Ganbare, Douki-chan

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Aug 14, 2021
  2. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Sep 6, 2021
    @interregnum This is an anime based on a web comic by the same artist as Miru Tights, which is famously your favorite show ever... I think.

    Anyway, you might want to check it out when it starts airing on September 20th.
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  3. Gaunter

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    Posted by Gaunter on Sep 6, 2021
    Premieres on September 20.
  4. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member


    Quick search of the google machine tells me this is going to be awesome. And I'd never have known without you tagging me in.

    Way to be a rock star, @Nekus.

 to pay it forward and take all the credit: @Madoka--looks like your "sexy office ladies the anime" has finally arrived.

    You're welcome.



    From my Ep. 7 post (June 2019):
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  5. Madoka

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    Posted by Madoka on Sep 6, 2021
    I have no idea what this one about, i haven't even read the description and you can bet i will watch it if this line is anything to go by!!!
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  6. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    >literally no other animation credits, not even in-betweens
    well idk who's watching this but based on that alone don't get ur hopes up...

    edit: i skimmed through the first episode out of curiosity and was honestly surprised that there are some technically complex pieces of animation (hair blowing quite smoothly, for example), but it's still totally average and nothing sublime
    but that's cool, i guess Int and Madoka won't have to debate with their inner consciousnesses over whether or not a badly-animated and modeled office lady is hot or not
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  7. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Heh. That was kinda funny.
    She wants to jump this dudes bones, going so far as to "accidentally" get them only 1 room booked and breaking out the red underwear for good measure, and he doesn't do nothing.
    Not bad for a little 6 minute ecchi show.
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  8. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Adorable. And not at all what I was hoping for. Which is probably the only disappointing thing about it. (@Nekus you promised me Miru Tights. I will have my vengeance.)

    This was super-cute, and sufficiently amusing. I quite like Doki-chan. And I'm looking forward to seeing her interact with [checks character names] Kohai-chan and Senpai-san. (Did...did I name these characters?) I imagine the tone will be similar to this episode, and, y'know, they're hot office ladies.

    I'm in.

    One clear negative, for me: because the style doesn't have the Miru Tights oomph to back it up, because it's pretty spare (and cute--I don't want to say I don't like the look, because I do), the "erotic" stuff doesn't work like it's clearly meant to and like the source material would clearly be intended to. That peek at Doki-chan's panties, as she put on her tights, at the end, is supposed to be super-sexy. It''s not.

    If you're not gonna try harder, don't try.
    I mean, maybe they just didn't want to go all-out upfront, but...they should have, if that's what they're doing.

    But that's my opinion.

    One big positive, for me: they showed the blush lines on her ear!!! How cool is that!

    @Madoka it's not quite what it seemed in the original pitch, but it is cute. And the three office ladies are hot. with that information what you will.
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  9. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member

    Posted by Nekus on Sep 20, 2021
    Hey hey now, I just said it has the same author!

    But yeah episode 1 was really cute! The voice acting was great and the animation while minimal never looked too bad.

    I already read the entire webcomic so idk if I'll watch the entire show, but I definitely wanna stick around long enough to hear the voice of all the characters.
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  10. Sarcataclysmal

    Sarcataclysmal Database Moderator

    Turns out the studio behind this, AtelierPontdarc, was founded by former WHITE FOX staff lol
  11. Nekus

    Nekus Well-Known Member

    Posted by Nekus on Sep 27, 2021
    Ep 2: Douki-chan reactions are always entertaining, but this was already more boring than ep 1 lol.
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  12. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Heh, I actually found it much more endearing, possibly because it all-but de-emphasized the erotic stuff in favor of the cutesy stuff. (Unless you count the out-of-focus moment when Doki-chan brushed her hair behind her ears, which...I, I'm not the only one who really...likes...why are you giving me that look?)

    That said, without the last few seconds of the episode (and the after-credits scene), all that happened was they got stuck in an elevator for an hour. Like, literally nothing else. So, maybe it's less that the episode was more endearing than it was that I am very easily swayed by even the vaguest of love triangles.

    'Cus--boy-howdy--we got us a rival, kids!

    Between this and Tawawa, Monday mornings are a lot easier to deal with, I gotta say.
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  13. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 2.
    Uh-oh, we have a challenger.
  14. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Posted by g3data on Oct 1, 2021
    Not so cute the other way around huh?
  15. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    I dunno...I'm kinda diggin' the inability of disappointment to register on her face.
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  16. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member


    I really like this show. And, this week, it wasn't until the post-credits shirt lift that I remembered I had been initially disappointed that this wasn't just office lady Miru Tights. I'm glad to see we're doing more "innocent" Tawawa on Monday-esque naughtiness, when it comes up. And that the rest is (thus far) just adorable pining is...well, it's right up my alley, isn't it.

    Really enjoying this show. And Doki-chan. And, frankly, our very forward Kohai-chan.

    And, presumably, the empty desk in their quartet will be the home of Senpai-chan, who will be--prediction!--the hottest and sexiest of the three ladies.

    Oo, I wonder if Senpai-chan will be openly rivalrous towards Kohai-chan!
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  17. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 3.
    This new girl is a mega-thot...
  18. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member


    NPC-san might have nothing going for him besides being nice, but damn is he nice. Most men would be too afraid of being accused of sekuhara for carrying drunk girls across the street to public transport.

    These girls are still definitely punching below their weight class though.
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  19. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    ...okay, that was pretty great.

    Yes, this is just a super-condensing of all the things I love in an anime romance, so it's like I wrote this for myself, but ya gotta admit...this was pretty great.

    I mean, we got blushing and Valentine's chocolate and confirming without confirming that Male Guy totes likes Doki-chan and pouty-indignant Kohai-chan and I've already mentioned the blushing but they do ear-blushes on this show and I love it.

    Doki-chan probably isn't, but I bet Kohai-chan is in it for the power-rush of stealing a wanted commodity. So, she probably is, but that's also not a functional part of her motivation.

    Ignore that she's been on screen for a total of 75 seconds, so far, I'm totally not imagining any of this.
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  20. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 4.
    Mega-Thot got ditched.

    Serves her right.
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