Golden Kamuy

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    I know everyone has there queritor about this and some minor beefs. But over all this was good watching. Loved all the badass characters, Aniu, poop is miso, dick jokes and the tats! Can't wait for the second season. They cast the line and then they hooked me!
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    well that was a weird second 2 episode
  3. Inu230

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    Episode 1: Watched English Sub
    Opening lines conveying character’s willingness to become a cannibal is certainly one of the more interesting starters I’ve seen. Though his crunch of that ant had me regretting my choice to watch this while eating raisins.


    Credible tall tales put a smile on my face.


    Oooh the composition of the bear is laughably horrendous.

    I’m angry at the bandanna girl for killing the mama bear. Now there’s a starving orphan cub who gets killed seconds late =(

    Retar’s not a great name.


    I was kind of hoping this wasn’t about money and the title was referring to how golden Kamuy was or was going to become.
    • A bit of a wish from my love of The Outsiders.
    Episode 2: Watched English Dub
    “ I know that you’re a great liar.” -- Well I’m in love.
    Those poor squirrels.

    That’s quite a close quarters bath.

    Oooo that head injury.
    All he wanted was to live.
    Not great luck to be fished out by those guys. I don’t anticipate liking them.​

    Putting those toes to work. I enjoyed that. Feet and toes should be just as useful as arms and fingers.

    Let the rabbit go woman! I’d rather have the ant.


    I don’t care for Monical Rial as Aspira.

    Ian Sinclair as Sugimoto a bit much too. Maybe it’s character development or the episode content but the Japanese voice performer in the first ep wasn’t nearly as excitable/animated. I’m partial to his performance.
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  4. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 3: Watched English Sub
    Soldiers on skies, That would make a nice gif. XD

    The return of the wolf is kind of a let down. I don’t care too much for Aspira and would like to see her no more.


    Japanese voice actor was more animated in this ep, guess it’s going to be character development.

    I like the more serious Sugimoto.

    Raising animals for slaughter. I could go into quite a lengthy rant about this but I’ll just say I’ve got a strong opinion.

    Episode 4: Watched English Sub
    Not liking Aspira any more as the anime progresses.

    Sugimoto’s love for miso is endearing, Aspira’s behavior is completely unacceptable.

    Sugimoto hasn’t made too much progress towards keeping the promise he made to his friend =(


    Golden nugget talk got my stomach grumbling.
    Time for some chicken.​
  5. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 5: Watched English Sub
    That horse did not deserve that treatment.

    Sticking with English Sub

    Episode 6:
    200 lives lost ‘because you can’t find another hobby. Jerk.

    “Don’t die Sugimoto” was not a pleasant sight.
  6. KarmaKhameleon

    KarmaKhameleon Well-Known Member

    Here for the anime bingo challenge as well. Am I the only one who likes the Ainu girl? Shes baddass.
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  7. KarmaKhameleon

    KarmaKhameleon Well-Known Member

    When he has to eat the squirrel brain ×_×
  8. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 7:
    She is not innocent. By all means use her as more than a hostage: use her to set an example.

    How does one forget such an awesome title as “Escape King”?

    Retar having a family was a nice surprise. Not sure why he kept leaving them to visit Aspira though: they look a whole lot more fun.

    Episode 8:
    “When I” was used too much in this episode.

    I would not have saved him.
    Dying at sea is fitting for attacking that whale.​

  9. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    He didn't have to he could have gone back to the ant.
  10. KarmaKhameleon

    KarmaKhameleon Well-Known Member

    I think he didnt want to be disrespectful of the Ainu culture since the girl was pressuring him. Lolz
  11. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Yeah there's a lot of "don't insult the cultural" in this. Mainly involving food.


    Episode 9:
    “I bought this gun illegally from someone in the military.”
    “I like it.”

    Oooh weaponenthusiest. Who uses his new possession to damage every nook and cranny of his residence.

    A bit of both.​

    The whale should have killed them all.

    Episode 10:
    The bear’s screen time keeps depleting.

    Let’s introduce a giant fish, walk on a dam, fall in, and get immediately taken into the fish’s mouth. >>

    For a fish rumored to have taken a bear it did not give much of a fight.

    Didn’t exactly decide what a “fair share” was now did they?
    I noticed. ​

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  12. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 11:
    This was nutjob.

    Episode 12:
    I’m sorta surprised this only got a dozen eps. It feels a bit odd typing up the last reactions I had to this anime.
    Part of that might be that this show went in a different direction than I was expecting from the title and first episode {more under Overall Thoughts}.
    What is with the random gambling?

    This was a poor last ep. Nothing of significance happened.

    Even the scene after the credits was a let down.

    Overall Thoughts
    For an anime where the first episode contained war, cannibalism, skinning animals and humans, and demonic creatures, the serious tone went straight down.
    • The “comedy” did not work as juxtaposition.
      • It decreased the serious tone the story should have kept.
    Asirpa was not likeable.

    Retar was a very poor imitation of Kiba {Wolf’s Rain}.
    • His name may mean white in one language but in another it sounds unpleasant.
    For people who are supposed to be traveling around finding the pieces of the map they come back to the village a whole lot.

    There was too much animal killing in this for my taste.

    I may have liked it more if:
    • Sugimoto spent more time with a different character.

    • There was less or no
      • Yoshitake,
      • Ushiyama,
      • Kano
      • Animal slaughter.
    • There were no brothel visits.

    • The story was about a man who promised or otherwise felt compelled to seek out a comrade’s family and take care of them and actually did so.

    • Like my thoughts in my post for the first episode I would have liked this to have been about staying golden not gold.

    I liked the opening song.

    The second season won’t be added to my “Want to Watch” list but I may get to sometime.
  13. KarmaKhameleon

    KarmaKhameleon Well-Known Member

    Is it just me or does Golden Kamuy give some Samurai Champloo vibes? It's not as good though. I wouldn't be interested in watching season 2 because this show was only about a 7 for me. However, season 2 is rated higher than season 1, so now I am contemplating using it for next seasons ABC.
  14. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    Whoa, this is more brutal than I expected. And that's not bad at all.
    Is this grown up, survival One Piece?
    The bear scenes were hilarious, especially the second one. That probably wasn't the intention, was it?
    I'm not sure if this will ultimately be my cup of tea or not, as first episodes tend to be decieving, but it definitely left me intrigued, so I'll give it a few more episodes and see. I guess it all depends on whether or not I'll like the characters.
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  15. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    This is some weird cooking show.
    I also saw someone say "hinna hinna" about the fanservice, and now I get it. :DD Hinna hinna indeed.
    The jokes are funny. The characters are great. Yeah, I'm liking this.
    ED > OP
  16. ZetsubouKaiji

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    The second season pretty much becomes to the gayest thing I've ever seen. You'll love it.
  17. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Honestly there's no better anime for out of context screenshots.

    Had so much fun with that.
  18. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    You know a show is good when it constantly makes you go "oh, shit". I'm really liking this. I didn't expect to like it so much.
  19. FunkyTime

    FunkyTime Well-Known Member

    Better late than never, hehe. I'm really happy you're enjoying it, Golden Kamuy is great!

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