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    Hopefully this is in the right place. My intention isn't to review the anime, but to discuss the artistic influence and potential sources of names of people/places. I could be completely wrong, but I'd say there were far too many coincidences. Enjoy:

    How Celtic Artwork and Beliefs Have influenced .Hack//Sign

    The world itself “Morganna” may be related to the Celtic tripartite battle goddess “The Morrigan” . Her name meaning terror, phantom or great queen. In episode 22 “Phantom” Sora discovers the realm of Morganna and the other characters become aware of her presence. Depending on who you ask the interpretation of Morrigan’s association will differ greatly, two interpretations are as follows:

    • She is usually seen as a terrifying figure associated with war and death on the battlefield, sometime appearing in the form of a carrion crow, premonitions of doom, and with cattle. (common interpretation reinforced by authors such as: W.M. Hennessey and Patricia Lysaght)

    • "war per se is not a primary aspect of the role of the goddess", and that her association with cattle suggests her role was connected to the earth, fertility and sovereignty (Máire Herbert).


    Very few animals are seen in .hack//sign however, the main majority of those shown are “grunty’s” which resemble cows.

    In celtic folklore “Macha” is one of the sisters of Morrigan who make up The Morrigan. In .hack//sign “Maha” is a female character closely connected to Morganna, however very little is known about her:


    In her book "War Goddess: The Morrígan and her Germano-Celtic Counterparts", Angelique Gulermovich Epstein suggests that Morrigan is closely related to Irish “männerbund” groups (described as "bands of youthful warrior-hunters, living on the borders of civilized society and indulging in lawless activities for a time before inheriting property and taking their places as members of settled, landed communities"). This description seems very similar to the main characters of .hack//sign who are a group of “warriors” (of varying classes: heavy blade, wavemaster etc…) who, although not with malicious intent, do frequently encounter illegal data, characters and actions etc e.g. Maha, Helba, net slum, data bugs, Tsukasa’s guardian etc…

    As well as cultural influence, .hack//sign seems to borrow heavily from celtic artwork. Some of the main patterns of celtic artwork were cross’s, spirals, keys patterns and knotwork.



    [​IMG] (maybe..)

    Key pattern

    Cross (Hulle Granz Cathedral: celtic crosses on the windows and other various celtic patterns seen)

    (Christianity had a huge influence on the Celtic people and they often decorated crosses with knot patterns. Subaru wears a winged cross design around her neck as well as having wings (as does Balmung), perhaps they are loosely based around angels? Balmung more than Subaru I would say.

    It’s a bit of a shot in the dark, but the design of Subaru’s hair seems to be done so that the protruding shapes make up this particularly popular design of celtic knot (talk about conspiracy (‘-.-), probably best to ignore this...)


    The Carmina Gadelica is a collection of prayers, hymns, charms, incantations, blessings, runes, and other literary-folkloric poems and songs collected and translated by amateur folklorist Alexander Carmichael (1832–1912) in the Gaelic-speaking (Gaelic being a branch of celtic language) regions of Scotland between 1855 and 1910. Carmina Gadelica is also a root town in .hack//sign.


    Carmina Gadelica

    All discussion/ criticism welcome =).
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    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    Interesting thoughts and ideas, although I think you forgot .hack//SIGN is also sort of trying to mimic a medieval fictional setting just like with many other RPGs. Like with the last screenshot you provided, looks like a typical medieval market at nighttime with a bit "Japanized" feel to it.
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    Posted by Met on Mar 28, 2008
    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    I wanted to start watching the .hack// animes, but I didn't know where to start. Could someone tell me the order in which the animes (TV and OVA's) should be watched?
  4. xephon

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    Posted by xephon on Mar 28, 2008
    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    this will give you a good idea where to start as it relates to .hack//sign

  5. Met

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    Posted by Met on Mar 28, 2008
    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    So if I decide I want to watch all of the .hack// animes, would this order be good/correct:
    .hack//SIGN (TV)
    .hack//Liminality (OAV)
    .hack//GIFT (OAV)
    .hack//Intermezzo (OAV) (sequel)
    .hack//Unison (OAV) (sequel)
    .hack//Legend Of The Twilight (TV) (sequel)
    .hack//Roots (TV)

    Or is Liminality somewhere else?
  6. xephon

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    Posted by xephon on Mar 29, 2008
    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    thats about right it will be easier to understand that way
  7. Met

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    Posted by Met on Mar 29, 2008
    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    So what's .hack//G.U. Returner? I couldn't find it on ANN. When should I watch that in comparison to the rest? Or is it not connected?
  8. xephon

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    Posted by xephon on Mar 29, 2008
    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    i think they are part of the PS2 games and G.U relates more to the game then the series
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    Re: .Hack//Sign *

    If you were to watch the anime without playing games and reading manga..

    Gift(not needed though)
    Twilight(Anime not canon)
    G.U. Trilogy(Not yet released)

    However .hack is a multimedia franchise and the games and manga have seperate or connecting stories. For example, Legend of the Twilight Anime is not cannon. Only the Manga is. If you can't play the games, both series have adaptions. The first series in adapted into a Manga(XXXX) but its japanese only and the second series is GOING to be adapted into an anime called .hack//G.U. Trilogy. Gift isn't even anything real, its more so making fun of sign and the first series of games. But here is how it should work..

    Sign - Pretty much starts everything off.

    .hack//first series games + Liminality - watch one episode per game volume as it tells the events happening in the real world whilst you are playing inside The World.

    Intermezzo - Its actually kinda a prequel about Mimiru

    Unison - This takes place after the games, but features both games and sign characters

    Gift - Again.. its just .hack// making fun of itself, no real storyline is here.

    Legend of the Twilight MANGA - but if you can't.. then I guess the anime is better than nothing even if its not canon.

    Roots - Takes place six(five,seven?) years after Sign.

    .hack//G.U. - G.U. Takes place RIGHT after the end of Roots, which kind of leaves you hanging. So if you want to finish Roots storyline you have to watch this or wait for G.U. Trilogy

    Returner - Basicly the same thing as Unison was, except for Roots/G.U.

    Now.. there are also other mangas and novels. The Only ones released in U.S. are .hack//A.I. Buster, Legend of the Twilight and Another Birth and G.U. +.

    A.I Buster is a novel with two volumes, one that focuses before Sign, and the second has a bunch of short stories that have random connections with the earlier games and series. But I havn't read the novels, so I don't know personally.

    Another Birth novels are the first game series retold through Blackrose' eyes.

    G.U.+ Is a non-canon telling of the G.U. games. So the storyline differs.

    There are many other manga and novels which have not been released outside of Japan, but most of them are not necessary and feature only brief appearences of characters in the main storylines.
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    I just finished watching the 1st anime series. I started in the fansubs with the first few eps but actually waited and picked up all the DVDs due to me being in other fansubs at the time. I just finished the last 2 DVDs last week! They were just collecting dust... for YEARS! LOL! :P

    I really liked the 2 or 3 OVAs I saw but I was a little pissed on how the 1st series goes right in to the game with no real closure. I like how you can enjoy the story on so many ways but I don't have the time to go and play the games. I had to watch a story recap thing but that still leaves unanswered questions for me.

    I think it started out a great series and I really enjoy the music but I am upset I might not have the time or effort to finish it. Little pissed I bought the series but I like my T-shirt and Grunt plush I have so not too pissed. Heard it is still really good but the gaps kill me without playing the games.
    -Justin ^_^'
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    Posted by norco on Sep 25, 2008
    I just started watching this series and I'm really liking it. I can't help but wonder how people tell others what they're watching. I tell people "dot hack sign" but I guess if I wanted to be completely accurate you could say "dot hack double backslash sign" or maybe everybody just says "hack sign" or "dot hack" lol I obviously have way too much time on my hands for me to sit around thinking about this
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    Indeed,dot hack sign is the name of this series since the backslashes aren't prounced,much like how "Hunter x Hunter","Fate/Stay Night" and "Gun x Sword" don't have the "x" or the "/" said in the name.

    @[email protected] good thing some new .hack manga will be released next month
  13. llsektorll

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    You know how people died playing the game?... I almost died watching this anime... of boredom that is...
  14. kainbloodheart

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    lol, i felt the same, i can normaly tollerate slow progression but that was just too slow
  15. r18

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    Posted by r18 on Sep 29, 2008
    i don't know i'm real tolerant of slow anime and stuff why don't you guys come on=over we can watch my lawn grow it's a hoot.
  16. llsektorll

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    I'd rather watch water boil.... atleast that would help me finish cooking dinner ... xD

    P.S. Which reminds me I use to watch anime on the PSP while cooking dinner.... go go multitasking! (could have also watched it on psp over wifi and VLCmedia player)
  17. kazi

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    Posted by kazi on Sep 29, 2008
    Yes.... I felt the same. I am so underwhelmed with the anime... but I cant help love it any how. The IDEA is just so interesting to me, and they style is fantastic. I wish, how ever, there was a bit less... cheese... I guess. Its like some one has really good style and ideas, then some one else shoots them down and inserts silliness. Regardless, the slow progression doesn't bother me, but I think that if they were to explore the theme more, then the progression would just have more content. Dennou Coil comes to mind.
  18. FalseMalevolence

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    While it is a bit drawn out and slow, I love the series and franchise as a whole and have been following the looooooong storyline since I first saw //SIGN on midnight Toonami runs way back in the day. (totally misunderstood the opening to //SIGN as I'm sure others did :@_@:)

    I was surprised, after only one episode it just kinda got me hooked and never let go.

    Not to mention the franchise (//G.U. games, //IMOQ games (the first 4) and all the anime except half of //Legend of the Twilight) has one hell of a musical score. I mean it's incredible, really something to look at even if you don't like the series it's just simply one of the best collection of soundtracks I've heard and am still listening to many many many of the songs for the (probably) 300th+ time and do not get sick of it. (Especially karl's theme from the G.U. extra soundtrack, that's gorgeous.)

    Yes I'm a total fanboi and I honestly don't know why! :baka: *glances over at my wall* WHERE DID THIS //SIGN WALLSCROLL COME FROM!?!?!?? HOW DID HALF MY ANIME SHELVES BECOME FILLED WITH .hack material!?!? >.>;;

    And yes, it's pronounced "dot Hack Sign". ;)
  19. qwertyuiopz

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    finished it + the ovas
    but wth was with the ending? ended it right in the middle of something :@?
    i feel bad for sora but it looks like im never going to know what happened then
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    I'd also have to admit that .hack//SIGN is very slow and tough to get into at first, and it's a very heavy dialog-driven story. However, after watching the anime I can say that I was really impressed with both the story and characters, especially Subaru. Tsukasa pissed me off during the first few episodes, but after a while he sort of grows on you. I'm a big fan of the games, so I was very excited to watch the series.

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