Hana-Saku Iroha

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by AirCommodore, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. AirCommodore

    AirCommodore New Member

    Hana-Saku Iroha[sadhl=3730]hana-saku-iroha[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    This one was good too! I'm so pleased with this season.

    This episode was so detailed- I especially loved the first scene (in the kitchen). And a first episode confession? This is going to be such a solid drama if it keeps up this quality.
  2. Tyranid5

    Tyranid5 Member

    I agree, this season has started off fine, this is currently my front runner for the season if they keep this up. Who knows though, if Aria lives up to the hype then there might be some pretty good competition for the top spot this season.
  3. AirCommodore

    AirCommodore New Member

    And the three shows I was actually looking forward to haven't even aired
    I'm going to have so little free time :love:
  4. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    well this one already has got my wife's seal of approval, she's been lamenting the shortage of good shouju anime recently. I admit, i liked it too. Not a huge fan of the main girl, she's a bit of an emo flake... never really liked people like that... but she does have flashes of a decent character in there.
  5. Tsukie

    Tsukie New Member

    Posted by Tsukie on Apr 3, 2011
    I really really liked this. :love:

    The scenery in this show, both in the city and around the ryokan, was beautiful. I also liked the song in the ending. ^^
  6. Taiyaki

    Taiyaki Member

    Posted by Taiyaki on Apr 3, 2011
    I have to say that the first episode was pretty good. I like the characters that were introduced so far. The animation is great and filled with detail and colors.

    I really liked the song that they used at the end of the show as well. I can't wait to see how this show progresses.
  7. kico7

    kico7 New Member

    Posted by kico7 on Apr 3, 2011
    PA Works impressed me, i though that anime would be like Nichijou, it sounded a lot more dramatic, i think this is going to be a good one from this season.
    The main heroine was fine, emo or not (f*ck if she is), i liked her development during that episode, can't wait to see the next one.
  8. unitzero

    unitzero Active Member

    This one impressed me greatly with its high quality on all fronts. I hope it maintains its standards and delivers with the overall story, which seems to be a sort of coming of age/figuring out who you are motif, propelled by a slice of life drama.

    The main character is not an emo character at all. I actually found her to be quite pleasant and cute, but we will see. I imagine her mood is going to go way down, before it eventually picks back up for the inevitable happy ending.
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  9. theAlien

    theAlien New Member

    It was a very good start! The visuals were nice and the cast of characters have a lot of potential :)
  10. Tyranid5

    Tyranid5 Member

    lol I know what you mean I was hitting refresh all day in places hoping that unexpectedly a show would air episode 1 early over the web before the TV date xD So impatient right now this week is going to be so painfully long as I wish that each day was the next day for the new releases.
  11. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Active Member

    nice start of the season. i like at least one decent slice of life and it looks like this one is it.

    mind you i hate the situation she is in.... and i totally understand Kou's point of view with his confession; he wasted all his time and now she's going away. heart breaking.

    i'm anxiously awaiting their reunion already.

    oh yeah, hate her mom.... flaky bitch.
  12. AirCommodore

    AirCommodore New Member

    I liked the mom. She's a much better answer to why the teenage protagonist's parents are nowhere to be found than most series give.
  13. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Active Member

    while that may be true, she is still on par with Hayate the Combat Butler's parents and i do not have to like her... or them.
  14. greg975

    greg975 Member

    The grandma's such a freakin biatch! O.o
  15. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    she showed flashes of potential... and again... she was definitely justified to be a bit self centered and emo... in part (in a lot of ways she reminded me of Mirai from Tokyo Mag 8.0, actually in a LOT of ways she reminded me of Mirai)...

    i don't know... it was hard to warm up to Mirai too... but at least Ohana had moments where i could empathize with her a bit.
  16. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Database Moderator

    I wanna slap the grandma.
  17. LilMayar

    LilMayar New Member

    I normally don't watch slice of lifes, but this one was way too interesting to resist.
    Grandmother from hell. Double you tee eff why is she so rude.
  18. Tsumibito

    Tsumibito Member

    ep 1. I liked how it started i thought that was a funny conversation between parent and child. I started off the series like this isnt too bad another slice of life, those sorta play my heart strings a bit... then i wanted to stab the mother with a navy seal knife and twist.
    I had hoped instead that the boy ask her to stay with him and his family...
    This series i dont know has a feel to it you just want to keep watching.
  19. mafuyu

    mafuyu Guest

    Posted by mafuyu on Apr 5, 2011
    好き好き大好き!! I really like this anime ><
    I love how Ohana shows a variety of facial features
    At fist when she had this cool- mystical looking face and said all the really cool lines in the litchen it reminded me of 文学少女 literally girl <3

    And then next you have the gap of her seeming a bit idiotic in the canned corn scene
    which was really cute

    aww i cant wait until ep2- i might as well start reading the 漫画
  20. Face

    Face Guest

    Posted by Face on Apr 5, 2011
    Today there was a Japanese guy in a convo chat who have cursed the other users by telling them to die. Hanasaku Iroha reference? It might be.

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