Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Naga, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Naga

    Naga Well-Known Member

    Posted by Naga on Sep 29, 2014
  2. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    This is my comedy pick for the season.
    The one manga chapter available in English was really funny, and I hope the anime can pull off that humor.
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  3. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Sep 29, 2014
    Normally, I wouldn't pick up shows like this one but my impression from the first chapter of the manga is that it seems like it's going to fit the bill for my taste in humour so I'm actually kinda looking forward to how this turns out.
  4. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Oct 5, 2014
    Episode 1

    I sort of loved it, I think, probably. The emotional scene was touching the ending to it was such a kick in the nuts that it was funny. Truly most anime would make me hate this sort of turnabout but in the end I truly and sincerely liked it a lot. It isn't without it's flaws but I liked it none the less, I liked it a lot.
  5. Aranneas

    Aranneas New Member

    ep 1

    hilarious and depressing. show of the season for me so far (though it has some surprising competition in the form of Magic Kaito), especially since I'm a sucker for anything supernatural-inclined.
  6. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Episode 1:

    I thought it was very dull. I got that it was going for a deadpan dry style of humor and it didn't work for me. Most of the bits seemed more bizarre than funny and I didn't laugh once during the episode. Most of what I did was keep checking the time because it felt like I was watching this for a couple of hours but it was only twenty minutes. Every time a segment ended I was hoping it would be the end of the episode.

    The comedy didn't work at all, but neither did the little dramatic moments either. I didn't care that he started to care for her because he acts like a weird pedo and she is as bland as can be.

    I didn't like the characters, I didn't like the delivery of the jokes and I didn't enjoy the lacking OST where most scenes were just dead air.

    Bad, cheaply produced and unfunny. Most comedy need an episode to kind their footing so the chance is here to improve, but usually you see something promising in the first episode, but there was nothing promising here it was all equally dull.
  7. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Posted by Gens on Oct 5, 2014
    Episode 1:

    Yeah, this was pretty plain and dull. I think this came off much, much worse actually than the first chapter of the manga because the execution here felt terribly bad and the timing's completely off where it was dragging it's heels for too long. Not to mention, the dead pan delivery was way too much at times(More dead pan than I imagined) and very cringeworthy. Also to express what ZK stated, I'm really surprised by the complete absence of any real OST which I find plain weird.

    Just a really bad episode that didn't translate very well here, and the inclusion of the melodramatic parts that weren't in the source wasn't a good change in my personal opinion too.
  8. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Well this is disappointing.
    The pacing is just way off, and the jokes are changed for reasons unknown, and for the worse.
    And as ZK says, it seems cheaply produced, and the OST appears to be entirely absent.
    Couldn't Brains-Base or something have gotten this instead? Hell, even a poorly done Shaft adaptation would probably still have been more accurate.

    Could someone please pick up and translate the rest of the manga? That'd be nice.
  9. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Database Moderator

    Episode 1
    If they didn't frame this like a serious anime (with that awful purple colour scheme) from time to time and the comedic timing wasn't so slow, I probably would've liked it a little more. Little Kohina-san is cute though, so maybe I'll let it pass.

    But why is a precocious little primary school girl living by herself, anyway? The world may never know...

    I can't wait to see what the oyaji raccoon spirit is like. :love:
  10. Carnificus

    Carnificus Member

    Episode 1

    This kind of reminds me of Nichijou, but not as clever. That said, I didn't have as violent of a reaction to it as some people seem to have had. I'll probably give it another episode or two.
  11. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    To me this was more Nichijou on a heavy dose of Valium. I know this is supposed to be slower paced and dry, but that doesn't excuse the poor comedic timing or bizarre nature of some of the punchlines. Most of Nichijou had an OST so most scenes were just dead silence between talking.
  12. CaptainPancakes

    CaptainPancakes Well-Known Member

    Episode 1

    Hey, I liked it. I thought it was very funny -- I love this type of humor and thought it was done well here. I think the girl is hilarious and Gugure's parental tendancies was cute. Will definitely watch this one.
  13. Damias

    Damias Database Moderator

    Posted by Damias on Oct 6, 2014
    It is because, she is a doll! I'm sure you're able to picked that up, given you know... the constant reminder. =P

    Episode 1
    Ehh, not feeling the jokes. The anime has the characters to pull it off but the timing and the execution of those jokes are stale and lacking of energy. I love deadpan humor (so that was the term) but this is done with poor direction. Given the PV and stuff, I thought there was something here. Unless I was mistaken to believe this was supposed to be a comedy and more about the characters themselves. I would be fine either way, this was sort of cute and gentle to watch. o3o
  14. kawakamasu

    kawakamasu Member

    ep 1

    i'm loving it. even if the pacing is.. kinda off? i remember thinking while watching the first ep "shit how long is this? it must have been an hour already" not because i was bored or didn't like it which is usually the reason.. just something i can't quite put my finger on...
  15. CaptainPancakes

    CaptainPancakes Well-Known Member

    Episode 2

    Yeah I like this. Dog was...kinda creepy though.

    OP is really strange. I like the disco part but yeah
  16. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Database Moderator

    Episode 2
    Kokkuri-san's concern for Kohina's well-being is genuinely cute. Shame she resorts to straight-out breaking him every way she can.

    Actually, the whole first half was rather adorable.

    Also, Takahiro Sakurai's playing a creepy-ass bastard who's likely a MASSIVE lolicon too! Who happens to have...a separate female form with a cute deep voice who's just as big of a pervert as the male version?


  17. FireWalker

    FireWalker Active Member

    Starting this late, just ep1 so far ...
    Definitely the deadpan doll delivery is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it feature. It worked for me - especially when she was constantly repeating a question, such as "how old are you" or "do you have any friends."

    Kokkuri-san's alternate fawning and preening did seem like a straight-up copy of the fox-guardian in Kamisama Kiss, but gods are supposed to capricious, aren't they?
    It works for me as a parody (and a sly dig at the romantic Cinderella illusions of some anime heroines ... I like the fact that it mostly doesn't work on the doll, and even after he moment of weakness, she beat him afterward when he admitted to trying to manipulate her.)
    Best part was seeing him led away in pajamas and handcuffs.

    Also there seems to be a lot going on the background ... udon noodles with "666" on the label? That can't be an accident.
    Pretty entertaining so far, and a lot of meta-level wit surrounding the obvious jokes.
    I'm going to give this a good try and think it's going to be a winner.
  18. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Episode 2:

    This was an improvement on the first episode, but still wasn't great.
    I did like the first half of the episode which I found to have the right balance of bizarre humor and cuteness, but then the whole thing comes crashing down with the weirdly creepy second half of the episode. They made it reeeeaally clear the dog was sexually interested in Kohine and that's where I was drawing the line.

    It's a shame about the second half because this episode remembered to include music even if it was all pretty generic. The delivery for most of the humor is still too slow paced for my taste, but I couldn't help but laugh at Kohine's attempts to smile.

    Four Koma style humor is really hard to translate into animated form and a bit of stretching is expected, but slowing down the pace of the humor to a crawl isn't the best way to deal with it. I always find myself wishing the jokes were much punchier. Maybe if this were half length episodes like a couple of the other short series this season they could iron out the kinks in the humor.
  19. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Episode 3:

    Man, I didn't laugh once this episode. The dynamic with Inugami is actually pretty fucking creepy and not in a fun way. The rest of the episode is what we've come to expect bizarre jokes with slow timing and a lot of repeated gags that weren't funny the first time.

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