Fruits Basket 1st Season

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  1. Ebonyslayer

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    Ep. 19,
    Since I was born in the year of the Monkey, I was super curious to see when the Zodiac Monkey would appear in Fruits Basket. Though I was surprised at first, it quickly became apparent that I was going to love Ritsu. Ritsu made me laugh so much during his first appearance, but it was so interesting to see how Mitsuru and Ritsu related to each other. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a sort of chemistry developing between the two at the end.
  2. Funkgun

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    Episode 18
    I'd feel more inclined to feel something for little tiger had we seen
    the actual issues that led to the mute, psychological effect.
    Now, this part of the story is staring to feel like it was lift-copy pasted from the original anime. It did not alter much. I never read the manga, so maybe it is a direct copy due to that fact. I guess it lays down her future well enough.
    The updates to the character designs fail here a bit, as Akito looks like Kisa's mom.

    AS for the good: I did enjoy how much they showed the fact of how the boys had to deal with odd hair colors and being teased. It was a fight or allow it situation. Also the nature of Hatsuharu really shines here. he is basically a protective sort.
  3. KayaZhang

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    Episode 17 made me cry so much. I love Uo-chan
  4. Saeryen

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    Episode 20

    Why, Akito?! )=<

    Hiro is a GREAT character. He was set up to be obnoxious and unlikable, and then you learn more about him, and little by little he gets better, then you learn something huge that makes you feel really bad for him, and by the end he’s redeemed himself. Way to go Takaya-sensei!

    And hooray for Kyo, standing up for Tohru like he did!
  5. EternalYumeLove

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    Episode 20:

    Hiro (the lamb zodiac) was so annoying at first, but as we slowly learn about his past, his bratty personality is understandable. He's in love with Kisa, and because of his inability to protect her, he hates himself. The ending was really nice. I loooove Kyo though... he was standing up for Tohru the entire time. I can't wait until these two become canon!! I honestly am amazed by the mangaka... she covers different personalities, social problems, & depression, and discusses ways to solve them in such a beautiful way. What an amazing anime!
  6. SoulTheKid


    Words cannot express just how much I want Akito to take a swan dive from the top of a mountain. What kind of twisted person could do what they've done to their family members?

    That said, I still don't like Hiro even after he warmed up at the end. I can't stand people who verbally abuse people just because they're more timid/laid-back. Hopefully he improves as the series goes on.
  7. Ebonyslayer

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    Ep. 20,
    I won't deny the fact that Hiro was acting like a brat toward Tohru during the episode. But dang, Akito is like a plague to the other family members, to hurt Kisa over a reason like that. But I guess a kid like Hiro must have felt conflicted about his actions with Kisa. He definitely has potential to change during the series and that will be awesome to see when it happens.

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