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    Chapter 81
    I've forgotten about some of the plotting, but at least the gang is all there for a reference of The Last Supper.

    I wouldn't wear headgear like that, but maybe I'm squeamish?

    Chapter 82

    Pew pew, now he has no leg! Enjoyable action, but a bit too chaotic. It's hard to get a feel for the layout and logistics of the altercation.

    The rest of volume 9 (chapters 83 - 90)
    Shiraishi is the best. I legit laughed out loud when he finally found the nun.

    The criminals pretending to be Ainu felt a bit like padding and an excuse for action, which is why it's good. Shame that nobody actually dies in this series so as soon as someone says someone passed away you know they're spreading falsehoods, inadvertently or not.
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    Damn. Ogata on the cover looking good.
    Noppera-bou always looks truly terrifying. And the manga goes all the way with pointing fingers at Kiroranke as some sort of shady villain. The anime only has hints every now and then.
    Oooohhh, so that's how they got themselves to Yubari. By skipping the gay yakuza arc, they offered no explanation of why they went there in the first place either.
    Nikaido wtf, those ears look nothing alike. Tsurumi and his saint-like patience. :D
    Anyway, this chapter marks the end of the first season. And they ended up skipping a lot of the content, so I'm curious how much they skipped for the second season. I'm guessing a lot of the characters' backstories.
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    Nobody dies? Everyone dies constantly afak. I wouldn't even dare to do the headcount. Or do you mean the main characters? Like Sugimoto THE IMMORTAL?
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    I mean the named characters. Nobody cares about mooks dying, since it lacks narrative heft and is mostly there for entertainment or making the named characters look good. There's been like five dead named characters so far, and a fair few that are supposed to be dead turn out to not be. The plot armour in this series is both insanely thick and spread to a lot of characters.

    There is obviously nothing wrong with this approach, but the cartoonistdoes feel very attached to the characters and is loathe to mention people just for them to be dead.
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    That first page couldn't be more subtle.
    Only Tsurumi can walk into a murdering psychopath's house, unarmed and all alone, only to walk out 10 minutes later, unharmed and with the kid totally head over heels in love with him, just by talking to him. I love Tsurumi. :DD
    Just seeing the polar bear and I'm already laughing. :D
    "Are these all made out of pigskin as well?" Such a great line.
    Never forget Nikaido molested Edogai's mom.
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    Don't blink, Sugimoto.
    Also, sneaking in the feels like that, shame on you. Is this the first time we're seeing Asirpa's dad's face in the manga? I can't remember.
    The long, neverending suffering of Tsukishima. :DD The shoes with the skulls are kinda awesome.
    The boner kid doesn't seem as annoying here, but we'll see. I couldn't stand him in the anime. I find it interesting that "cikap" can mean both a bird and a dick, because it's exactly the same for our Czech "pták".
    Hohoho. It's interesting reading things once you know what's going to happen. You notice a lot of little details. I see what you did there.
    Take a shot for yet another dead female character to give our male heroes tragic backstories.
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    Everyone has gotten a month's reprieve, so now it is time for me to start reading again.

    Chapter 91

    More food. And poor Professor Penis, suffering a fate worse than death: not boning people. This is a sad day for boners everywhere. Boner.

    Poor Shiraishi, not being able to escape. Well, he'll prolly get out this time as well.

    Chapter 92
    The red pepper salesman reminds me of emperor Dragan from the current Red Sonja run. All hail him and his exquisite taste in crowns!


    Also, fuck off, Cikapasi. Your presence ruins the splendour that is Inkarmat.
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    I don't remember Tanigaki's past so soon. The anime had it like 7 episodes later. That doesn't make the reveal of why Inkarmat knows about his sister that impressive.
    Ogata listening intently. Nice detail.
    Damn that comparison between Tanigaki's mom and huci. :(
    The war is always shown so vividly. Jfc. Tsukishima, Tsurumi, Ogata, and the traitors among the soldiers, at the front lines, too. Another nice detail.
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    I like how we're moving onto goofy chapters right after the last, heavy one.
    Always nice to see Mr. Fuckboy Haircut.
    I spy with my little eye, more foreshadowing.
    Ogata 100% realising that Edogay is in love with Tsurumi, having dealt with both Koito and Usami and frankly the rest of the squad. :DDD He's also extremely observant, isn't he? I had to scroll up to notice the smaller polar bear was gone.
    Look at how clean the action is. In the anime it's always just "BAM! everything at once", and you have no chance of catching what actually happened.
    Like this panel:
    Chills. I love how Tsukushima went straight for the finger.
    I have no idea where Ogata's true loyalties lie, but I doubt it's with the HQ. Probably only with himself.
    The polar bear/mine chase is a classic. I loved that part in the anime.
    "He'll pat me and lick me." :DD
    Sugimoto can't shoot for shit, but you don't want to engage in a close combat with him at any cost. Kind of the exact opposite of Ogata.
    I love how Tsukushima snatched the gun. :D
    Goodbye, Edogai.
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    Chapter 93
    Shiraishi continues to fuck up their escape shenanigans (this time he was aware of it, at least), but at least the old samurai and the tree bark dude are even more at odds.

    Cold of them to want to leave him behind. How can you not love a face like that?

    Chapter 94

    Arisaka is one hell of a dude. And war is a racket, as Smedley Butler wrote.

    I laughed at the "who are you?" gag.

    The ending splash page sure was beautiful.

    Chapter 95 and 96
    Boobs= good. Deception= bad. Show the enemy your dick. Boner.

    97 to 100
    Poor decepticon. His life span was surprisingly long for someone not belonging to the central cast.

    Poor Sugimoto. Will he ever be able to return to any type of life after this? This expedition is still him postponing going back to civilian life.
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    Shiraishi finally on the cover, eh?
    Kiroranke is Judas. But he's cool. I like him. Lol at the dead guys joining them, too. :D They're all each other's Judases to be honest.
    Ushiyama x Ienaga is the real ship.
    Ogata has a danger kink confirmed. At least he soldier was smart to leave the dagger in. I hate it when everyone always takes it out in the movies; it's how you die. Nikaido, on the other hand ...
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    Shiraishi is still the best. The artist sure is no match for all the animal reaps, though.

    I'm not feeling Koito: he seems needlessly over the top and could do well for fawning over Tsurumi some more.

    Man, I would love to be Inkarmat's dependent.

    Introducing Golden Kamuy's power couple: Ogin and Sakamoto! How very Bonny and Clyde. We gotta respect their eyebrow games.

    Ogata is too grimderp for hinna. Besides, those rodents do not look tasty.

    Another dead woman as backstory, but this time, we also get a dead dad and little brother. Ogata sure doesn't deserve any hinna emotions.

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    Quite heavy-handed with the story there, Asirpa.

    Ogin and Sakamoto may love the thrill, but true perversion comes from wearing headgear with nipples on it. Damn Nikaido, creeping me out since whenever he met that taxidermist.

    Isn't that oily staircase from a Japanese game show?

    That lieutenant really loves his dakka. Almost as much as Ogin and Sakamoto love each other.

    Does Nikaido think he's wearing a diaper? He tied the diaper roughly the same as his headgear.

    Yeah, no.

    109 and 110
    While lesser humans would complain that Asirpa is kink shaming, indirectly painting everyone masturbarting to bestiality as sickfucks by comparing them to the nature "lover", I say "you go, girl!"
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    One last exam Hasse, just one, and then I can try to catch up
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    If only the others tried to catch up.
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    *swoops in chanting Golden Boners*
    I don't even remember where I ended

    At least the kitty survived.
    Notice how Asirpa says she wants woodcock, and Ogata immediatelly tries to shoot one. Ogata of all people. You gotta wonder what his angle is, since he seems to be the only one resistant to her charms.
    I love how all the characters have such great chemistry. You can pair them up at random, and it'll work.
    Oooh, Shiraishi's flashback. That wasn't in the anime.
    Lol at the censorship not censoring anything. :DD
    He looked so proud of that picture, too, and he should have been. :D That was a great little arc. I laughed a lot. :D But I'm disappointed Staggy isn't in the list of characters.
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    Nagakura and Hijikata sitting in a tree h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l-i-t-y.
    Ogata acting like a cat is the best. :D
    Oh, look, Sugimoto isn't bald under his hat.
    Ogata is very observant, so I'm not surprised he'd notice something was amiss right away, especially with Asirpa acting so weird. Sugimoto, on the other hand... Did Shiraishi take your one common brain cell when you separated?
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    Holy shit. Now that's another use for the stick.
    "Go on and tell the other bears." :D Ushiyama is honestly shaping up to be one of my most favourite characters, right behind Tsurumi and Ogata. I don't think he had much space after the hotel arc in the anime, but here he's really shining. The fucking boner in the snow killed me. :DDD
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    Viz will release the 14th volume on Wednesday, which means that the race is on then. For a day or two, because I don't like only having one volume left to read on my tablet, and I don't want to resort to shadier means.
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    Maybe pairing up Hijikata and Kiroranke wasn't such a good idea. Alliances form and change faster than the weather. And maybe Shiraishi isn't as stupid as it would seem.
    Always with the hentai poses. :D

    I've seen this way, waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many times. :DD
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