Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 25, 2019.

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  2. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Mar 25, 2019
    I guess there's 9 people on a team on the field at once? Maybe? Or is there a secret correlation between the title and the actual contents that I'm not seeing? Or is this like Love Live Cinderella Girls but with baseball instead of idols?
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    Cute girls doing cute things, baseball edition?

    What's most intriguing is that every trailer so far involved empty stadiums and air sirens, as if the Americans came back to bomb the shit out of Japan.
    I have no clue what any of that means and I'm in no rush to find out, but my head canon is that this is set in a post-apocalyptic world and the girls try to cope with that with the power of baseball.

    The very first trailer:
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    There was this old anime I'd always meant to watch because it had girls playing baseball together, but since we're getting a new one right here anyway, I think this'll be the show I start with first.
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    Posted by mdchan on Apr 6, 2019
    Princess Nine, maybe?

    In any case, this new anime definitely sounds interesting.
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    Not quite. The anime I had in mind was set in World War II, I think. But I didn't realize they made an anime out of A League of their Own, so thanks for putting Princess Nine on the radar.
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    Posted by Greebo on Apr 9, 2019
    Taishō Baseball Girls is the one you maybe thinking of. It was very good for me that show.
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  8. Franconator

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    That's the one. Thanks for this.
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    Episode 1
    That was cute, but that's about it. It seems we get this show a dime a dozen, regardless what it is about. First of all, I really do like the artwork, and character designs; it is very reminiscent of Love Live - a series I used to be obsessed with lol. But the character designs, despite being very colorful and attractive, are very generic. The long black haired girl, and the cheerful, inspiring MC have very lazy designs. The MC looks like she could be Honoka's ( from Love Live) relative or something, and the black haired girl really reminds me of the girl ( also long black haired) from Classroom of the Elite. The animation was also lazy at some points. One of the girls was sitting in her chair, in class, and the guy behind her looked
    like he just walked out of a low budget anime.

    But anyway, that is enough nitpicking for now lol. Let me talk about positivity and things that I liked!

    As I said before, I really liked the character designs, especially Akane's. I also like how supportive the girls are of each other; I really hope there is no unnecessary drama and no one gets hurt >_<. I played baseball when I was little, and it was nice to see them all in action and having fun together - very nostalgic :).
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  10. mdchan

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    Episode 1 & 2

    Right off the bat (no pun intended), I was not a fan of the way the characters are drawn...especially the eyes. Then, another "nope" check was that they were wearing SKIRTS (yes, I know they wore leggings underneath). I don't know anything about the creator of this anime...I don't know if there was a manga it was based off of.
    But I do know baseball, having played it throughout school (Little League and Seniors; had to stop after Seniors because girls couldn't play past that). I once cut open my knee with normal baseball pants sliding into one of the bases because there was a tiny pebble. Stealing and sliding with skirts and leggings? I can't imagine it. Baseball isn't supposed to be "cute" or "fanservice".

    Despite the anime already falling into the negative numbers with me, I still decided to at least watch the first episode and give it a chance. Watching the two girls gain confidence while playing sandlot baseball was more reminiscent of a baseball anime, while the second episode focused on a girl who didn't have fun playing and stopped because she wasn't as good as everyone else and got frustrated.

    That's...pretty much it. Honestly, I'm not impressed. The characters are so flat that the only name I remember is Akane's, and it's because she says her name instead of saying "I". I don't remember the name of the protagonist, there's no explanation as to why she likes baseball so much to the point where she wanted to form a girls' team, ect. And in a sports anime, that's not the sort of thing to wait on (especially for the protagonist/person forming the team). We need to know at least the basics of their motives straight away; what drives them? What about baseball are they so passionate about? Why not another sport?

    I can't answer any of those questions. Compared to other baseball anime like Oofuri, Major, and Cross Game...this one is lacking in the motive. Cross Game even started out fairly slow in pace, and the protagonist there often appears sort of "blank", but within the first couple episodes the wheels were set in motion and I got attached.
    Oofuri made it very clear why the protagonists loved baseball (especially the main protagonist) within the very first episode, as well as introduced quite a few rather interesting and dynamic characters.

    This anime, however...it has yet to explain why the protagonist wanted to form the team or any of the other things I already mentioned, and the characters are wishy-washy at best. I might give it another episode or two and see if some of the blanks are filled in (as Cross Game also started slow...but honestly was still way more interesting in the first episode than this has been in two episodes), but I don't have high expectations or hopes for it.
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  11. Wakasagihime

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    I would normally not watch something like this, but the prophecy from Shirobako of a baseball waifu anime makes me want to try it.
  12. Darkmaster006

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    Well, chapter 3 picked up pretty nicely! Hyped for next episode!
  13. mdchan

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    Episodes 3 & 4

    So, still giving this a chance. To me, the character designs are still a little strange...but then again, I have yet to find a baseball anime which includes girls actually playing the game outside of Cross Game. There are also some very weirdly animated parts and odd pauses, which is a bit off-putting (and how some of them stand when batting...knees together? Is that because they're girls? Not even girls do that when at bat).

    I do have a slight problem with these two episodes in that Tsubasa never outright said why she stopped playing. This setting has already established that girls can play with the boys, so one would presume that means they can go on to play at Koshien with them. Now, for the Senior League...it makes a little sense why Tsubasa stopped after that; had this been in today's setting, Seniors is the last time girls can actually play (saying from experience. Once I turned 16, it was my last year in Seniors and there was nowhere for me to go after that).

    However, this setting not only seems to have girls and boys mixed in clubs, but girls having a (small) league in the high school scene (post-Seniors).
    Due to that fact, I'm still confused as to why Tsubasa quit initially. "Her style" didn't match the style of the boys? What exactly does that mean? They were splitting up to different schools/clubs/teams and aiming for Koshien? But as we clearly saw with Shinonome, girls can play on the same team as boys...well, that said, it appeared to be a club team rather than a "school" team (there are different types of leagues in Japan besides just school teams and Little League/Senior League). They can even go pro.

    I'm still scratching my head. Does Tsubasa just want to have fun for her high school years? She's not aiming to be pro? But that still doesn't explain why someone of her level wouldn't want to join a team (or try to join a team) with others on the same level of play. So, I still feel like the question of "why did you stop?" went unanswered. There was no reason for her to, not in the setting this anime has given us. And it wasn't due to a bad experience with the boys or feeling that she can't keep up with them.

    The lack of an answer to that question is major points off. And of course, the stereotypical "I'm aiming to go pro, I don't have time for games" character...who then appears to do a 180 in the span of a few minutes of one episode. That's not realistic at all. In Major, Sato took quite a while to loosen up from that sort of mindset (and it still never completely left).

    I feel like the anime also isn't allowing us to get to know all of the characters. When by episode four they have a team of (at least) nine people, I should be able to name all of them; they should be bringing something to the table and some sort of personality. Right now, the only ones I can name are Tsubasa (protagonist...and only after episode 3 did I finally remember her name) and Shinonome...and only because the latter had her name repeated so many times during episode 4 that it was hard not to remember it.
    Compared to (yes, I will be saying "compared to" a lot, because sports anime have had quite some gems that new series will always be compared to) a show like Ookiku Furikabutte (Oofuri)...it's day and night with the characters. By the second or third episode of Oofuri, I could remember and name all of the players (and there, they had 10 of them) as well as the coach. That's because each character had some very unique personality traits which made them stand out, and the team was running bonding drills in addition to practice where they all got to know one another.

    I feel like this anime needs something like that; a training camp or something, so that we can learn more about these characters (or at least some quirky personality traits). Currently, many of them are bland (thank goodness that cheerleader girl and the reporter girl joined...I can't remember their names, but they both add personality to an otherwise dull cast. Well, them and Akane, the girl always wearing the hoodie).

    Despite my complaints, I am still giving this a bit more of a chance. What it needs now is a way for them to differentiate between the girls more than just in their hair/eye color. If that happens, then I'll keep watching. If not...I'll most likely drop the anime. It feels very low-budget, and I'm not even entirely sure of what Tsubasa's goal with the team is...nor do I particularly like any of the characters because there's not enough personality to make that decision.
    Will see how it pans out.
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    Posted by mdchan on May 6, 2019
    Episode 5

    There are so many things wrong with this episode. For one, they definitely needed a training camp or just playing sandlot baseball before they even thought about an actual practice game considering that the majority of the team still can't swing a bat properly or field a grounder.
    That works fine for Little League settings (such as in Major), but not at a high school level.

    I can't tell if they're serious about it or not. And again, I still don't know much of anything about the characters.
    Why was Akane worried about affording her uniform? Why was she happily surprised when her mother(?) gave her the money for it?

    What are the lives of the other characters like?

    As for the game...nobody pulls such a cruel thing in a practice match. It would have been fine if the other team was merely experimenting with different positions, but to then turn around (while they were winning in those positions) and decimate our protagonists...that goes against sportsmanship.

    (still having trouble getting over that their knees are exposed...there's no WAY they're able to slide into bases without cutting their legs)

    Also, why were the other girls late to practice after the game? All we saw was Shinonome talking to Akane...and even that felt lackluster and rather dull and missing emotions. I felt absolutely nothing watching that scene (guessing it was supposed to be heartwarming and character development, but it just came across as being lukewarm).
    Then suddenly, they all show up (conveniently at the same time) and start yelling their reflections to the sky.

    I still can't name all the characters. I've got Tsubasa (uh...I think that's her name?), Akane, and Shinonome...then there's "protagonist's best friend" (I think starts with an "N"? Nocchi?), "newspaper girl", "gambling girl", "tall athletic blond girl", "cheerleader/bancho girl", and "strategist girl".

    Probably will be dropping this. Sadly, this episode just couldn't pull things together. The moments in the dugout/bench were small and added pretty much nothing, the characters are still a mystery to me, and I still have no clue what Tsubasa wants from this team.
    ...plus, only having nine people is practically asking for the "someone gets injured and they run into trouble" trope in sports anime.

    This anime just isn't exciting; the game wasn't exciting to watch...there was no sensation of anticipation. The characters are the same way, and I really don't see this improving. I've given it more than its fair share of chances (after wanting to drop it at episode 2). If this is what the rest of the anime is going to be like (unexciting games and mediocre characters), it's not worth the time.
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    Episode 6
    There's no heterosexual explanation for this:
    I'll just take my canon TsubaTomo and fly into the sunset.
    Now, honestly, the 'conflict' was... kinda of artificial? I suppose it makes sense for Tsubasa to get angry because of Tomocchi training with Jinguji... but Tomocchi jumping from that to 'I don't wanna be your best friend,' ehhh, just doesn't feel right for me? I get that Tsubasa is going to be lenient with Tomocchi, but how would that hinder their performance in the team? Rather if you're better friends with someone you can connect with them better and perform better on the field, too? I guess, they're more than best friends now :love:.
  16. Darkmaster006

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    Episode 7. Picking this back up because I grew attached to the many characters although they definitely don't get enough screen time.

    Surprisingly, this episode was pretty good. Tsukumo got a lot of character development and Kurashiki, even though she was introduced just this episode, had an interesting and complex backstory. Tsukumo and Kurashiki's bonding moment was really heartfelt. It made me cry a bit. Tsukumo's Council friend is even more dense with emotions than Tsukumo, though! When she sees her smiling, she goes back to work-mode instead of saying something. I hope to see more of these two. Some cool pictures:
  17. Darkmaster006

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    Episode 8. First thing I noticed was that they changed the OP. In the part where Tsubasa closes the door, now all the team leaves the room before Tsubasa; before, there was no one and it was just Tsubasa closing the door. It was a nice touch.

    This episode was so full of unbridled hope, I loved it <3.

    You did well, Sensei!
  18. Darkmaster006

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    Episode 9. Super fun episode! The whole ghost story was seriously unexpected. Plus, we got more of the girls interacting which was really fun to watch.

    Coolest ghost ever.
    Funniest moment.
    Top-notch villain. Looks incredibly menacing.
  19. Darkmaster006

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    Episode 10.

    You go!!
    Silently judging :O.
  20. Darkmaster006

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    Episode 11.
    Jinguji was definitely the star of this episode. Great match so far, and this episode particularly went by so fast! I can't believe the next one is the last one, I'll miss this series :(. I think Jinguji will have to come to understand that friendship can and will make a team stronger for sure...

    Since the show really likes using close shots for some reason (one of the reasons probably the lack of budget...), let's take advantage of that.
    The cutest.
    She's the biggest lesbian.
    In a pitch.
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