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    DAMC Reaction compilation

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  2. Ebhen

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    Posted by Ebhen on Jan 4, 2018
    The Artwork was beautiful and well made. I loved the Kyoto background and recognized several places.
    But I never got engaged more than initially. Cute and fun characters, especially the elderly bunch. :P I did like the storytwist, that came out of nowhere. :D
    BUT, the big issue for me was the ending... The buildup in the movie was nice but then it just ended...
    No explanation or anything worth mentioning and the whole movie felt flat, no depth and very shallow characters. It felt like an OVA with to much budget and a very thin script.
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    :frustrat:Wow Hal was awesome. It was cute. I recommend it full one. It has a big plot twist and you will never see the plot twist coming. It make you sad when you know the full story. I LOVED IT SO MUCH:love:

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