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  1. KannoFan83

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    [sadht=Genshiken Second Season]Genshiken Nidaime[/sadht]

    [sadhl=Genshiken Second Season]Genshiken Nidaime[/sadhl]

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    PV: Preview

    Genshiken is back - with the Second Generation! Adapted from Genshiken Second Season Manga.

    Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
    Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
    Character Design: Junichiro Taniguchi
    Animation Production: Production I.G


    So glad to have this show back!

    Episode 1
    I haven't read the manga yet - so it was a bit of a surprise to me to see Genshiken turned into a Fujoshi club! Ogiue seems to have calmed down quite a bit - though Kuchiki is even worse, without the older guys to reign him in (honestly, I've never really liked him).

    Ogiue's recruiting tactic was pretty awesome though - and it was very cool to see some cameos from the old guys - especially Madarame. Hopefully they won't be completely marginalized - as I'd rather not see this turn into an all girl show (well, all girl + whatever you consider Hato-kun to be).

    Hopefully someone else is as excited as I am that this show is back.

    EDIT: Also, this is my first time posting a series thread - please let me know if I did anything wrong that needs to be fixed. I figured this show is probably going to be under the radar a bit, so there might not be many people who would bother to make the thread.
  2. oninosweeney

    oninosweeney Active Member

    episode 1... well, i WAS happy to see it back.
    another generation??? but i liked the original cast. oh well, time marches on i guess.

    not really sold on any of the new characters except the cross dressing judo girl. i'd like to know his situation. the rest i could take or leave.
  3. zarelion

    zarelion New Member

    Well that new serie is... different from the look at this first episode.

    It lost its "slice of life" style, turned more comical , first serie of course had its lot of exuberant characters like madarame (so cool to see him again !) but they were still believable that's what made them funny and lovable in my opinion. Characters in this first episode were a little too fancy for me , anyway let's wait for some more episodes.
  4. jugemxjugem

    jugemxjugem New Member

    i feel completely the same, but i like sue too i just wonder whats with Ogiues and saki's haircut it looks really weird
    I'm not sure how i feel about the animation either and eventho all the seiyus are back i think
    their voices just sound different to me
  5. KannoFan83

    KannoFan83 New Member

    I agree with this - and with pretty much everything else you guys said. It definitely feels like an entirely different show, based on the first ep. But, for example, Madarame's reactions at the end
    when he gave his spare key to Hato so he/she could change there - that was hilarious. Also, that's definitely a situation they can exploit, and I hope they do.

    But, I'll give it a few eps - it seems like they are trying to approach the show in a similar way - in that it's all about otaku, their oddities, problems, etc. However
    since the club is now mostly girls - it only makes sense that the overall tone and feel would change. It would have been rather out of character for Ogiue and Ohno to suddenly act like the older guys. They have their own personalities and approach, which I'm looking forward to seeing flourish, now that they are in charge.
  6. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    Posted by Lithium on Jul 8, 2013
    It's been a long time since the first two seasons that I have no idea what is going on now since i don't remember anything.
  7. jugemxjugem

    jugemxjugem New Member

    i sure hope they do , Madarame is still not over Saki, so hopefully something happens with him and Hato,judging from the last show it should. from the way the new members look especially the 2 girls they look quite compilable to Madarame and Kugayama.
  8. Reat

    Reat Member

    Posted by Reat on Jul 17, 2013
    I feel like Ogiue has changed a lot, she's not really even the same character anymore. I like the fat chick though, she asks good questions. I was disappointed by the reasons for Hato's crossdressing - I thought it would be something that made more sense. In real life, cross dressers don't cross dress to avoid bullying, not the other way around. Wandering Son gives a good comparison for how reality actually works in those kinds of situations.
  9. KannoFan83

    KannoFan83 New Member

    They brought back a bit of the old Ogiue at the end of the episode - but I agree, she's very different now. Which kind of makes sense - since she's now the club president, has had time to cope with her self-image, etc.

    I'm not sure if I'm being sexist - but I'm not sure how I feel about this basically turning into an all fujoshi show. Kuchi is still around...but he hardly even counts as human, let alone male. I actually don't even see Hato as a male - and I am interested in seeing more of him.

    Didn't he basically say he started cross dressing in college - and mostly to come to Genshiken? He probably was bullied after he came out in HS, but didn't start cross-dressing until he graduated. That's my guess. Otherwise, you're right - the bullying only would have intensified. However, if after graduation, he decided to become a girl (who then wouldn't be bullied for liking guys), that makes sense to me - though I'll admit, I know little about the actually psychology of cross dressing.
  10. KannoFan83

    KannoFan83 New Member

    Ep 3

    Ahhhh, I'm really glad an episode like this came along. I really enjoyed this!

    Madarame was great through the whole thing - and I thought the exposition between Hato x Mada (or is it Mada x Hato now?) was really well done. It's cool to see more of Hato's male side, and his inner thoughts/sense of self as well.

    I was a bit worried after the first two eps, but I'm feeling much better about this season after this episode. Hope it keeps up with more of this.
  11. Reat

    Reat Member

    Posted by Reat on Jul 22, 2013
    Well that was a good episode. Hato is really coming into his/her own now. S/he is a very confused individual though, and it will be interesting to see how s/he develops. At first I thought Hato was a crossdresser, but that now I'm starting to think Hato is trans, but doesn't realize it yet. Also good to see Mada again, it really shows that even though his character has grown behind the scenes, he's still why I loved the first season of this show.
  12. wanryavka

    wanryavka Member

    Mada x Hato OTP
    I don't think Hato is exactly trans. I just think he's bisexual and doesn't want to admit it yet. Crossdressing just seems like a hobby of his he developed to be more accepted in the fujoshi communtiy. He does seems to enjoy it but you can crossdress and still identify as male. He reminds me of a lot of ppl in the trapfag community tho.... "I'm completely straight I just like 2D traps." C'mon man... In the end you're still masturbating to squirting dicks...
  13. KannoFan83

    KannoFan83 New Member


    I agree - I think Hato is clearly on a path toward bi-sexuality. But then - that's just coming from my viewpoint, where I can't understand how, if you are enjoying BL and fapping to it as a boy...then you're into guys. Maybe he hasn't made the a physical commitment/connection yet, but that seems to be the path he's on. Though his mental image of his other self is, obviously, feminine - but that says something too, doesn't it?

    Also - it cracked me up that Mada is so depressed/desperate that he actually started to put the moves on Hato, after coming home that night from his convo with the hostess girl (I can never remember her stupid name). But it makes me wonder if he's going to move forward at all. Not with Hato - though wouldn't that be something - but move on from Saki anyway.

    Or maybe he'll confess to her??? I'm drooling just imagining how awkwardly hilarious a Mada confession would be.
  14. wanryavka

    wanryavka Member

    Manga spoiler
    it wasn't that funny. But hato leading up to that point was pretty good. Former sempai of his pointed him out on his I'm not gay thing. "That's how all bl starts. 'I'm not gay' then 'I'm not into guys I just love you'" was a friggen awesome line. If nothing happens between those two imma be pissed.
  15. Remedy

    Remedy New Member

    Yeah, I was pretty unsure what to think of the show like you guys but I'm just taking it as another show, seems like it's going to be cool though.
  16. Reat

    Reat Member

    Posted by Reat on Jul 27, 2013
    Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Random fucking mood whiplash! The reason I despised the second second! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Three episodes of comedy/slice of life and then they throw attempted suicide and crying and bitchiness at us for no god damn reason. Blahhhhhh.
    And seriously, that's not Ogiue anymore. They replaced her with another character with the same name and who only looks slightly the same. It's like her character went through a ton of development in between seasons or something.
  17. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    I cant even remember the first two seasons, all i remember are the character designs. Although Sue is fucking awesome though lol
  18. KannoFan83

    KannoFan83 New Member

    I have all the original manga - but haven't picked up the new volumes yet....actually, I didn't even know there were new volumes until I saw this show announced :baka:

    And yes, I agree. I think Ogiue was on the path to becoming her new self towards the end of the last season - and the manga actually goes a bit further in terms of development, but it still seems like a pretty stark contrast.

    This show is at it's best when it's not trying to deal with any real shit, except when it comes to Madarame. Somehow he just makes everything work.

    What I did find most interesting about this episode though, was
    the way Hato reacted to his beard, and then switching back and forth between his boy and girl personas. He clearly values his female persona, maybe even more than his male self. He doesn't want to do anything to taint it - as seen when Yajima slaps the schoolgirl cosplay on him, and he has a sort of freak out moment...takes a deep breath, and is back to "she".
  19. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    Sue is still awesome

    also madarame is lucky that the random gaijin likes him for pretty much no reason ahahah I still ship hato x mada though:megusta:
  20. jugemxjugem

    jugemxjugem New Member

    i wish Sue had more screen time
    personally i find her by far the most entertaining out of the new cast of characters

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