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    Anime-Planet Community Anime Awards - 2017

    For the most part the rules will remain the same as in previous years.

    ****General Rules****

    • Voting will take place from April 1, 2018-May 1, 2018. You may edit/change your votes during this time if you feel the need to. Once the voting is done the threads will be locked and counting will begin.
    • You must have watched the majority of any anime you vote for; this will be verified as needed.
    • Obvious spammers trying to rig the results will be ignored. (no site profile/forum profile until the voting started, no anime list, etc) If you're fairly new to the forums and want to participate, please make sure you have a relatively complete profile on the site and a signature linking to your AP page.
    • Please avoid having discussions, arguments, questions, and other silly nonsense in the category award threads. These threads are for your votes ONLY and will make counting the votes easier if there is only voting in them. If you feel the need to discuss something please use the Awards Discussion Thread.

    Eligible anime are those that ended in 2017. Here is the complete list:

    These are the categories you'll be able to vote for:
    Best Action
    Best Comedy
    Best Drama
    Best Ecchi
    Best Fantasy
    Best Horror
    Best Mecha
    Best Music
    Best Mystery
    Best Romance
    Best Sci-Fi
    Best Slice of Life
    Best Sports
    Best Supernatural

    Best Male Lead
    Best Female Lead
    Worst Male Lead
    Worst Female Lead
    Best Male Supporting Character
    Best Female Supporting Character
    Best Villain
    Best Full Cast
    Best OP Theme
    Best ED Theme
    Best Animation TV
    Worst Animation TV
    Best Soundtrack/Score
    Best Animal/Mascot

    Best TV Series Overall
    Best Movie
    Best OVA
    Best Music Video
    Best Short Series
    Best Short
    Best Plot
    Best Setting
    Best Character Development
    Most Overrated
    Most Underrated
    Worst TV Series Overall

    • Some anime that did not get subbed may be left off the list.
    • DVD Specials, Recaps (unless a movie) will be left off the list.
    • Movies and OVAs are excluded from the Animation category due to vast budget differences.
    • Each Genre/Leads/Anime Award threads will be included with the list that is eligible for voting.

    ****Voting Procedure****

    • The voting will not be poll based. Instead, each users can vote for up to 3 entries in a category ( 5 for the TV Series Overall) in ranked order.
    • Please make sure your votes are in BOLD, at the top of your post, and that any commentary or discussion you want to post afterwards avoids using bold text. This will make counting much easier.
    • If you haven't seen more than one or two series in a category and therefore are unable to vote for three, you are still free to vote if you really want to. However, a vote for just one series will count as 1 point, and a vote for two series will count as 2 points for the first and 1 for the second. And so forth.
    • Ties will go the anime with the lower "watched" count in the anime database.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :smile:
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    What about award 2018??
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    I agree, I asked for it loooong ago and no word.
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