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    It's Boy MC being a buffoon for the sake of being a buffoon. And an inconsistent buffoon, too, since he went out of his way to lie--LIE--to protect Blue-chan from Red-chan's veeeeeeeeeeery legitimate fury at having her privacy violated, but he can't stand the insincerity of slightly pretending he isn't dating Blue-chan so that Red-chan doesn't get socially destroyed by her classmates.

    And Red-chan already likes Blue-chan, so she can easily "make friends with the new girl" as soon as they're all in the same classroom for the first time and dispel any fear that they'll be exposed by having her hang out with them because it will be immediately established that THEY ARE FRIENDS AND SO OBVIOUSLY SHE WOULD HANG OUT WITH RED-CHAN AND BOY MC AT THE SAME TIME. I know she's afraid of being found out, but the obvious compromise that Boy MC should have proposed was that Red-chan and Blue-chan go through the motions of becoming friends in class.

    Not one of these kids is established to be stupid enough to act the way they do.

    See?! I told you!


    Apologize to ya boy.

    This just made me laugh. Nothing to add. Just very funny.

    I don't think it's hypocritical to hold the show to the standards it claims for itself. There's taking things too seriously ("Why is Boy MC outrageously earnest? No one really acts like that!") when it's meant to be silly, and then there's being disappointed when the show doesn't take itself seriously enough to be internally consistent.

    If you were willing to give it leeway last week but find that it's gone too far this week, that just means you have a line that the show (intentionally or otherwise) does not have.

    You are correct, sir! Or, at least, it's very much a contributing factor.

    Consider the treatment of Red-chan the straw that broke the camel's back, with everything I said wasn't sitting right with me last week also still being true this week. But also more so.

    Oh no--I am #TeamPurple. Based on how she looks in the OP. And nothing else. (Well, maybe on her presumptive little wave to Red-chan after she solves the math equation at the board in the first few moments of Ep 1.)

    But, of the two main members of this triangle...throuple...whatever the hell, I am hardcore in Red-chan's corner. I think she's the most interesting, the most grounded, the most right, and (unrelated to that...I think) the best performed.

    ...aww, I'm not gonna get to spend time with Purple-chan. Boo.

    I will never forgive you for this, show.

    Totally. I thought it was possibly just a vestigial misstep from the mad rush to get the three of them into the co-habitation phase of the story so that the premise could be more immediately realized, We're supposed to be laughing at her misfortune.

    And, again, I think the nebulous state of the is-it-a-love-triangle-is-it-a-three-way question contributes to this, because Red-chan is clearly the one being shafted in this deal. Everything is designed (intentionally or otherwise) to undermine her feelings rather than to deal with the situation her complicated feelings present.

    I think this would be funnier if this was a harem series from the girl's perspective, where no one is dating anyone, but yet they're all hovering around the dating button. It'd be easier to laugh at the foibles of the genre if it simply adhered to those foibles.

    But...whatever. It doesn't matter, now.

    First off...if he needs two dicks to keep up with two girls, he doesn't deserve to have two girls.

    Second--the issue is less that it's logical that he might pay attention to the new girl because she's new (or that he will obviously sometimes have time alone with one girl and not the other) than that the show doesn't treat it as such. The show wants it to be funny that Red-chan is constantly uncomfortable--not just from her own mistakes (such as the accidental ban on sex) but also from the mistreatment and disregard she gets from the guy who keeps swearing he wants everything to be fair.

    And, thus far, the joke has not been that Boy MC is a dick for this but, rather, that he's overzealous with his desire to be proportionately affectionate. Yet his affection only seems to run in one direction, with Red-chan being the only one suffering because of it, despite obvious and logical moments where this does not have to be the case--which completely undermines the basic setup of the show. Which might be okay if it were treated as a serious problem for them to resolve,'s not.
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    Posted by g3data on Jul 9, 2021
    Honestly, I think what makes the scenes with Saki's inner monologues more palatable is the lack of any malicious intent, along with how Naoya, upon realizing how his actions might be interpreted by Saki, immediately tries to resolve whatever worries he thinks she's having (even he draws the wrong conclusion).

    I do agree that he really ought to shine more attention on her needs, but I am fine with waiting a bit longer. Just because it needs to happen, doesn't mean it needs to happen immediately, so I'm cool with giving the author the benefit of a doubt here for now.
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    Do they really have to yell every scene? Kinda annoying
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    Just to put a point on it:
    True enough. But my issue with it is that the show doesn't have the right tone, from my perspective, to pull this off, when it's trying to play everything as absurd. If everything was extreme and ludicrous, then I can see it being funny. But Red-chan and her feelings and her concerns aren't zany. They're very grounded and serious. And, to me, that makes it much harder to suspend disbelief and find everything appropriately absurdist.

    But, again, that's me.
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    This is the best character description for her i have seen!

    I will give credit where its due, this one did give me a laugh. It was simple enough but made great by her ignorance to the image given by her being there so long... to only realise after saying what she said.

    Exactly, and well spotted on his double standards when it comes to lies, which lets be honest, for how open he seems to be mentally speaking (in the regard of having little control over his mouth, he says everything on his mind down to wanting to date two girls and have a three-way), he sure behaves differently when it comes to Nagisa, protects her looking into Saki's phone and is happy to destroy Saki's social reputation for... Nagisa. Don't get me wrong, i get it sucks seeing her alone but c'mon, as we said, friends can be mixed sex...

    I mean, they could of just made it out that MC or Saki knew her already, no one will press much into you met her one day outside of school one day or something of that nature, which doesn't even require the "making friends" part.
    But even if they went the long route and "first meeting -> friends", this should still offer reason for them all to hang together and would give Nagisa some new friends as odds are, Saki's group would welcome her.

    I made comments about hating him every week, he still reigns champ of the worst MC hehe

    It's a shame really, i don't hate the concept of the show, it's granted not my choice but as a comedy harem, it sounded pretty good to start as literally, a harem, over 10 girls all trying to win the guy but its balance is seriously off.

    I admit this 2nd one dropped my opinion a fair bit, i will give it a few more episodes to be fair to it, but yeah, it's certainly a shame as i had some hopes for it being either interesting on a harem level or comical as a comedy.

    there is a purple girl? huh, i never noticed her! Noticed the blonde with twintails i think but that was it.
    proceeds to re-watch the op
    Ohhhh, right there is a 4th!! She is kind of side-shoved a bit, like, watch the ending and she is kind of tucked away behind everyone, i assume she isn't in the harem (but learns of it) or if she is, she likely is going to be minor, just going on its seems to be keeping her out of frame. So maybe you haven't lost much here.


    What saddens me further here, Saki is generally just given the "I love you, of course, Saki" and that's enough to win her over, win her favour. Whilst we spend 90% of the time talking about how amazing and cute Nagisa is...

    Its easiest to say that the show wants Red to be the Joker in a pack of cards, for better or worse though.
    She is the stand-out instance who uses logic, which is fine, she is basically playing the straightman to the jokes, the problem is, the jokes seem to be her as the target, how she reacts or responds, how well she does or doesn't take stuff etc. I said before but i think Saki is pretty well written, or to quote @interregnum as i think they said it better, she is more grounded. Which is 99% of the time, a good thing, this is the 1% though where her character is punished essentially because of this. If she didn't have so much things going for her, it would be easier to overlook.
    But the setting its self told us this guy has been asking her out for literally years - to only start dating her and in a month, want someone else.
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    Episode 2.
    Oh, Naoya. The guy clearly has an excess of caring about him. Sweet dude, but damn is he stupid...though not as dumb as Minase, apparently. Guess she trades all her smart points for cute points.

    Also, always clear your browser history. Hell, I clear mine every day and I'm the only person who uses this computer.
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    Episode 2
    Pretty funny episode. In particular, I really liked the futon scenes. The voice actors really show off their talent in this show, especially Saki (who is best girl). Loving it so far and can't wait for Episode 3.
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    Ep 3
    It's problem is getting worse
    So despite it might seem a Saki based episode on the surface, its mostly split into 2 halves, the first being finding a location to please Nagisa and the second is Saki being upset which results in it equally being all Nagisa...

    What bugs me here is two things:
    1) Nagisa shows she has little interest in working with Saki, maybe this is just me but the minute Saki ran away, Nagisa's mind instantly is "I have MC to myself" and "With Saki out the picture", basically she instantly hopes Saki is out the way
    2) No one considers the most obvious reason Saki is upset.

    So Saki is upset, I'm not expecting them to get the answer right away but its fair to assume it relates to the three of them... or put bluntly, there "relationship". Yet no one figures this out.
    Now fair enough, the real reason being she is aware she is 2nd best, i would say fears it but c'mon, it's true, mc spends 90% of his life on Nagisa. But she figures because the other two do all the work, she is the lesser of the girls, then gets her inferior boob size thought after trying to hook herself into mc's bed. Now I get Saki's fears here, but its a tough one to please. She essentially has the right to leech, the fact she is letting this guy date Nagisa as well should be reason enough, but its true in time he will value Nagisa more than her if that is how they went on, sadly he already does but whatever.

    Anyway, the end solution is apparently touching Nagisa's boobs works... i mean, c'mon? It's so dumb. This would only further her fears that he is more interested in her and Saki is 2nd best. A better solution would of been actually asking her whats wrong, something they forget to do, Having Nagisa ask from the start might of helped but MC could of just made a educated guess she is feeling potentially left our or jealous or upset with their current arrangement, from here she would likely of leaked it anyway, but nah, lets fuel her anxiety.

    I couldn't really laugh at much this episode, i got half a joke of them going to the smelly toilets to eat and her kicking him out the ladies room but that's it.

    Sadly i find it more and more annoying, the Saki hate as Nagisa gets showered with everything bugs me more.
    I know we all see bias to the favourites but this episode only confirmed Nagisa isn't so kind, she is just waiting for Saki to throw in the towel.

    Equally, i honestly wish she would.
    Saki saying she can't take this arrangement anymore would do the show wonders. Whilst i would love that statement to be permanent, i accept it wouldn't be, but it could at the least give them ample opportunity to let us see which mc would chose (Nagisa) whilst giving them all chance on equal footing to let their feelings out there. Saki is forever in second, she knows this and is upset because of it. If she dumps him, he creates the illusion she is his standing stone so he would be desperate to not lose her, this would give them all reason to say what they are thinking, like Saki explaining she feels 2nd to Nagisa.

    Also why did Nagisa know all the "loner" spots, sure she has no friends but the show equally implied she never attends school...
    Another episode, another week of Saki being second whilst Nagisa laughs her way through her plans without Saki. I dunno, i normally hate shows focus on the "main" female (first introduced normally), but its funny the few times they don't, it's because the main is the better choice.
    I really hate Nagisa and it's pushing my limit to how much more of this i can be bothered with,
    Pretty big shame from how episode one let us in...

    @interregnum - I'm sure i don't need to confirm this but it seems you made the right choice dropping, i wont say read the post, just in a nutshell, its more Nagisa love and more ignore Saki.
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    It's kinda dumb, but I'm enjoying it.
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    Episode 3.
    They say the triangle is the strongest shape in nature...well, it is until one corner of the triangle gets jealous of the other one. Homeboy here just mad simping to get her to come back...from next door. I bout died when it turned out they lived next door this whole time. Good stuff.
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    This anime is nothing compared to its manga. The manga is 10 times better. If you read it you're gonna laugh your ass out. In the anime the characters are like they are sleeping or they just woke up from a long sleep. In the manga they look waaay more lively and energetic.
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    Posted by Nekus on Jul 17, 2021
    Yeah this.. is the summary.

    Now let me reply to the rest.... emh.. maybe that part no... that other... uhhh... no...
    Yeah no, I just agree with everything in @Madoka 's post. Practically every line.

    Just to add something, I don't hate Nagisa. She has also been put in this situation and I can't blame her for wanting the boy she likes all to herself. Her saying "Am I not good enough?" after Saki ran away and the mc was desperate was extremely sad and made me feel so bad for her.

    Of course, I also felt bad for SakiSaki for all the million of good reasons you mentioned. And that's the big problem of this show I guess. I expected the show to be lighthearted and full of crazy hijinks with the three characters having fun but it's been too realistic... after pulling a very unrealistic setup. Weird.

    Oh wait this is also a great summary.
    I'm afraid I'll have to tell @interregnum he was right in one or two weeks.
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    Episode 3
    Loved this episode. My favorite so far. It was pretty funny, and I liked that in the second half of the episode we got some focus on Saki (AKA my favorite character). Can't wait to watch Episode 4.
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    Leave this thread for 2 weeks and you find people slowly disliking it more, and with interregnum dropping it, sad days.

    Personally am enjoying this hot garbage and am super excited for blondie to be introduced, I NEED.
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    Blondie is the pinnacle. Can't convince me otherwise.
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    Posted by Nekus on Jul 23, 2021
    Alright so the episode is divided into 3 parts.
    1) Resolution to the disagreement of episode 3
    2) SakiSaki and Nagisa playing together the mobile game
    3) Meeting with Milika

    1)Resolution to the disagreement of episode 3:
    In short, this simply when on too long (considering a good chuck of last episode was also about it) and highlights the worse part of the show: the dissonance between the comedy and the struggles of the characters. The show is simply too good at making me feel bad for the girls. And that... yeah that kinda makes it hard to have fun when they are joking around with it.

    Also, I can't help but think that part was a bit too much just wish-fullfillment fantasy. Having the two cute girls creaming at the mc to ask them to do something for him.. u know.

    2) 2) SakiSaki and Nagisa playing together the mobile game:
    This section was mostly fine and had a few decent jokes but it made me realize a little problem... it's once again about Saki and Nagisa. This is like... the third bonding scene between them? If not more. And there's nothing bad about that instrinsically, but it's weird how we didn't have as many pairing the mc and one of his girlfriends. I don't wanna just be told the mc is good with them, show it to me! make.. idk Naoya and Nagisa cooking together while having fun! Show me SakiSaki and Naoya having some inside jokes since they are childhoos friends! Anything like that.

    3) Meeting with Milika:
    Strongest part of the episode by far. And that's not just because I like blondes. Milika was a lot of fun, her interactions with the cast were spot on and the fun ridiculousness that I loved in episode 1 was brought back with the cast trying to blackmail each other before Nayoa screamed: "I won't perpetuate a cycle of sadness!!" Which btw gave him more characterization than the last 2 eps combined, just saying.

    So.. yeah all around great character, with a delightfully bratty personality. She's also totally going to be rejected and not accept the rejection next episode, which frankly sounds great. SakiSaki can bond over protecting their boyfriend from her. Should lead to fun hijinks! And hopefully not sad moments.

    Again, normally I would appreciate a comedy series trying to do... more. But here, it's just a bummer. Plain and simple.
    A bit more hopeful than I was after episode 3! Hope it keeps this up.
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    Episode 3 - errr I mean, it wasn't as bad as the other weeks but it still is not clicking well with me
    I will mostly do replies to @Nekus here as I don't have much motivation to write about this as its the same thing, Saki is nothing and Nagisa is everything.

    This is the big issue. I mostly (always) feel bad for Saki and whilst it should be a good thing that the show makes me feel for characters, it doesn't because it always leaves me feeling she is still in the worse side.
    I still feel this situation was unresolved as well, it went on for sometime but they got nowhere. They agreed that he needs to be more open with what he wants but nothing more.
    My big issue here though is that should be the other way around, he should be pleasing them because well... the show keeps bringing up, he is two-timing them... so why please him? I get they love him but c'mon. I also still think they should be appeasing Saki, why? BECAUSE she agreed to this ridiculous situation despite everything, I still stand by the ep 1 comment, a normal person would tell him to chose one and probably dump his ass anyway for doing this, so the fact he is in this situation should be his bonus, not theirs, thus, why are they upset that he isn't asking for more?

    and that.

    I found this scene pretty fine, it was watchable, not great but enjoyable enough. I did get a chuckle so bonus to that, not much else to say here, it was pretty simple, I still argue this would work better if Nagisa and Saki was bisexual for one another, it would add something more to their bonding. Still, we finally get some bonding time, weird it's taking them so long to make them even bond.

    AND why can't they be friends publicly? It still is dumb, sure no one would care.

    I would love to see this really. It's a good point, they are childhood friends so why do they not show this? No inside joke, no reference to their past, not even a more casual speech pattern, they act like... not strangers but like they newly met maybe a couple months ago, not years.

    I didn't like this actually.
    So blondie finds them in there, makes out something else is going on despite their lunch was still there on the floor so errr yeah, but nope the first thing she thought was they was banging or something ? really? REALLY? She jumped to that and then instantly worked out they are 3-way dating. Quite sure no one would jump to this. It was clear they was having lunch. Okay sure their hiding away seems questionable, but most would think there is something going on, sure but not something like drugs or something? Nope. And even then, if i find kids hiding away at school, it doesn't by rights mean they are wrong, they might merely just want to be alone or could be victims to bullies? Something though.

    That aside, she drops the bratty blackmail style the second she is exposed.
    Equally, the one time Nagisa finally has something worth saying, typically everyone cuts her off every second because she had something useful to say, all this did was drag the scene out as they had nothing to add.
    MC as always reveals their secret, i get his outbursts aren't supposed to be intentional, it was funny at first but it kind of feels its in purpose.
    But blah blah, shock, she is streamer girl, anyway, why oh why is her conclusion after everything to join their harem relationship... why? It makes no sense. She offers no reason, she doesn't even know his (or their) names, and she never even comments on him being attractive or something, no reason offered outside she realised they have a 3-way relationship.

    Which is sad, I honestly wanted her to be good (see my previous posts), she looked great but so far, no dice for me. Granted she has the potential (if nothing else), i like the idea of her being a bit bratty and energetic but not a good intro for me.
    So yeah, still no vibing this show sadly.

    I do love the "hot garbage" comment haha

    EDIT - This is probably my lowest rated show of the season for me from my watch list...
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    i feel like i'm watching a show about special ed kids so I feel bad about laughing
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    I thought the manga was quite refreshing and the deliver of jokes was on point.....too bad it looks like the execution here in the anime seems to have been botched. Dont think ill waste any time watching this after all
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    Episode 4.
    Naoya: Such an unintentional pimp that after 1 conversation with a girl, his triangle just became a square. You gotta love it. Homeboy was fully prepared to buy her silence with 200K, then is so nice that she wants to jump on his boat. This dude is a trip.

    And hey, girlfriend game bonding. That was cute.

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