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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Feb 2, 2019.

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    0, K1 and K2 work perfectly as a trilogy regarding emotional payoff tbh so it's a good choice to take a break here. Y3 is gonna have more of a beach episode feel while 4 and 5 extend the cast further with new stories so the focus on main story was definitely tighter in the games you played. 6 is a pretty great entry and conclusion to Kiryu's story. Make sure to join our cries for localizing Yakuza Kenzan and Isshin in the West once you're done with everything xD

    AC Valhalla now crashes every 3-4 hours or so, mostly after fast travel into densely settled towns or cutscenes. Definitely the first and last Ubisoft game I bought on launch day, this shit is ridiculous.
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  2. AdmiralMuffin

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    Oh man that's not good. I was planning to get it this week. I got Odyssey day one and I don't remember any game breaking problems. I think I'll pass on Valhalla for now and just get it once I go next gen next year. Well Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin it is then.
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  3. Zed

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    The Hive blood charm was 100% added to the game with the Path of Pain in mind, jesus.
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  4. HasseRovdjur

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    I've not come across that problem, but the pathing for parkour is very borked with keyboard and mouse. Or in general, I suspect, because I tried getting into a monastery for three minutes, but apparently the open windows does not count as a path. I tried luring enemies close to the windows to try and jump into the building by assassinating them, but no luck: Eivor just drags them out instead.

    ALso I'm 40 hours in and I've yet to visit London. No tourist points for me!
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  5. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    I dunno if it's because of the PS4 hardware but yeah, better wait on it. It's not really that different from the other two AssCreed RPGs anyway despite Ubisoft promising so much again.
    That's part of the AC charm at this point, not being able to climb through windows but clinging to anything else around it or jumping on chests instead of looting them.

    Played 120 hours and close to finishing the main story but with the crashes it's become a pretty sluggish race to the finish line for quite underwhelming and foreseeable plot developments. Forget Lunden, go visit Jorvik!
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  6. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    I have like 500 screenshots of Majima from the 10 minutes total he's in the game, and I'm not even slightly ashamed
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  7. LinkSword


    If only we could get him to pose for a selfie when he's standing at the construction site... Other characters do (like Haruka, or random photobombing NPCs...), but not him. :'(

    Also, this reminded me of something I wanted to ask: can I expect Majima to get bigger roles as the series goes on? I feel like in the first game he was meant to be just a (very) entertaining side character and then he got a teensy bit more to do story-wise in the second, so I'm hoping that as the devs realized he was genuinely popular they gave him more of the spotlight.

    Not expecting anything on the level of Zero of course (Majima's honestly the de facto protagonist there), but seeing him more in the main plots would be awesome. I know there's the Saejima stuff coming at some point for example, so I'm looking forward to that.

    On the second chapter of Death Stranding, gameplay has been surprisingly relaxing and so far managing your cargo hasn't been anywhere near as troublesome/annoying as some people make it out to be. Lots of cutscenes too, but that's not a problem at all as far as I'm concerned since they're so well put together. It had also slipped my mind that the Mads Mikkelsen was in this game and he's always a treat.
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  8. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    He definitely grew in popularity as the series went on but it took them until Y0 to make him playable or have a major story arc (Yakuza of the Dead doesn't count imo). You'll see him pop up in every game from now on but he's not gonna be a major focal point really except in connection to other plots like Saejima's or Kiryu's
    and well, that whole thing with his ex-wife in 5 before Makoto existed
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  9. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    Boom, that's Kiwami 2 finished. Boy was the last chapter dragged out or what? Gameplay-wise, much more fun than K1. Character-wise, better as well. Even Kaoru managed to grow on me in the end and Goda Ryuji was pretty great. Story-wise ... eh ... meh. I still have no idea what the story was supposed to be about, and it was kinda all over the place.
    Everyone is Korean. That's it. I was expecting Kiryu to turn out to be Korean, too, honestly, with the way things were going. And I was just laughing when everyone was dying one after the other in the end.
    Anyway, still have a handful of substories to complete and a couple of Cabaret and Clan Creator rounds. And the Majima Saga, obvi. But if anything, this whole experience only made me want to replay Zero.

    I'm most likely going to replay Graveyard Keeper after this, though. I bought the 2 DLCs, and it's been almost 2 years since I played it.
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  10. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    Been replaying Banjo-Tooie (N64 version) for the past couple nights, since I wanted to try again after so long of not playing it. (I can't remember at what part, but on my first save file I had 48 Jiggies, and rage quitted for some reason. I'm currently replaying my 2nd file, which I originally didn't get very far on.)

    Overall, it's been fun so far, but...
    That dang snake and the caveman that you have to tiptoe across to, always makes me mad! :flip:
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  11. Vega

    Vega Well-Known Member

    Took a little break from Hyrule Warriors to play around with some Dreamcast stuff again!

    Played a bit more Sonic Adventure but I think I might just skip to SA2 instead. Was trying to get through Big's stages and on top of being crap the gameplay shift doesn't fit at all. The game went from having several different styles of platforming sections that were hit-and-miss to something I can only describe as what feels like a slapped together fishing section. Right now I can't figure out what relation this has to the plot either. Got through the first fishing stage after a lot of frustration but this second one feels nearly impossible since I can't reel the frog in consistently at all and after one failed attempt at catching it I inexplicably can't get it to bite on the line at all. It'll seem like it's biting on it but then it just lets go for no apparent reason. Am I just missing something/doing it incorrectly or are these sections really this bad? There's still parts about this game I like, the soundtrack is good and sometimes the gameplay is so broken it's entertaining (the Tails stages are the best example of that) but in some ways it feels like a sort of anti-Mario 64. Not a terrible game by any means but this is really frustrating.

    Rayman 2: I wasn't 100 percent up for this cause I've been feeling bleh lately but when I'm more up for it I'm definitely playing more. This is actually a fantastic port of the N64 original. Improved graphics, better framerate (though the animations seem to be locked at 30 FPS still), a somewhat altered CD quality soundtrack and even widescreen support! Also has some new kind of collectible called "glob crystals" or something similar that seems to unlock things in a new area added into this port too. Unlike other ports I've seen of this game this is really faithful to the original version and I'm hoping the controls on those flying missiles you ride on are better too. If it weren't for that I'd be able to finish the N64 version!

    Half Life: Only played through the Hazard Course tutorial to get a feel for it. After my experiences with other FPS games on the Dreamcast the controls wound up being pretty much what I expected which in this case means not great, but they tried. This game really manages to expose the flaws of the standard controller, actions like jumping, reloading, alternate fire, etc are done using the d-pad (reloading in particular is done by pressing the left trigger and the d-pad at the same time, I forget which direction). I'd imagine the Xen levels are near unplayable on any difficulty above easy with these controls. The port itself actually seems pretty okay. Visuals are fine and performance at least for the tutorial are perfectly playable. Load times can definitely be a pain (even on the TerraOnion) but it didn't seem too bad. I've heard weird things about the save system though. Apparently as you progress in each level, the save file will take up more space on the VMU. Honestly not the worst port ever but the PS2 port is superior.

    Sega Bass Fishing: Better than the fishing sections in Sonic Adventure, but gameplay seems to be a bit hampered when not using the fishing controller. Visuals are kinda nice for 1999.

    Rez: Trippy stuff. It's like a Panzer Dragoon style rail shooter but with a techno aesthetic and everything is in sync with the music. Didn't get past the first level cause the boss kicked my ass but I'll be playing more of this eventually.

    Elemental Gimmick Gear: Could be interesting but it's a little clumsy. Unique-looking action RPG where you pilot a small mech and the gameplay goes 3D for some of the fights (and has a bit of a wonky camera). I'll play more when I'm up for dealing with the clunky aspects

    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: I suck at this kind of fighting game. The actual game structure itself really stands out with the tag team style though! That and I can actually pull off Hadoukens consistently here which generally never happens when I play a Street Fighter style game. Maybe I'll have to grab Street Fighter III/Alpha (I forget which ones are dreamcast) and see how I do.

    San Francisco Rush 2049: Pretty solid port of the arcade racer but at least in the one mode I played it didn't really feel like it's arcade counterpart all that much. Maybe there's another mode that fixes that but not having the countdown timer in the races kinda kills it for me. It's a shame too since the visuals are actually quite good and the framerate is better than the arcade version.

    Samba de Amigo: Unplayable without the maraca controllers. It's like trying to play Guitar Hero with a standard controller, good game but you need the special controller.
    Other than the controller not being ideal for some games I have one major issue with the Dreamcast. There seems to be a good chunk of games that really benefit from or are only playable when you have the peripheral that goes with what you want to play. Sega Bass Fishing? You can play it but you'd benefit from the fishing controller? Virtual On? Needs the twin sticks because the standard controller controls are unplayable. House of the Dead 2? Better with the gun. There's a few more examples but you get the idea.
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  12. WolfAngelus

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    AC Valhalla runs really well on the PS5 minus some minor things oddities. Had a longship drop outa the sky onto the road. Here and there a mini freeze, and here and there screen tear, and 1 app error closing out across a 20 hr span, all of which is the usual for Ubi anyway.

    My friend who is religious with his AC believes it to be the best one. Took me 10 hours to get warmed up but I'd agree, the tasks don't feel so drawn out that you are stuck in one small geographical area for long. The "Mysteries" really break the journey up with the humor or odd nature of the requests. The lack of quest markers is kind of nice, having to read the clues and figure it out. Grabbing the Treasures & random chests never takes long, even on the harder difficulties, so the pacing seems to be an improvement.

    I miss ship combat, but the world feels nicer to explore, though it is my first ever game played on 4K now versus 2K. You get a lot for an $80 game. It's AC, but I don't feel getting bored or like it's a chore.


    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

    I am actually kind of disappointed. I expected to drop everything to nerd this one day and night because the Definitive edition had so much to do and was hard to put down, but would warn to avoid this or really research it first. It doesn't have any extra modes like the adventure maps the definitive had, which was the main appeal for me. Played the first 2 battles, and the fighting is decent, but it somehow doesn't feel as good as the first one. The graphics are a downgrade from Breath of the wild (docked mode on tv), as the detail is kinda blurry and jagged, I thought the definitive edition looked more clean. Zelda is powerful, but Link and Impa just don't feel that great, and fighting the big mobs doesn't feel as fun, and I find it a bit hard to fight because the motion blur and image quality. I'm hoping it gets better later, but there are only 10 characters too which is a huge drop.

    This would have fared better under the mechanics and visuals of the definitive edition, and just added BotW map/mode as a DLC for 1/2 price, especially if it's only 20 hours, there won't be much replay/play value. Between the singular mode, and visuals not being great, it feels like it's more of a rushed cash grab than much heart put into it. I can't imagine this being able to perform at all in handheld mode.
  13. Gens

    Gens Database Moderator

    Aw shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, the world ends with you is getting a sequel!

    Looks dope, also I’m glad we’re getting an entirely new cast.
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  14. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    So AC Valhalla decided to copy my gf's new game save for some reason and erase mine. I have another one at 80 hours played but still losing 40-50 hours of progress. Pretty burnt out on this game and its bugginess now, think I'll switch over to Yakuza 7 for good.
  15. LinkSword


    Man, that sucks. May Ichiban's optimized protagonist optimism wash away your Ubisoft woes.
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  16. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    Have to say talking to the Cabaret Club girls in K2 is one of the dullest activities the game has to offer. Which is sad, really, seeing as I've had so much fun with them in Zero. Kiryu is not even slightly as suave as Majima, for one thing. That I could survive, BUT even the girls themselves are completely unremarkable and so, sooo boring. I don't even remember their names, much less anything they tell me. I loved the girls in Zero so much and they all had such distinct personalities and quirks I still remember each of them vividly. The only one that kinda sorta stands out here is the gyaru girl, but even with her I was spacing out most of the time. I'm only doing it for the substories, and I'm not enjoying myself one bit.
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  17. LinkSword


    Aika was the best one personality-wise in Kiwami 2, yeah. Cheery drinking buddy who loves calling out the storyline's staple edgy villain doucheface.

    The conversations were a lot more boring than in Zero for sure. Majima was definitely a big factor in spicing them up, but it's also the fact that here you can't skip to the next line of text when you're done reading, which really makes them drag on. In Zero I only really stopped to listen to all the voice acting for Yuki and Mana, so the other ones went by pretty quickly. It's not like every bit of dialogue was a winner either, so being able to speed the duller sections along was welcome.

    And on top of that, for some reason they made Kiryu's seiyuu talk sooooooo damn slow in these parts. I don't know if the point was to have him sound relaxed or something, but he often comes across like he's reading you a bedtime story instead of hanging out with a colleague.

    It's also criminal that you don't get to talk to Yuki. Criminal, I say!
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  18. Schizm

    Schizm Well-Known Member

    He just became the manager of a failing senbei shop with a pet chicken called Omelette. Eivor who?
  19. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    Still doing pretty good in Banjo-Tooie, but have come across several issues... (I'll put them in spoiler tags, so that way my rambling doesn't take up my whole post.)
    Driving me nuts trying to find Mumbo in Witchyland… :flip:I mean am I blind, or do you have to bring him from another world or something? I tried bringing him from Glittergulch via the train, but I couldn't get him to jump onto the train.

    Just outside of Witchyworld, (meaning before you enter it) Wumba is around, but you need a special Glowbo in order to use her magic there. Does she turn you into Mumbo once you get it, or no? (I doubt it, but who knows?) Which brings me to my next issue... I believe I found the special Glowbo, but it's stuck inside this ice chest that you need a key to unlock. I'm assuming said key is somewhere in the ice world? Or fire world?
    Can't find the patient for the Clifftop train station that Mumbo needs. At first I thought it was the seasick pirate in the pirate level, but I don't believe so. Tbf, I still need to explore the pirate level more, particularly Atlantis.
    The most I've ever gotten was 14 out of 15. :pokerface: Guess I'll need to find a video on it.
    So the fat kid hidden away in Witchyland needs to be carried, but even if I separate Banjo & Kazooie, it still won't let me carry the boy to his mom. Can't even do it with the van transformation.
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  20. Starletka

    Starletka Well-Known Member

    The inability to skip dialogues is definitely the worst
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