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    Posted by chii on Oct 22, 2016
  2. Teophan

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    EP 1

    This was actually funny. I'm in on this one as well.

    "She will fail"
    "He will be the cause"
    "She will meet with him in secret many times in the future"
    "He will fail even harder"

    And that opening scene. I can't wait to see where that comes from. I'm still a bit lost as to whether she likes him or not.n And he flat out rejecting her offer. Beautiful.

    I'm pretty sure that other girl on the mobile game will surprise him when he finds out who she is and vice versa. She will also join the group and there will be a love rivalry.

    One thing that bothered me was the male MC. The second I heard it was a female voice I knew he'd be a bitch. OHHHHH what a bitch. These are the characters that erk me the most. As the episode progressed, he did redeem himself a few times. Then, at the end, he finally got me to give him the okay when he rejected her offer. Granted I think she actually confessed secretly to him....too early for that I think.

    Anyhoo, I can already see mystery girl joining the club, him freaking out that it's her on the mobile game, and a love war happening between the blonde and mobile girl.
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    It took me awhile to sit down and watch because I thought "oh... an anime about a game club" so that kind of set me off, but it's actually REALLY funny than I anticipated. I feel for the main character in terms of awkwardness.

    I was disappointed when they didn't reveal what was going on in the opening, now I have to wait. Errr.... damn you climax. :yunoguy:
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  4. bobbi

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    Posted by bobbi on Jul 17, 2017
    Will have to watch a few more episodes to see if it's worthwhile.

    And yes, this part was brilliant. Hopefully he won't give in right away,
  5. Teophan

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    I realized something. Shows that start off in the middle of something as an opening scene and jump into the past to reveal how they got there tend to be good......IF they can pull it off. Especially shows with comedic value.

    I pray this works out cause it shows sooooo much promise. Any manga readers here to help chime in on whether we should hold our breaths or not? AKA will it abuse the cliche norms of standard Japanese traditional storylines?
  6. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jul 18, 2017
    I was hoping for Episode 2 to come out before I jumped onto this, but I have a lot more free time at the moment and decided it best to go ahead and catch up with everything on my list for Summer.

    Like Teo said, a lot of the nuances, breaking the fourth wall to give data about some of the characters, was neat. It reminded me of Scott Pilgrim. Especially coupled with the various gaming noises.

    Can't say I necessarily care about any of the characters so far. But, the pacing of the episode was enough to keep me invested. I didn't find myself bored or anything, so I definitely am interested to see what happens with Episode 2.

    The bit with King Koopa talking polite to Tendou was pretty amusing. I thought that was a good way to showcase her air of superiority.

    Another moment I thought was amusing was when they were discussing people's reasons for getting into gaming. I think that was a good juxtaposition as we have this sort of casual gamer who is intimidated by these more intense ones. Misumi saying he lost all his memories and waking up only good at block puzzle games was a nice addition. Making the reasons more fantastical compared to simple obsession and escapism is a good angle.

    I also really liked the art at the end of the episode. I guess that comes from the source material. Neat.

    I do wish we had gotten the OP in this first episode, but it is what it is.
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    Posted by bobbi on Jul 20, 2017
    Episode 2:
    It's hilarious how Tendou stalks Amano in this episode. I'm still a little disappointed by how bad Amano is at the games they play, guess I've gotten too used to see the MC be extremely overpowered at everything.

    The 'fight' Uehara and Amano had on the bridge was good, I liked it even more when Aguri made him realize not everyone had thought he was a worthless geek. I really liked the portrayal of how he thought nobody liked him, and then when he realized Aguri did, he was completely baffled by it.

    Definitely going to keep watching this series.
  8. Teophan

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    EP 2
    Good episode. As @bobbi stated above, the stalking scenes were funny. This solidifies how she's falling for him. The bridge scene was an unexpected situation. I didn't expect Tendou to go that crazy to defend her and her club. And when Uehara told Tendou good luck and how cute they looked together, that reaction and him wishing them luck was great.

    However, finding out that Aguri was the girl from his past and how he started to get embarrassed means something important. We see another, probably the last for her, a sign that shows up Tendou indicating that exact moment was the prologue to what would happen in ep 1.

    Let's not forget that Aguri is going to secretly meet with Amano a bunch of times (15 or 22. Can't remember). I have a feeling it's to have him teach her how to play his games so she can be "closer" to Tastuki.

    Lastly, we still have the girl that Amano plays with on the phone. I bet you it's that one girl that always blushes when she sees him or someone we are waiting to see.
  9. CaptainPancakes

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    Episode 2:

    They both sucked dick at that fighting game.
  10. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jul 22, 2017
    The various game references throughout the opening were neat, and the OP wasn't bad.

    Dat Tales of Phantasia reference. :megusta:

    Well, they weren't even subtle with that Persona reference... too bad they are playing the fighting version. I guess there wasn't much other way for them to interact in a two player setting. Still, I don't understand why P4 Arena exists.

    I like the character interactions a lot, but overall, none of the characters really stand out to me, yet.

    I really thought the Aguri and Tatsuki development was smart and unexpected. They've sort of built up this we're together vibe very naturally without Tatsuki fully understanding the gravity of his own relationship. Them foreshadowing it during the arcade bits was unexpected as well. That being said, it's a bit disappointing that he suddenly got so flustered. They've been at it for six months, learning something that pertinent should be reason enough to invest more instead of reacting more shyly. Get you some Tatsuki!
  11. Teophan

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    I thought I saw Persona.
  12. AdmiralMuffin

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    You did.

    I'm really bummed P4 arena got in that Blazblue cross game when it should've been Guilty Gear. P4 needs to take break already.
  13. CaptainPancakes

    CaptainPancakes Well-Known Member

    As milked P4 is as a franchise the fighting games themselves are very fun and underrated. The game is super fun, as BS as it is sometimes. High level play is a blast to watch.

    Guilty Gear wouldn't work in the new crossover from a technical standpoint. If you see the trailer it's mostly reused assets, so they would have to create new 2D sprites for the game as Guilty Gear Xrd uses 3D graphics.
  14. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 3:



    Holy shit.
  15. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jul 28, 2017
    Starting the day with a panty shot, good stuff.
    Hoshinomori's personality is not what I was expecting based on her outward appearance. The way she's drawn, she seems like she'd be much sharper, fiercer. So, her coming off as timid is a bit disappointing.

    Tendou is coming off as a thirsty little creeper though.

    I don't really have much to say about this episode. The character interactions and mishaps and misunderstandings took center stage, and we lost out on a lot of the gaming references. Sort of disappointing. Kind of a week follow-up to what has been a pretty strong start for the series. Hopefully less of this, and more gaming.
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    Posted by sothis on Aug 6, 2017
  17. Teophan

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    I actually bought Persona 4 and just started playing it. It's interesting. Wish I could get English subtitles with Japanese audio. (can you tell I'm not a Dub kind of guy. lol)

    EP 4

    That was a cute episode. Good laughs. I'm still loving the scenes where it shows a time stamp and the current timeline/situation (past, before the screw-up, present, etc). I still can't wait for EP 1 to show up. I can only imagine what hell that episode will be for her.
  18. Teophan

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    EP 5

    This episode had me going good. Also, I'm starting to see where the opening scene from episode one will fall. It's all starting to make sense. So many good misunderstandings.
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    Posted by Etue on Aug 17, 2017
    Honestly Episode 6 milked the situation too much for my taste and it got annoying pretty quick in the last half of episode 6.
  20. Jamie

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    Posted by Jamie on Aug 17, 2017
    Ep. 6.

    What a bunch of overthinking dumbasses.

    Goddamn, talk about your misunderstood situations romcom. Did Rumiko Takahashi have a child? A younger sibling? Die and was reincarnated? Technical advisor? Heavy inspiration? So many opportunities during so many conversations to clear the air, and yet.

    And what a cock tease of an episode ending. It needs to be next week, now.

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