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  1. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Jul 7, 2019
  2. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jul 8, 2019
    I feel like I'm solely just gonna watch this for Yoshitaka Amano's sexy character designs. <.<
  3. Hesperide

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    I get the fact that the characters are dealing with an extraordinary situation with the whole humans-turning-into-monsters-due-to-a-pandemic thing going on... but I still think they would do more than give a "neato" when confronted by a couple of guys in their bathrobes claiming to be time-traveling warriors.

    Other than that suspension of disbelief, it seems interesting so far.
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  4. RaviCK98

    RaviCK98 Member

    I see potential , finally a worthy anime in 2020 xd
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  5. Ebonyslayer

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    Episode 1:
    So far it feels like The Last of Us meets Samurai Jack in regards to the story. Kanzaki and Sanada have been pretty chill so far, despite being placed in a completely different time period. The monster CGI is ugly like I thought it would be. But the characters have been okay so far, and the character design do look nice. So overall, I think the CGI is one of the bigger problems and will probably affect my impression of the anime.
  6. RascaI

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    Posted by RascaI on Jul 15, 2020

    it's another one of those anime where things just kind of happen. i dont hate it, but i am not really that interested right now. They made the concept of
    time traveling samurai
    boring and the concept of
    people transforming into monsters
    really dumb and ugly.

    Feels like another case of no budget and no passion. The only good part so far are the character designs.
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  7. Zaikahal

    Zaikahal Member

    Terrible. Everything about this is terrible. The dialogue, the reactions of each character, the voice acting, the animation... all terrible. On top of the whole show already seeming completely ridiculous.
  8. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Ah yes, I just love doing brugs.
  9. RascaI

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    Posted by RascaI on Jul 15, 2020
    i think they're just bro hugs
  10. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    >a sub-contracting studio that has never produced anything until now
    >a sub-contracting studio that has only produced badly animated shorts until now
    >yoshitake amano is the original character designer, which means his stuff is gonna get dumbed the fuck down
    >the director is also the character designer
    >the director is also the chief animation director, along with two other individuals
    >the director has also never directed a series before
    >the assistant director has also never been the assistant director for a series before
    I didn't think it was possible to have a worse production crew than My Sister, My Writer (whose entire production crew like vanished after episode 1), but here we are. Fantastic.
  11. Hesperide

    Hesperide Database Moderator Silver Supporter

    I am just thrilled my favorite band AB★CB got a shout out.
  12. CharlieV

    CharlieV New Member

    Great premise, terrible execution.
    Nevermind the trash CGI, the dialogue is even worse.

    Yeah, so we're a time-traveling samurai and ninja.

    Oh really? that's cool. Let me explain about these monsters with words like chromosomes, DNA and evolution.
    No questions? sweet, on with the show.
  13. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Good God. I've seen some cheap CG monsters before, but these things are And the action has all the pacing of a tortoise on Thorazine. Easy 1 and done.

    0.5 out of 5.
  14. renorxukuth

    renorxukuth Well-Known Member

    I dont even know where this trainwreck is going to head, but whatever the destination, it will be a travesty. As someone mentioned above, the concept of a time-travelling samurai and shinobi, which could be a cool premise, is completely without any sort of emotion or excitement at all. Oh and the creatures, terrible looking, even the human to critter transformation was meh.

    Pretty disappointed by this one.
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  15. Akira912

    Akira912 Member

    Well so far this is far worse than bad but ill still give it a chance. You never know they might wake the fuck up and make things interesting ... plot wise

    the monster CGI tho ... PLEASE HELP
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  16. MrTenma

    MrTenma New Member

    When I first read the premise, I was like okay sooo we're getting something cool like Guyver? Sadly after watching the first episode and nothing making sense, not the 18 year old biologist, or the Samurai and Shinbi inexplicably being sent to the future..other than the creators trying to cash in on the flooded isekai market, to everyone just accepting, oh hey these guys came from another world.

    The first episode does nothing to set the tone other than "Generic, Monster filled Post-Apoc world" without truly telling us anything. Sadly I dropped this like a burning rock.
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  17. evilneko

    evilneko Active Member

    Yeah, kinda this. There's a whole modern-retro aesthetic going on here that I'm really diggin. The CG does suck, and the premise is kind of meh, the technobabble used to explain it is even worse (should've just left it out entirely IMO, fuck it, "people are turning into monsters" and call it good), the animation is not that good but that only reinforces the retro vibe, but I certainly didn't hate the first episode.

    I made it through Star Twinkle Precure on Lala alone. I can probably make it through this on just the aesthetics alone. Maybe.
  18. AuntieEm

    AuntieEm Member

    This is...I don't know what this is, but it gave me a Samurai and Shinobi in the future so I'll keep watching. It's a pretty boring first episode though.
  19. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Ep. 2:
    So obvious that trouble was going to happen when the old man almost makes it to Sensui. It really does feel like an excuse to show some monster killing, and relying on just that is so boring. I don't even feel like I like the characters, although their designs do look nice. I'd rather be watching High School of the Dead. Even if the series was short lived, at least I had fun with the characters and seeing them survive the zombie apocalypse. This show on the other hand will be a slog to get through.

    For once I wish a studio, a new one at that, wouldn't try to cash in on the isekai premise. Cause it feels so uninspiring at this point.
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  20. Hesperide

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    This show has some of the worst lip-syncing I've seen since some of those old dubbed Kung-Fu films from the 70's and 80's.

    Also, I was willing to give this silly mashup a chance, but for every minute I watch, I wish that much more they had either chosen to make a samurai and ninja buddy show, or an end of the world monster plague show. Sticking them together like this along with the bad CGI is the equivalent of throwing everything you find in a fridge into the same bowl to see how long it takes to become inedible.
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