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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 4, 2018.

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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    This one sounds neat for the unique setting and time period. The plot sounds stale, but the setting could easily make up for that. Especially if it really goes into the survival aspect.
  3. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 4, 2018
    this'll either make up for the previous Geno stinker, or just prove that studio Manglobe was better of getting shut down. though i'm intrigued, i've the manga on my wtr for a while now.
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  4. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 4, 2018
    Bear fucking, need I say anymore?

    I've heard how absolutely crazy, and ridiculous this manga is, so I'm quite looking forward to that.
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  5. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 4, 2018
    Oh yeh, and PV for anyone curious:

    The VA voicing the main dude is certainly quite enthusiastic sounding, GOOOOOOLDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNN KAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUY.
  6. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 4, 2018
    This guy gives me the impression that he's a combination of an edgy shounen lead and a psychopath villain, I already like him.
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  7. Karasune

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    This sounds like it could be greato. Pls be greato.
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  8. BrainBlow

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    I've read some of the manga in expectation of this series, and it's pretty damn great.
    Two things will be quite crucial that they take extra care with for success:
    1. Voice acting. As the PV posted above shows, there's... enthusiasm to some of the characters. A lot of the scenes and dialogue really lends itself to actors that can fully commit, both in serious moments and goofy as fuck scenes.

    2. The Facial expressions.
    Geno is a rather new studio, and a lot will depend on this anime for them to make a name for themselves. To the best of my knowledge, the studio was primarily founded by the remnants of studio Manglobe, the studio that went bankrupt back in 2015 while airing Gangsta.

    And as a bonus, it would be nice if Asirpa's VA has at least some coaching on how to pronounce some of the Ainu words. The Ainu language has some distinct linguistic differences from Japanese, which Japanese VAs commonly butcher in other languages. That would suck considering this is probably the most prominent representation Ainu characters and culture have ever gotten in anime and manga.
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  9. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 9, 2018

    I do see potential in this, and it was definitely better, and more intriguing than Kokkoku's start in my opinion. The CGI bear was so fucking ugly and jarring though. Geno's certainly not very strong at animation, just man, the hell was that bear? I understand they're a new studio and all, but I can't get past, incredibly distracting shit like that. Felt like, I died a little inside seeing that.
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  10. ShinShini

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    That bear looks like an Unity asset flip from a shitty steam game.
  11. TurkeyGami

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    Episode 1:

    I know what you guys want.

    Some bear gifs for your viewing pleasure:

    Ugh, that made me want to vomit. Oh well, the premise is pretty intriguing and the music's alright, definitely better action than kokkoku, just as long as they don't do it agai-


    This is why we can't have nice things.
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  12. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 9, 2018
    Dude, if we get anymore CGI bear encounters. I swear I'm going to jump off the nearest cliff.

    The interview answer wasn't very good for this either:

    TLDR, "we're too fucking lazy to animate this by hand, and lack the talent to do so."

    I do think the premise is really interesting too, but goddamn, that CGI can go fuck itself. Today seems to be ugly CGI day for me, today.
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  13. Scalpelexis

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    Episode 1

    Gotta say, this probably has for me so far the most interesting story (or its potential). I can't remember when I was watching a treasure hunt tale for the last time (maybe Made in Abyss qualifies?). Doing it via skining criminals is quite original. I didn't expect it to be this gory; the scene where he pierced the eyes of the guy made me jump of the seat. However I don't mind having more blood; I rather welcome it, it makes the situations a bit more intense. Characters are pretty neat: Saichi is pretty badass-y..


    I dig when an over-the-top cool quote is said and this made me smirk happily. Punching the bear? For real? I giggled at his confidence. Saichi looks like a mix of a fierce and fiery good-hearted man who is willing to get his hands damn dirty. Asirpa is not a shabby one too, but she will be probably the moral support of the duo. Really like both of them so far.

    Now to the worse, aforementioned. Screw the CGI. Holy shit, those bears. First one was funny, but the second one next to the fire? What the fuck was that? He literally looks like a pile of shit if I blur my sight a bit. Even the wolf! Was the wolf in the beggining drawn, then CGI/hand drawn until going into a weird mix in that awful battle between it and the bear? That was too cringy too. The fire I can forgive, but please, stop this. Don't you feel ashamed of yourselves, authors, when you see it? Those freaking Handlers from Kokkoku looked better than this. The 2D animation and sound are ok, I can deal with that, even though if it is not perfect. I am worried it might go a bit downwards, fingers crossed.

    I am intrigued, but yeah, more bears and I go suicidal.
  14. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Episode 1
    We're now in a post-Revenant era. There's no excuse for such shitty CGI bears, even for TV series.
    I get that the artist is really fucking good at drawing stuff, and that animating a bear with the same level of detail would be difficult, but this poor CGI shit is hardly excusable. No weight to anything that happens, and it feels awkward and stilted.

    Besides that, something just felt off about the episode, yet I couldn't quite put my finger on it at first. The pacing feels all wrong despite seemingly being sensibly laid out, and with rather minor changes.
    But then I realized:
    They removed the freaking narrator!
    No wonder every damn scene felt like they were tripping over themselves to advance forward, not pausing for the slightest breath.
    Like, anime is kinda unique in how you can have an omnipresent narrator without anyone batting an eye. It's a strength to lean on, not something to cut away.

    With luck this is just a problem with the first episode specifically and how to pace it, and they'll get stuff in order next. But it's never a good sign when the first episodes underperform, considering how anime studios are well-aware of the 3-episode meta.
    It really suffers from "has no advantage over the manga" syndrome. The voice acting is decent, but that's hardly enough of a trade for the manga's much better pacing, narration and art quality.
  15. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 9, 2018
    The bear was bad enough honestly, that I'm really considering reading the manga right now, just to see better visual quality.
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  16. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Slight warning: The author is also really good at drawing gore. Like, obviously sits in his studio with lots of reference pictures for human intestines laying around. Boy that must look creepy if you just happened to visit the studio on the day they draw those parts.
    Though I get the feeling this is gonna be one of those anime that do a lot of changes for the BD version. (at least removing the rather blatant black cloud gore censoring)
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  17. TurkeyGami

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    This is the kinda thing that makes me mad when an anime doesn't live up to itself, because like, I don't care if the manga is better, I don't read manga unless I physically own it and I don't own it unless I love the anime it's based off, so this is a moot point for me. This will just always suck for me and it didn't have to, which is just tragic. Source Material just doesn't matter.

    Another thing, I hate it when studios make stuff "just to promote the source material" like what kind of artistic mentality is that?
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  18. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 9, 2018
    That's like almost every anime ever though. They're mostly just glorified advertisements for the manga. You just never really get complete endings, unless it's completely original material.
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  19. BrainBlow

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    In a world of risk aversion, adapting manga makes sense since it already comes with a prepackaged base audience that will watch it regardless.

    Source material always matters to me since I read a lot of manga, but only insofar that the anime should be able to have something that makes it worthwhile to watch compared to just reading the manga.
    When you just plainly and stiffly adapt the manga without understanding the manga's strengths and the anime medium's strengths, you just kinda make an inferior version of the manga. That's in many ways worse than an outright bad adaptation.
    I usually only harp on anime and manga differences when it's obvious the anime is trying to stick it close to the manga without making any special efforts of its own, but then fails to mimic the manga's own strengths.
    A goddamn great adaptation can be more faithful to the source material by not trying to imitate it. It makes changes that are suitable for the anime medium (without going into complete filler arc territory) and claims its own identity, in the process also making it so that comparisons to the source material are on the overarching things that are fun to discuss rather than the page-to-page business.

    Then again, any potentially great anime can get butchered by something as trivial as a scheduling error, sickness of an animator at a crucial time, a popped tire, or something malicious like executive meddling. Fears of this likely often discourages the sort of pre-planning needed to successfully make the anime unique from the source material rather than a "plain" adaptation.

    On a slightly brighter note: The preview of the next episode had someone I'm assuming is not a main-cast member read out the upcoming episode title.
    And he KINDA sounds like Fumihiko Tachiki. Oh gods please. Him. Narrator. Please.
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  20. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    Well, I really liked the episode

    Terrible CG bear aside, this was a very solid first episode. It set up an interesting premise, I like the characters, and outside of the bear and the wolf it looked ok. I can put up with less then stellar elements like that CG if I like the story, so if it keeps me this entertained I'll forgive it some cheap CG from time to time. Having a guy hunting for escaped death row inmates to find a treasure is an interesting premise, and so far I like both the main character and the Ainu girl (I laughed out loud when the guy punched the bear, then admitted that he knew it wouldn't work).

    I don't know the source material, and I don't care about it. Taking this on its own, it was a very entertaining start to a show that had a few noticeable flaws when it came to the animation.

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