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    @Franconator couldn't agree more. This was a much stronger episode than most of the others, simply because it was more about the characters and less about gross sex metaphors and people beating each other up. I think for the most part it has been trying to be edgy (and succeeded) but that made it really REALLY crass in areas. Don't get me wrong, that's just my personal take on it, but I would definitely have been on board with a more story-focused narrative.
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    Uhh, I won't say I've done a 180 on this because it's still edgy bullshit most of the time. On the other hand it's got some genuine character and story development that actually seems to be heading for a clearly defined ending. I'd actually watch more of this just to see where it went. Probably wouldn't love it, but a complete story in anime is such a unicorn that I'd watch just for that.
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    Posted by Gens on Jun 28, 2020
    I'm sitting on 2.5/5 for this I think as a mediocre experience, I don't even think the idea behind a toxic relationship like Shuichi and Clair's is even a bad thing honestly in theory to explore. I'm no stranger to that with Ikuhara's works. It's certainly more than what some edgy shows will do, but it could certainly be more focused instead of throwing all the other dumb shit at us.
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    Didn't have high hopes, but boy did it not deliver. I get why people would like this, but I am not 'people'. Honestly one of my hardest pushes this season. 1.5/5
    My main pickle remains that, save for two-three characters, the entire cast is unlikable as f*ck...
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    ep 13
    WTF! Love the apt! Parent upstairs in bags? This is messed up. Undertones and text, we'll have to see.
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    First of...spoilers?
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    EP 13

    Is that really it? There better be another season cause there are now more questions than answers.

    SO Elena killed Suichi's parents and made him forget to protect him? So she did the same to her parents to protect her sister? Then there is something going on between Suichi and Clair that Elena needed them to go away and forget. WTF is going on? I think Clair found out and Suichi's parents got involved in something. But either way to have his she erased again.....damn.

    I'm assuming the white ghost is not actually the dead girl but an alien and he managed to get to the site the first time? JEsus, so many questions. I pray the manga went further than this cause damn.

    I mean.... they didn't even have sex yet. WTF!!!!:flip:
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    I have to admit that I'm interested in the backstory of that group of friends. Elena considers it all to be her fault, wants to carry that burden by herself and fix the problem. We're still missing the bit on why she thinks it's her fault. Elena has had multiple coins and I'm keen to see how she's used them in the past. We know she's used two coins to change her and Shuichi but we also know she's given two coins to Claire.

    The white ghost girl seems to be the girl Kaito killed, Honoka. So he probably brought her back because he felt guilty for strangling her. I'm guessing she's just an empty shell with no memories, just killing people who don't remember her. She took Aiko's body because she expected nobody to remember her anyways. I think I remember Kaito saying that he couldn't die which would mean that he's used multiple coins too.

    Monsters fighting over space alien coins though... sigh

    6/10 for me so far...
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    If there's one good thing to say about the Gleipnir manga, its probably the fact that it got me more vocal and active on Anime Planet. But that's still not saying much about it, seeing how I'm not so eager to recommend it to other people. At the end of the day, people will like what they like. And also hate what they want to hate.
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    I gave this a 6 and I'm generally a generous scorer.
    Okay, we get it Gleipnir, you're edgy. However, if you keep shoving tits and butts and outlines of naked chicks in my face, I'm going to think you're trashy. The sex metaphors just made me feel uncomfortable watching this.
    But that's the problem with this I guess, especially as a mature woman watching this I just can't get behind it because 90% of the focus is on the trashy stuff and 10% is focused on the story. As such even though quite a lot of stuff happens I don't feel like the story actually went anywhere, the characters didn't change (except those that went from alive to not alive..) and apart from the main duo and Elena all of the other characters felt very inconsequential except as a way to move the story forward. I didn't ever expect to be bored by an anime with decentish fighting and action but found my mind wandering during episodes more often than not.
    My favourite parts of Gleipnir were the opening, the plant guy, Madoka, episode 12 and the BGM when Shuichi is fighting in the last episode. The rest was kind of lacklustre and so very, very tasteless.
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    I'm laughing at this crossing the street scene.

    Um... two wrongs don't make right, bro.
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    At the end, when the white ghost appears, she talks as if she isn't human. I can't recall her exact words but it was something along the lines of an alien in a shell examining things. It's like its actually one of the dudes alien buddies who's pretending to be the ghost of the girl. How she spoke and what she said when she showed up is was really caught me by surprise.
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  13. Gozza

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    Posted by Gozza on Jul 3, 2020
    I think it comes more down to the question, "What would you wish for if you were Kaito?". It's humans that make these wishes, not the aliens. Would you wish for Honoka to be resurrected because you felt guilty or would you wish for an alien that follows you around? It's the same with the girl that was turned into a vending machine, she wanted to be helpful and her wish really backfired on her.

    I'm not sure if you've ever seen the old horror movie called The Wishmaster but in that movie that would take wishes too literally and actually creating more issues than that it really brings any happiness. I feel the show tries to follow that concept.
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    Dang man, my house isn't even that dirty.

    The fight was pretty good. Wish the whole anime was like that.
    2.0/5 (below average)
    It started out alright, then went all "meh"...
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    Hold the f*ck up. Who turned into what? I don't remember this. What? Where? WHEN? WHY? HOW?
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    Posted by Gozza on Jul 3, 2020
    There was a girl who came to see the alien, it was one of the first interactions the alien had (episode 11). It was treated as a backstory. She suggested rewarding the people who helped look for the coins. He let her make a wish and the vending machine was born *lol There are a few moments where the alien takes a deep breath or looks over to the vending machine as if he had lost his first and best friend.

    And yes, it's also really weird because there is a moment when the alien comes out of the vending machine.
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  17. Teophan

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    SOB I have to rewatch that again. I don't know how I missed that.
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  18. Gozza

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    Posted by Gozza on Jul 4, 2020
    Actually, I rewatched that bit again too. Boy, was I wrong on that one... Hahaha My avatar suits this situation perfectly!

    I felt they insinuated it with the alien saying that he can make her wishes come true, that he's excellent at body transformations with the follow-up shot where the alien asks if this is really what she wanted while holding the coin in front of the pimped out machine. Like, the coin wasn't used in the machine... I always thought the first girl the alien met was somewhat of a throw-away character, didn't realize it was actually Honoka.

    I guess it's a nice touch to show the alien having concerns in regards to Honoka's wish.
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  19. Teophan

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    You had me confused there for a second. The alien gives them powers by giving them the drinks. The drinks can also replenish them and heal them. That's why they need to bring the coins back for more than just the wish. BUT, if you notice, some have already used up the coins to change and heal. That must mean that you don't need to have 100 but 100 total. So even the ones used will be counted towards the 100..OH MY GOD.

    The vending machine!!! The alien is capable of so much. How can a vending machine, that has no power, stay lit, keep popping out drinks? What if the vending machine is the spaceship and he's not looking for his friends and ship but his prisoners? Or maybe there is something else out there besides a ship.......HMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm.....

    I still need to rewatch the last two episodes cause I swear the white ghost is actually an alien based on how she talks.
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    Posted by Taek on Jul 9, 2020
    I still have a few episodes of this to watch, but really this is trash.

    Except Claire. I genuinely like Claire's character.

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