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  3. zala

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    Posted by zala on Nov 17, 2017
    I looked online and it looks like no one has the legal rights to stream/distribute Genshiken in the US anymore. What happended?
  4. AdmiralMuffin

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    Last I heard this was on Netflix or something. Oh well. Not a problem for me.
  5. zala

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    Posted by zala on Nov 17, 2017
    The sequel is on Netflix, I checked. Too bad.
  6. Schizm

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    Posted by Schizm on Nov 17, 2017
    I loved Genshiken when I first watched it! Just after Welcome to the NHK this was an even better in-depth look at otaku culture and its many subgroups. The characters are fun too, even though the OVA and second season is where it's at for me (Ogiue!). Too bad Nidaime wasn't half as good.
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  7. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 1:
    Not the most exciting first episode but does a good job introducing the characters and the chill nature of the show. Best bit is of course Sasahara's "hazing."

    Kohsaka's ring tone shows Genshiken don't mess around when it comes to references. I mean Hana no Ko Lunlun? That is pretty hardcore.

    Episode 2:
    Now this is a great episode. This is my third time watching this episode and it's still hilarious from start to finish. Saki really shined in her scenes and proved that the show probably wouldn't be as funny if she wasn't in it. I also dug how they drew the parallels between the Harajuku and Akihabara excursions. Really funny stuff.

    We also get a first look of Madarame's passion for his hobbies.


    Madarame explaining the virtues of the 2D realm was a fucking riot.
  8. Rntt89

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    Posted by Rntt89 on Nov 18, 2017
    Episode 1
    It's my second tim watching this and I still don't get most of the references but I hope that in the near future I'll be able to get them. I can totally relate with Sasahara just standing there and trying not to make eye-contact and being to shy ot interact with the others. It is a bit slow but I like it, and as Kohsaka said "it's easygoing and it suits me". I definitely made a good choice to re-watch it.

    Episode 2
    Sasahara's look when he's buying doujinshi for the first time is priceless.
    I want to pick up doujinshi like Madara does, he makes it seem so easy.
    I was never a big fan of Saki but after rewatching this I think that my opinion may change soon. Anyway she's really making this show funny, I'll give her that at least. I'm getting worried about those guys, they really like to compare reality with anime. I literally can't wait for the next episodes!
  9. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 3:
    It was literally thanks to Genshiken for introducing me to Comiket. I mean I was kinda familiar with doujins back then but I didn't know there was such an event. Now every year, I rub my hands in anticipation for the latest scans every time summer and New Year hits. And lately, FAKKU is officially bringing some titles from the popular circles.

    Anyhoo, another funny episode. Poor Madarame. He just couldn't tough it out. Sasahara's buying spree shows he's finally throwing caution to the wind and fully embracing his hobbies. He even copies Madarame's buying style from last episode.

    This episode also gives a proper introduction to Haraguro's douchiness.

    Episode 4:
    Kanako Ohno is finally introduced. I wasn't a fan of hers at first but she slowly grew on me. It's hard to believe she's so shy and toned down in her first appearance.

    Also, looks like Genshiken is finally rubbing off on Saki based from the speech she gave Ohno. She's still a bitchy normie but she's developing a soft spot for the gang. I never really fully grasped the reaction her ex-bf gave her after seeing her with cat ears on, but that's fine. I quite like the vagueness.
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  10. Rntt89

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    Episode 3
    Yay,finally the Comiket episode!! I was looking forward to this episode and to any other comiket episodes because they make me feel like I’m there since we don’t have Comiket here

    So yeah, the gang are going to the Comiket and Sasahara is experiencing more of the joys of the doujinshi. I like how Madara stays in role even when he’s in so much pain (well almost) how committed he is to his interests. Kohsaka really seems weird in some scenes, like his eyes are souless or something but anyway. I had really forgotten about how annoying Haraguchi was.

    Episode 4
    Finally Oono Kanako is getting introduced and the show starts to showing cosplay a bit more. She is introduced as shy and kind and she should have told Saki off from the start. I mean who walks through the door for the first time and you start insulting their hobbies? And the next minute she talks about acceptance and bleh, a normie bitch like it’s said above. That angry reaction tho, it was amazing!
  11. Zed60K

    Zed60K Database Moderator

    can you guys tell me if this show has Pop culture or anime/manga references in it?
  12. Rntt89

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    The club almost everything is taking place is called "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture" so yeah you say it has many references in there.
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  13. Zed60K

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    ok thanks, added for the list.
  14. Rntt89

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    Episode 5
    I really like how at first Saki was so happy that Genshiken is going to be shut down but aster Haraguchi comes in and is trying to recruit Kohsaka she changes her opinion and she is the MVP f the day. I also like the way she supports Genshiken and how she even used blackmail to get what she wants but she’s still acting like a bitchy normie. But Kitagawa is indeed being a dick so I’m with Saki in this one. The president is probably the scariest person in this episode even though I never quite understood what he knows about Saki.

    Episode 6
    Not one of my favorite episodes, I don’t know why… probably because it has to do a lot with Saki nagging and being annoying; at least for me. Despite she started to show greater understanding to otaku culture compared to the start she still is getting on my nerves sometimes. And Sasahara’s sister, oh dear… talk about spoiled brat!! I like how Kohsaka is genuinely happy when he won Saki in the game they played, and how he shows no embarrassment about his hobbies.
  15. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 5:

    The Saki and Kitagawa feud was one of the favorite moments of season one. The fact that Saki is not above blackmail makes it even funnier. Kitagawa is one of the more entertaining minor characters but too bad she only had like what two or three appearances in the whole series.

    In the end, karma bit everyone in the ass.

    As for Kaichou, it's no secret this whole thing is a big social experiment for him. The episode titles kinda heavily implies that.

    Episode 6:
    Really enjoyed this episode. The not-so subtle and frank discussion about Kohsaka watching anime while having sex was the highlight for me. The whole awkwardness of it all was just a hoot but at same time I kinda feel sorry for Saki because she's actually attempting to do her best for Kohsaka despite her aversion to his hobby.

    Sasahara's vain gyaru sister is introduced. Yeah she's kinda...a brat and superficial but well she's a gyaru. She'll be a recurring character from now on so we'll be seeing more of her.
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  16. Rntt89

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    Episode 7
    I like how new semester starts and once Saki realizes that new members will join the club she immediately has a plan to scare them off, but they’re too dense. I never realized what was Sawazaki’s deal but he was indifferent. Kuchiki is introduced in the show and he is very indifferent at first. I almost can’t recognize him from next seasons. Drunk Ohno may have been the best thing for me in this episode, it’s just adorable.

    Almost forgot to say how much I agree that Madara is the perfect choice for the new president if the club.

    Episode 8
    I smile every time I see them trying something new; and they always are so enthusiastic about it, like how Ohno and Sasahara are when they start building their models. Saki shows a vague interest for something otaku related and everyone just snaps at her. I like how Ohno decides to share something she finds fun with her even though she knows Saki won’t find any interest. And I really loved how Saki stuck up for them when Kitagawa came and started shouting at the guys for no reason.

    Saki seems to understand the club members a lot better in every episode but her reactions are still the same.
  17. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 7:
    Well that was a disastrous welcome party. This episode marks Kuchi's first appearance and well...Kuchi is Kuchi. You either love him or hate him. Too bad we don't see the cocky guy again after this. Wonder what happened to him.

    Episode 8:
    Ah yes the Gunpla episode. I'm big into Gundam so this is instantly one of my favorite episodes. So many Gundam references and the episode actually does a great job going into details about plamo-building. I totally act like Tanaka when a newbie plays around with my Gunpla kits so yeah I can relate and totally understand why he is a little snappy in this episode. Just seeing that busted polycap made my knees all wobbly.
  18. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 9:
    IMO the best and funniest episode of season one. They really nailed it here, the direction, the dialogue and the overall awkwardness and cringiness of it all.

    You gotta hand it to Shimoku Kio and the anime staff here. The whole premise of this episode is confined in one single room with only two characters (one of whom only had like a handful of lines) and making comedy out of that situation isn't exactly easy and yet they managed to pull if off in spades.

    Well so begins Madarame's one-sided obsession with Saki. An obsession that will prove popular with the fans. So popular that it even spawned a What-If spin-off.

    Episode 10:
    A semi-beach episode and another trip to Comiket. The Comiket segment is pretty uneventful but it does show us how Saki is slowly coming to terms with dating a hardcore otaku.

    The scene where Saki acknowledges that Kousaka will go home and jack off to his newly-bought doujins instead of letting her be with him that night was both funny and depressing. Shows how far she's willing just to stay by Kousaka's side instead of risking a break-up.
  19. Rntt89

    Rntt89 Active Member

    Episode 9
    I found the episode very funny, mainly because of Madarame imagining the whole situation as a visual novel. This guy is amazing. It kinda makes me sad that this is where his one sided love with Saki started and he didn’t even realized it till much later. The saddest is that despite all the things he said in episode 2 (I think) he falls in love with Saki.

    Saki finally reads a manga and she is so focused on it that she misses Madarame’s awkwardness.

    Episode 10
    I liked the beach part, especially the moment when Madarame complained that he can’t go to the Comiket with a suntan. Sasahara’s sister appears again but this time she’s less annoying even though she’s still the same spoiled brat.

    I think that the fact that Koshaka defended her without his expression changing was very scary. He’s the only person that has only shown 2 expressions only so far.

    And there is a Comiket part too. Not as good as the first one but still it’s there. I’m really trying to understand Saki, because while she shows greater understanding in every episode she still says she hates otakus.

    PS. I have a feeling I keep writing the names wrong.
  20. Rntt89

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    Episode 11
    Saki may not be able to make Kohsaka quit his hobbies but he made the club clean and throw some things out; so that’s a success for her. The fact that they convinced her cosplay by making her feel guilty is simply wonderful. I always knew that Saki was beautiful in that cosplay but I had forgotten how much it suited her.

    She was so cool during the contest that she really gave the feeling of the character she was cosplaying. I wish she would just embrace it and became an active cosplayer but the normie style suits her better after all.

    Episode 12
    The episode started rather depressing because of the punishment they club had got for the fire they caused. I never expected Saki to feel so guilty about closing the club but I guess she finally accepted it. It continued to be a bit depressing and just the moment I wondered if this episode was always that boring Madarame throws the bomb. He says he’ll retire and makes Sasahara the new prez. I really liked how Sasahara decided right away to make the club more active and take part in the Comiket.

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