh yeah!

    That's their advisor?

    She quit Badminton because it got too easy against those punk scrub bitches.


    Oh yeah baby, praise the sun.

    Stretch those calves.

    RIP, future criminal.

    I really would have suspected she would be playing for another school instead of the same school.

    Did she permanently end some girl's career with a meteor shot that hit her knee?

    Oh yeah, those springy legs with the springs and the pumping and supple hands.

    Nobody is the best because they all suck.

    Oh shit this girl be spitting hot fire.

    These are some shiny floors.

    Oh shiiiiiiiit New Girl is savage

    Glasses be fiiiiine!

    This episode was crazy long.

    "Don't get mad, it's just a game bro"

    Excellent show, high quality with dem thighs, flexing thighs so you see the muscly tendons (@Taek knows what I mean from experience), the sweat on dem thighs, sweat being flexxed off and it's so damn hot. Some excellent bounce and that's just the first 5 minutes. But we still get thighs and not much of the upper body in fanservice, but them thighs are good culture. Very good culture.

    First episode: 10/10, excellent thighs and some other stuff happening. Good focus on badminton so they can pump those thighs.
  18. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jul 1, 2018

    I liked it, did it blow me away? No, but it's got me interested at least, and really seems to be actually about badminton. I guess Nagisa's going to be the foil to the main character's talent. Nagisa's kind of a jerk though, however there's room for character growth. I also agree with Hasse, the comedy's a bit eh, but my love for the badminton stuff and sport outweighs it. Sure you could say it was a very dramatic and angsty episode, but I think it could probably get better from here and be really cool, if they dive into badminton tactics, and the whole psychology behind it.

    My reaction to the actual badminton action:


    About as fucking awesome, as the PV was. This badminton player is quite satisfied honestly with just that so far. I could see the actual matches being amazing, if they can maintain this. Nothing really riles my engines more, than a nice dynamic shot, of a jump smash in badminton, and the sound of a crisp shuttlecock being hit at max speed. Going out the back line though? TOO FLAT NAGISA.

    I heard an interesting story, that a producer said this anime received a substantial amount of investment plugged into it. I wonder if the Japanese winning a gold medal in the olympics, may have influenced that.
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  19. LinkSword



    I don't usually like my sports anime to be this angsty. I tend to find it exhausting and honestly kind of overblown, especially when the characters are not playing at a professional level, where stakes are higher and angst more understandable. Here's hoping the olympic doofus will help brighten things up, because holy hell that club feels stifling.

    I'm not sure how I feel about everyone trying to get Green-Eyes to play badminton. She looked dead inside while playing the match at the beginning and she clearly doesn't take sports that seriously, let alone as the big deal this club's captain makes them out to be. If she actually wants to but has stuff going on that makes her hesitant, maybe insisting a bit is not so bad... but if she doesn't give a damn and this turns into sheer ''u gotta play 'cuz u guddd'' brainwashing, I'm not on board for it. I'm sure later episodes will shed some light on just where she stands.

    Anyway, that may have all sounded pretty harsh, but the episode wasn't bad. The animation looked consistently pretty as did Nagisa and I'm looking forward to watching some proper matches. Badminton is actually one of those few sports I legitimately enjoyed playing myself - on a casual level - so as far as the subject matter goes this is my cup of tea.
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  20. Taek

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    Posted by Taek on Jul 1, 2018
    This entire post made me feel things.

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